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Win Cash OnlineWhen I was in college my roommate and I would go to the local American Legion hall and play bingo with the fabulous elderly men and women. We would get a few (maybe several) beers and cocktails down us before we went. It made it that much more fun and we had a lot of laughs. I don’t ever remember winning anything but I do remember the good times we had. Now you don’t even have to leave the house for a good game of bingo. You can easily learn and play at Plus, I can win a lot more cash online than I could have at senior citizen night!

Bingo has to be one of the easiest and oldest games. According to Wikipedia, bingo is a simple game using a printed ticket of 15 numbers on three lines and is most common in the UK. I don’t know how many times I have come one number away from hitting bingo. The most fun part is being able to scream “BINGO” and collect your winnings. I want to shout it out even when I play online. I like playing blackout bingo the best which is where you have to fill up your whole card before you can win. It makes it harder and more fun.

You can play a lot of various slots and casino games online too. Why go to Vegas when you can sit in your pajamas and win the big jackpot? You can play against online friends, chat and join various gaming communities. You can win thousands of dollars in the comfort of your own home with online gaming. I wonder who has the loosest slots, online or the casinos?

If you have never experienced a good game of bingo, you should check the nursing homes or other senior centers. Most of these places will have various events scheduled. Bingo is usually played on a certain night every week. They absolutely love when people come in to visit and give them a run for their money. You can walk away with a pocket full of money too. It’s a good time, playing a fun game and you’ll make some new friends.

What online games do you enjoy playing?


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  1. I have never successfully won any cash on online bingo. However, I love the slots game myVegas, because you can earn points for free stays and perks at Vegas hotels!

  2. Bingo is fun-no matter what the prize or age, I remember as a child going to the county fair and playing Bimgo with my Mom’s friend Pearl. Pearl would always win something.

  3. Thanks for sharing that link. Our family used to play Bingo at a local place in my hometown. All sorts of people go there – young, old, etc. One time a group of kids ran in and yelled, “Bingo!” then ran out. A cop chased them down and made them come back and apologize. tee hee

  4. I use to have good time taking my mother in law to play bingo,and we would win a can opener,or can of corn,today cost lots of money,but you win money.

  5. I have only played bingo a couple in my whole life–at church carnival–for prizes– it was a lot of fun– I’m going to check on this on-line bingo for $$ that sounds like more fun than winning a blanket for a prize–lol–thanks

  6. My favorite is Family fued I’ve just recently started getting into the online gaming and I can’t set my phone or laptop down :/

  7. i love playing slots and bingo its my favorite games on facebook and this is neat gonna have to try this site

  8. Hello, thanks for sharing, my brother has been inviting me a few times a day to play some slot thing on Facebook. I don’t see how you can play for real money. That’s no fun. I want to win real stuff, I don’t have time for these playing for fun games. I’m going to check out this bingo. Thanks!

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