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  1. I don’t usually do much on Mother’s Day. Usually just spend some time with my kids and husband 🙂

  2. We usually get together with my mom’s family and have a nice lunch/picnic. It’s always a lot of fun!

  3. Spend some time with my mom, cook us a nice meal, hang with the kids because thanks to all of them my Mothers Day is complete!

  4. We usually go out to lunch with the family on Mothers Day then go back to my Mothers for gifts and dessert.

  5. We have a short summer but as of now it looks like football will be the main thing on the agenda

  6. On Mothers Day we will just spend time together at home maybe go see a movie and in the summer we have lots of fun planned,zoo,museums,camping etc,

  7. I usually get breakfast in bed then we chill at home & go out for a nice dinner. No work for Mom 🙂

  8. I spend time with my Mom 🙂 Whether it’s a family brunch or just the 2 of us shopping and going for lunch or some other activity. Time together 🙂

  9. We will be celebrating at a later date as DH has a standing appointment for an event he attends every Mother’s Day weekend.

  10. I usually have a cookout with my mother and then visit my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day.

  11. For Mothers day we usually spend it at my moms or my mother in laws and the family with all of us mothers spend it together!

  12. I don’t really do much on Mother’s Day, nor do I have big plans this summer. Since I have MS, I have to take each day a day at a time because I never know how I’m going to feel.

  13. For Mother’s Day my family takes me out to eat and gives me thoughtful gifts.

  14. I usually spend the day hanging out with my mom. We have gone to a tulip festival and out to lunch, or I have made lunch. Nothing is set in stone, I’m just happy to spend the day with my mom!! I love her so much and if I had a million dollars it still wouldn’t be enough to cover everything she has done for me!! :0)

  15. We always used to do a nice brunch at our country club 🙂 now we are all grown up and spread out, so I’ll send my momma some flowers and promise to visit soon 🙂

  16. Usually get a small gift from my husband and son then dinner out at a nice place I pick 🙂

    bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. We will most likely go to church and then come home to spend the day together with our daughters.

  18. For Mother’s Day we all go out to dinner so all the mothers in the family can have fun and celebrate together

  19. Not sure what we will be doing Mother’s Day, there is no set thing. I know I go see my mom and we either have a bbq at her house or go out to eat. This summer we will be working on the house. We have a number of projects.

  20. Mother’s Day we do whatever the moms feel like, usually a special breakfast or fancy restraurant.

  21. For Moter’s day this year we are doing a family BBQ. We are letting the men do all the cooking and us women will take it easy. 🙂

  22. We’re actually just figuring out our Summer plans now. Thinking of going down to Virginia Beach this year 🙂


  23. We usually go out for a nice brunch. We spend the day together doing family stuff. 🙂

  24. We go to my mom’s house and give her cards and have a family cookout. I’m a mom and my oldest daughter is a mom so there are three generations there. Of course, my Dad, brother, youngest daughter, son, and hubby are there too.

  25. The past few years we’ve gone to church as usual and then spent the day together as a family

  26. On Mother’s Day, I usually sleep late. Hubby makes breakfast. The boys give me another rose bush, and/or a potted plant. I will often get some other gift and a card. Hubby takes us all out to eat for dinner.

  27. My summer plans include getting my son ready for college… dr. visits, register for classes, books etc.! Ack!

  28. On Mother’s Day we attend church and then the family treats me to lunch. Sometimes there are cards, gifts, or flowers.

  29. Normally on Mother’s Day we go to my mom’s and try to go to church with her, then have a brunch or lunch together and maybe play some cards or games later. She is 80 so we cherish every year with her.

  30. sorry, my entries are not “clearing” so when I came back I started redoing? not sure which ones I did for sure and which ones were not done. Hope the RC can figure it out. thank you!

