Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

Welcome to the New Years Rockin’ Eve Event! I’m sure everyone could use some cash and gift cards after Christmas. This is going to be a great event where fourteen people will walk away with prizes. Yes, 14 winners! This event is hosted by Dixieland Mom Product Reviews and co-hosted by Giveaway Bandit and Natural Hair Latina Here is your chance to win Visa Gift Cards!  We will be giving away a total of $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!


Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

1- Visa Gift Card- ARV- $1000

Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

1- Visa Gift Card- ARV- $500

Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

2- Visa Gift Cards- ARV-$250 each

Win $2250 in Visa Gift Cards!

10 Visa Gift Cards- ARV-$25 each

Rules: This giveaway is open to residents of the United States age 18 and over. Giveaway begins at 12:01 AM (eastern time) Dec. 31st, 2012 and ends on Jan. 21st, 2013 at 12:01 AM (eastern time). Winner is responsible for any taxes. 

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  1. It depends on which one I won…I would pay of bills with the larger ones and splurge on lunch and a movie with my children. 🙂 Thank you.

  2. The first thing I would do is buy my best friend a Kindle and then the rest would be spent on things we want.

  3. I would use part of it to pay off what little I charged at Christmas, and then I would share with several families of children I teach whom I know are struggling to make ends meet (anonymously, of course.)

  4. I would use it to help update the most popular place in our house! The kitchen! Everything we own is very old and starting to fall apart so this would help tremendously towards getting on started on upgrading our kitchen appliances starting with our main and current need a new refrigerator (Ours is going down hill fast;)Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity! Happy new Year! XoXo

  5. I would use it to gravel my driveway!! I live up on a hill and have a hard time getting the gas company to deliver. It sure would be a nice BIG HELP!! Awsome giveaway. Thank-you for the opportunity.

  6. Well….never owned a computer n havent had a car in nine yrs, and at 45 yrs old, ots taking ots toll on me……i need to win

  7. if i win the big one, i’d put it toward getting myself a car – but then, i say that every winter when i’m standing in 15 degree weather waiting for a bus that’s 10 mins late… lol

    if i win one of the smaller ones (which are still quite big!) i’ll get a vacuum and a recliner 🙂

  8. I would get a new pair of shoes (my last pair broke and I can’t afford to replace them.) And maybe use the rest for groceries and gas so I could put our usual income for those items towards paying off bills and putting more into savings.

  9. I will buy clothes and some gifts for friends and family. Also in need of a printer and computer batteries. Thank you for the chance to enter your giveaway and Happy New Year 2013!!

  10. I would buy a laptop and some new clothing if I won the money. Thanks for the giveaway. Happy New Years to you and your family.

  11. I’d probably use it for mundane things so we could save the money and put it towards our tax bill!

  12. Would buy emergency essentials in case of another massive storm; we’re expecting a few more before winter’s end.

  13. Hi and Happy 2013! 🙂 Definitely firstly do something frivolous and go out to eat somewhere! 🙂 After that, Walmart or Target. 🙂


  14. I have to pay off a student loan, but I would also use some to purchase work/interview outfits. Thanks so much for the opportunity

  15. This would be for gas, groceries and pet supplies – crossing fingers and hoping to win! 🙂

  16. Well my daughter is pregnant with my first grandbaby and also in a not so hot enviroment so would use the money to get her out of it and help with buying baby things

  17. I would love to be able to catch up on bills, buy a new bike since mine was stolen, and buy my kids some things they want…thanks!

  18. Buy things for the kids for christmas for next year and get some much needed items for the house.

  19. I’d use it for bills and groceries and for a family fun event. We really need that right about now.

  20. I would love to have a family day and take everyone out to the movies. Anything else would be for bills.

  21. Honestly, I would use the money for medical bills. I would rather use it for enjoyment, but my sense of responsibility would prevail…

  22. I would take a little road trip vacation with my family. It’s been so long since we had one. Thanks!

  23. I am helping organize a benefit for a 16 yr old boy who has cancer winning this would help tremendously.

  24. If I won a larger prize I would go and visit my son in Austin. A smaller one I would put away towards the ticket thanks. Blessings to all the sponsors

  25. If I was lucky enough to win, I would fix my car and if there’s anything left, I would put money on my bills. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  26. I would save it! We need to go to Virginia this summer to pick up my sister — this would help us budget those expenses!

