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Yes to Mom Kohl's

Kohl’s slogan this Mother’s Day is “Yes to Mom”

Will your children make your Mother’s Day a “Yes to Mom”? You know what, my son is a pretty good kid and he is good about doing things I ask so I can bet that it will be a Yes to Mom day for him. He’s always willing to help and loves doing his chores.

Our children are always asking for things or needing help. Do you ever stop to think how many times you tell them no in one day? I have and it makes me feel like I’m a big ole grump! Today was a day of yes from Mom. My son was so surprised but it actually felt pretty good to say yes the whole day.

Yes from Mom Kohl's

Moms says NO to their kids, a lot. Saying yes for a day wasn’t so bad and I suggest you give it a try! Did your kids abuse the system? My son done pretty good and we had a fun time with it.

Here’s a few moments from a day of yes from Mom.

My son:

Can I have syrup and strawberries on my pancakes this morning? Although this takes much longer, Yes of course!
Can I ride my dirt bike before school?
Can I not stay after school for reading?
Can I have some snacks before supper?
Can I dunk my head in the stock tank?
Can I ride my dirt bike… again… and again? My reply? Yes, of course you can! It’s a day of YES!
Can I put plastic down in the feed bunks and make it a slip ‘n slide? Ummm, sorry bud, that’s where I draw the line today. lol

And what happens when I say yes to a dirt bike wheelie? Watch and you’ll see…

And here’s the result:

See why Mom says no sometimes?

Yes from Mom Kohl's

This is only one of many scrapes and bruises we get on the farm! And yes, he is perfectly fine and was right back on that dirt bike! And guess what, Mom said YES!

After a long day of yes this is what happens… My son and Skippy JonJones curl up together for a nap!

Yes from Mom Kohl's

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Let me know how your days of yes from Mom and yes to Mom went! Please share your Yes Mom moments on social media with the hashtag #YesMomDay. We love it when you share stories about your kids!

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