  31. What do you normally do on Mother’s Day? Or, what’s your summer plans?


  32. We normally just get together for brunch or soemthing similiar 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. mothers day is kind of sad because my family plans a great meal for me to cook,,,,summer plans arent much except chilling as a family

  34. I usually get breakfast in bed – Hope I do this year too. You listening honey?

  35. I’m hoping to go somewhere nice on vacation this summer… hopefully finances will allow it!

  36. My mother and my sisters and I will usually have breakfast with the whole family. My husband goes to see his mother.

  37. This summer we plan to go see my husband’s family in New Mexico. 🙂

    Facebook Name: Leslie Galloway (

  38. My most exciting plans for this summer are marrying my best friend and then going on our honeymoon to Cancun!

  39. We are doing a few mini trips this summer. A big vacation is just not in the budget this year. 🙁

  40. I normally spend the day with my mom – go to lunch, shop, whatever she wants to do!

  41. I rarely do anything on Mother’s Day, but this summer I hope to get a well-paying job, travel, and lose some more weight!

  42. I usually take my mom out to dinner. Not sure what my summer plans are going to be yet!

  43. Honestly, sleep in, each chocolate, and watch movies with my kids. I never have time for that anymore, it would be nice. 🙂

  44. we usually have dinner with my mom, sometimes we go out but we usually just cook her a nice dinner. lots of summer fun planned, cheer camp, cookouts, lake parties, sleepovers and swimming!

  45. For Mother’s Day we always get together with my mother and either take her out for supper or we have a picnic at someone’s house. As long as we are together.

  46. On Mother’s Day we usually have a home cooked meal at my mom’s house and watch a movie.

  47. For Mothers Day I just stay home with the fam! Everything is too crazy to be going out!

  48. We usually go to the Cleveland Zoo on Mothers day! They have a wonderful program for moms on that day.

  49. For Mother’s Day I’m waiting for my husband to come up with something awesome! lol. 😉

  50. I spend the day with my mother. I give her a card and presents. If my brother is in town, we will both do this at the same time and have lunch together at her place (usually takeout). Casual and fun.

  51. For Mother’s Day, My husband gets me breakfast, I take a long hot bath, relax, spend family time and then we get take out for dinner.

  52. My plans for mother’s day are to spend time with the family and hopefully they will cook dinner for me.

  53. We’ll usually visit my mom and I’ll cook her a meal. This year we can’t make it out of town so we’ll just hang around the house, hopefully I can relax a little 🙂

  54. I spend mother’s day with my children and grand children that lives near me and talk to my children that live far away.

  55. We usually gather at my sister’s house for a dinner and gifts to celebrate all the mothers in our family. Thanks.

  56. We usually go out to eat lunch on Mother’s day & then maybe catch a movie or go to the park.

  57. usually just kick back and spend the day with the kids….that means more to me than anything else!!

  58. We celebrated Mother’s Day early with a fantastic brunch since my mom was visiting from Texas

  59. My male friends take me out to eat at a Resteurant of my choice,as my children live far away.

  60. My son takes me to brunch every year and then later he makes his famous spaghetti ,

  61. We usually spend the week-end with my family and have lunch with my grandparents and then spend some time outside going for a walk/hike or in the yard

  62. to me, mothers day is like any other day… it shouldn’t take one day for kids to remember me, it should be all year long

  63. I am going out to brunch with my children and then vegging out the rest of the day I hope!

  64. I spend time with my mom and dad, sister & bil and my hubby and two kids. We usually have a nice bbq lunch on the grill.

  65. My summer plans are to remodel my bedroom and then take a long weekend vacation to celbrate

  66. I like to enjoy just a quiet day at home, playing board games or playing outside – it was beautiful for that today – we had so much fun.

  67. This will be my first mother’s day as a mom, very excited! Not sure what iur tradition will be

  68. For Mother’s Day we had a cookout and for summer we will be doing some traveling!

  69. On Mother’s Day I normally just spend the whole day with my kids and husband… doing all the things I like to do.

  70. I get together with my entire family on Mothers day and have a potluck (moms don’t cook)

  71. My summer plans only consist of sleeping in!! I’m so tired of playing human alarm clock.

  72. My first mother’s day this year, we had a relaxing day together planting cacti in the backyard!

  73. My summer plans are to lay around with my new baby, play with my older daughter, and do some small home projects.

  74. Me, my husband and kids always go out for a family lunch. Then my hubby takes me shopping!

  75. This was actually my FIRST Mother’s Day, unfortunatley, i was so sick 🙁 However, i was home all day with my hubby and my most treasured gift…my daughter!

  76. On Mother’s Day we usually try to do something outside like a park or a garden. Dinner is a special event too, although we don’t always go out for it.