  27. I would buy a new set of tires for my brothers car, and if there was money left over, I would buy a book or two for me to read.

  28. I would get new tires mine are bald! Spend rest on bills or groceries. Thank You for the giveaway, I really need the money.

  29. I would use it to buy things I need for the house. We recently moved and our new home doesn’t have nearly as much cabinet space as where I did live. So we’ve talked about building some more cabinets and shelves. Plus if I had any left I could spoil myself a bit 🙂 for being such a hard worker lol.

  30. I would spend it on myself and my husband, we spent all our money on our two kids for Christmas and are left with nothing, so this would be a little treat for ourselves!!

  31. I would spend it on myself and my husband, we spent all our money on our two kids for Christmas and are left with nothing, so this would be a little treat for ourselves!!

  32. I would take a much, much, much, needed vacation! Haven’t had one in years! As well as help those in need with some of the money.

  33. I would use it to pay any monthly bill that can be paid via credit card. Then use the money that I usually use to pay that bill to pay off other debt.

  34. 3 years ago I totaled my car due to a deer, since then I have had no vehicle and have been saving for a dependable car for me & my girls if I won I would use it towards my goal of a safe car. Thank you

  35. oh wow this would help out so much to pay my heating bill, this would be wonderful.. Thanks for this chance

  36. I’d be grateful to win any amount, but it would be so great to get enough to put towards a much needed weekend getaway.

  37. If I win the $1,000, I think I’d be planning a long overdue weekend getaway from work! If I win a smaller one, I’d use it for groceries and maybe a lunch or dinner out. Thanks!

  38. I would put it towards my tuition payment for the electives I need in order to get my license for counseling

  39. I would take my family to Florida!! My daughter would meet her Great grandfather that she made great just by being born. He is not doing the best health wise, have been wanting to do this since her birth she is now 5 and a half, this would be the perfect opportunity! I would also take my family to the beach and to visit a must see place “Coral castle”. I can see it now… We will take a family photo on the coral thrones in the courtyard. Fingers crossed!!

  40. Give the money to my mom and dad to help pay bills and fix up the house. House is falling apart and this money would help so much. Mom and dad work so hard and need something to help out.

  41. My husband is sick and desperately needs an air dehumidifier- the rest would go to groceries and medical bills.

  42. I would apply the winning to my medical bills,buy groceries,& buy clothes for my 3 kids.Thank for your wonderful contest giveaway.

  43. Depending on the amount, but would pay bills and would like to help my unborn grand daughter with health issues

  44. I have liked most all the sites, but had to go to each page for when I click on the entry, it states” API entry verified-types can not be edited”. But I did go to Like the pages.

  45. I would probably use part of the money to pay off my credit card balance, small min $, so plenty left over. With the rest I’d do something for myself & buy some goodies, maybe browse Target for stuff I always walk past to save money for practical purchases. Or buy gifts for friends or family.

  46. First I would sit there with my mouth dropped wide open and possibly even cry!! THEN I would pay some bills, a months rent, car ins and gas in the car… bummer thats all of it!

  47. I would go on a home decor shopping spree! Our living room has never had anything new..everything we have was given to us or purchased used. Thanks for the chance to win!

  48. I would spend it on activities that my family could do together. My husband and I will celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary on May 1st and we want to do some things with our 2 beautiful teen-age children. Maybe a small family get away.

  49. I would most DEFINITELY use the money for bills! Only having one income (1/2 of what we used to have until June 2012). Pay bills and buy groceries is my top priority!
    Thanks for the offer : )

  50. I would use it for gas money to get from FL to NJ.My husband’s grandfather is most likely not going to make it through the weekend.We have to go and settle his affairs.

  51. Use it towards gifts for my son’s upcoming birthday! <3
    And thank you very much for the sweet giveaway!

  52. I would use the gift cards towards regular things like groceries and then pay extra for my credit card.

  53. I would definitely use them to pay some bills! And treat my wife to something special of course!

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