WIN IT: Garnier Skincare Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion

WIN IT: Garnier Skincare Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion

WIN IT: Garnier Skincare Skin Renew Anti-Sun Damage Daily Moisture Lotion

Ahhhh… I have searched high and low for a beauty product to get rid of my age spots! At the age of 31, I am starting to notice these more and more. I am sure the many years of being in the hay field on an open-cab tractor didn’t help my aging skin. I should have listened to my dad and grandpa when they would continuously tell me to put on the canopy. And miss get an awesome tan? No way! I should have listened… Live and learn, I guess.

I am normally a Philosophy and Bare Escentuals girl, but thought I would give the Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Sun-Damage Daily Moisture Lotion (uh… say that in one breath!) a chance! Besides, absolutely nothing else had worked! I swear I have every age spot cream, lotion, you name it!

My Results:

It states that in 4 Weeks: Fine Lines Are Smoothed; Discolorations Are Reduced And Skin Is More Even. Well, I don’t have too many fine lines yet; discolorations aren’t reduced and my skin is not more even. 🙁 Dangit! I was really hoping this would work. However, it is nice for my extremely dry skin. My husband says I have hooves because my feet are so dry! My skin gets like a lizard in the winter and the skin on my hands and heels crack and bleed. I know, terrible! I go through most of the winter with my feet and hands taped up! It did moisturize well, but I shall give it a better test when winter hits!


One lucky reader will win this! But you are saying, “why would I want to win it since it didn’t work for you?” Well, I want the winner to give it a shot for 4 weeks and give us your feedback on how it worked. I honestly believe beauty and hair products have so many different results on different people.

More Details on Product: Garnier Skincare Skin Renew Anti-sun Damage Spf 28, 2.5000-Fluid Ounce


If you want to try it and honestly give us feedback, fill out the rafflecopter form below. The winner with the best reason on why they want to try it (you must leave a comment here) will win! Winner will be chosen on August 31, 2o11. Good luck!

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  1. I would love to win this product because my family and I are currently stationed out in the Mojave desert only to be moving in May to Lemoore to another desert. Not only do we have an abundance of sunshine, the temperatures get as high as 120 degrees here. Trying to find things to do with my kids to get them out of the house is extremely limited, so we chose to go to the pool quite often, which is outside. Laying out in the sun for 2-3 hours everyday has been taking a toll on all of our skin. My kids and I are constantly dry, to where not even lotion keeps up moisterized. It would be nice to try something different. Thank you for your time.

    ~Jennette Karasti

  2. Would love to win this i am turning 51 next mth and i have age spots on my hands. i have to stay out of sun now i have lupus but would love to have pretty hands again! Thank you for this chance I love all Garnier products i use on my hair!

  3. I need to win this because I am thirty years old and I have horrible, horrible skin. I have skin allergies to certain soaps, detergents and lotions and because of that I have ridiculously dry skin and rashes. I have yet to find a lotion that will work not only for my dry skin but to also help bring my skin back to a natural state. I am more than willing to give this lotion a fair chance!

  4. I really need this because I have discoloration in my skin due to too much sun exposure over the years.

  5. If the person with the best reason on why they want to try it will win, then why are we doing all these other extra entries ??

    1. Great question Anne-Marie. All other entries are optional. These will not affect whether you win or not. We added those only because without the fan support from our different networks we would not be able to offer such great giveaways every week. I will write up a short note letting others know that. Thanks!

  6. I am very fair skinned and have been burned badly over the years and now have sun damaged skin. Anything that would help repair the damage would be great!

  7. I’m not getting any younger, and it’s time I start taking care of myself, the way I take care of my family!

  8. Hi!
    I am 35 years old and spending more time out on the sun daily and would like to be rid of the fine lines that are appearing and I do have skin discoloration.
    I have fair skin and am sensitive to various face products but would love to try something that could reverse what I’ve already got going on.
    I try to protect my skin from the sun but I’m not perfect, so it would be wonderful to have a lotion that helps moisturize while caring for the damage the sun has done and renewing my skin to a healthy state again! 🙂
    Thank so much for the chance!
    ~Mippy 🙂

  9. I work outside and could really use this! I love to go to the lake but the sun screen makes me break out! I need something like this! =)

  10. I was hoping it would work for you, too! After a lifetime of sun-love, I have a LOT of large sun spots (I refuse to say “age”) all over my arms and even a few on my face.

  11. Found products like this one online and I think it is better to do some research before committing yourself to this beauty products to make sure you are dealing with a legitimate one.

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