  77. Summer plans are to workout every day to get more healthy.

    And my RSS feed subscribe email is different (but includes the exact same name as other email)

  78. On mothers day we treat her to breakfast and then she cooks us a nice dinner later on in the evening and we spend time together as a family.

  79. Mothers Day is the one day of the year that I am guaranteed to be able to sleep in! And I look forward to it every year lol

  80. We normally spend it with my mother in law…but our summer plans include a road trip to Niagara Falls with my wife’s parents..for their 45th wedding anniversary.

  81. i went out to breakfast for mmothers day! we are planning on doing alot of camping this summer!

  82. We hang with my mom and sisters on Mother’s Day. My birthday is within a few days so we usually combine the celebration!

  83. No certain plans, usually have dinner with my inlaws as my mothers passed away almost 4 years ago.

  84. I like to relax on Mother’s Day with my family! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  85. Our summer plans are to maybe go to some local amusement parks and to the parks and spend some more time outdoors!

  86. We went to church with my mom and then came home and cooked breakfast for her. In the evening, we went to my in laws and my FIL BBQed for us. As of right now, we don’t have any summer plans. I am hoping we get our pool put up this year and we can go swimming! 🙂

  87. I normally give my stepmom either a Lush gift set (bath & body organics stuff) or chocolates from LA Burdick – delicious! 😉

  88. We went for a walk and ate dinner togther – which I did not have to cook!

    We also went to the park with our dog. It was a quite and relaxing Mother’s Day.

  89. My summer plan is to not drown in chaos and go to bookstores and libraries for story time and crafts, and any free thing I can find, like VBS and movies in the park, etc.

  90. My hubby surprises me every year with something a little different. This year he served me breakfast in bed, gave me some gifts, then surprised me with a drive to visit my grandma whom I had been wanting to go see.

  91. This mother’s day was my first one so I just sat at home with my girl and we watched all her favorite shows on tv. This summer we plan on living it up at our permanent beach home!

  92. i’m hoping to take a vacation and any scale of trip, maybe camping this summer. it would be very welcomed.

  93. I usually spend Mother’s Day with my Daughter,My Mom and my sisters and rest of the Family!
    Thank You!

  94. We usually try to have a quiet day with just the family – and that’s exactly what we did this year. My wife quite enjoyed herself.

  95. I hope we get to go to either Disney or Universal this summer. Still waiting to see if there are new ticket specials that are going to come out by the end of July

  96. Here in Alaska, we take full advantage of our summer-like spring to most of you guys;), and we reno the house, go fishing to stock up our freezer for the winter months, go hiking, etc. Our biggest plans this year involve building a home office and completely re-doing our furnace and heating ducts.

  97. For years we went to the Botanical Garden nearby for mothers day. Not sure why we stopped.

  98. My summer plans include a beach trip in June. Also, flying out to Illinois to visit my son and his family in July. Can’t wait for both of these trips.

  99. We really dont have any summer plans. Cant really do much because of hubbies bad heart so aside from the family reunion planned in June, thats about it.

  100. I normally go to church on mother’s day and then rest the rest of the day. In the summer I love to go swimming

  101. not much on mothers day…but in summer days we go to mountains in PA where we have cabin and love to ride on motorcycles and quads

  102. Mother’s Day= go out for lunch

    Summer plans= stay inside in air conditioned comfort to avoid the heat as much as possible.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  103. On Mother’s Day, my children make cards for me, and allow me to spend the day relaxing. My husband handles all disagreements and even cooks dinner… best way to spend Mother’s Day!

  104. Our summer plans are we are going to Florida for our babymoon! Probably in August or so.

  105. Great giveaway. Thanks. As they’re in the same week, we combine Mother’s Day and my niece’s birthday, and we either go out to dinner or have a BBQ. Depends on the weather. In Washington state you can’t count on it being either warm, or dry, in May.

  106. My summer plans are to have surgery and start losing weight! I am so excited!

  107. We always take my mom and dad to church and go out for lunch afterwards.. then back to our house to hang out!

  108. Relax at home with the family and normally I don’t do any house work or cooking yay me!!

  109. I spend mothers day with my kids 🙂

    this summer we are going to the beach and maybe Hershey Park 🙂

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