5 Invaluable Tips to Help You Keep Up with Your Little Movers and Shakers

It’s way too easy to forget about our own health as parents, but it is vital to keep your physical health on the forefront. It’s tough to make time to take care of “YOU,” but remember, those mini-minions need you to be at your very best. Need a place to start? We’ve got you covered! Here are five tips to help you put your health first:

Massage Therapy

Imagine the aroma of scented candles tickling your nose as every single sore muscle gets tamed into submission. Be it a relaxing Swedish Massage at a luxurious spa or simply your partner, massage is an excellent choice for your health. Massage has proven to reduce pain, decrease muscular tension, and perhaps the best part being that it just feels great.

Physical Therapy

If you do have injuries that limit you on a daily basis you may want to try orthopedic physical therapy. Have a mysterious back pain that crept up out of nowhere? Well, luckily orthopedic physical therapists are also great at helping you narrow down how you may have injured yourself in the first place. They’ll assess, guide and teach you about the mechanics of how your body moves, and, most importantly, explain how to avoid injuring yourself again.

Yoga and Meditation

Healthy Body
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The combination of gentle stretches and deep breathing enables not only healing of the body, but of the mind as well. There are many different kinds of yoga out there, you just have to find that right one for you. Ashtanga yoga is a type that is more physically demanding, whereas Sivananda yoga winds you down and quiets the mind. Are you a mom-to-be? Then prenatal yoga would work best, as it concentrates on strengthening your core and features a number of breathing exercises.


Okay, so, possibly you’re thinking, “Ouch!” But, don’t fret! It’s totally worth it! Acupuncture is one of the best ways to improve your mood and your sleep, and when you combine those benefits with a decrease in muscle pain and fatigue, it sounds pretty amazing. In addition, acupuncture helps to boost your immune system. Sometimes just one single treatment does the trick, but depending on your specific ailments, usually acupuncturists need 2-3 sessions to show improvements in the body.


Perhaps you’re not entirely familiar with this approach, but aromatherapy has a long list of benefits that may surprise you. These include stress reduction, easing depression and headaches. Aromatherapy also elevates energy levels, as well as reduces pain and aids with sleep disturbances. You can almost make your very own aromatherapy concoctions at home to benefit from this wonderful healing therapy.

Healthy Body
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Remember, it is absolutely essential to take care of yourself, especially if you have little ones who need you to be in optimal health. So, be it hot yoga and aromatherapy or acupuncture and therapy, add something to your daily routine to improve your health the natural way.

5 Invaluable Tips to Help You Keep Up with Your Little Movers and Shakers

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