Why The Future of Transport is Electric

Electric Car

We have never relied on cars, motorbikes, scooters and public transport more than we do today. We are so used to being able to navigate the day to day demands of life, all from the ease and comfort of our two and four wheels that seldom do we stop and think about how we can enjoy the convenience of our modern ways but without the damage these modes are transport are having on the environment around us.

That is, until transport started going electric. Electric cars, scooters and even buses are now being coined as the transportation of the future. Here’s our lowdown on the best forms of electrical transportation for healthier, greener and more sustainable living


Electrical bikes didn’t have the best of starts, due to their bulky and slightly awkward and clumsy frames. However, now that car companies are focused on creating and designing sleeker and more sophisticated electrical bikes, the sales of electrical bikes is predicted to soar over the next couple of years.

Scooters & Motorbikes

Scooters and motorbikes have long been a city commuters favorite mode of transportation, particularly in Europe. However as they produce a heavy amount of emissions they create a problem when it comes to pollution and the carbon footprint of city living. So the emerging market of electrical scooters and motorbikes is going from strength to strength as commuters are really beginning to see the value and benefits that these electrical versions can make in their everyday life and to the environment in general.

Not only does the electrical bike and scooter produce zero emissions, they also significantly reduce the noise pollution in cities and urban areas and they are also cheaper to run as they don’t require any fuel. Therefore the future of motorbikes and scooters, for an increasingly environmentally aware world, most certainly seems to be electric.


Electric cars are also seeing a new wave of investment and technological advancements in order to help them finally take off and enter the mainstream market. Previously the biggest concern with electrical cars was the limitation, in terms of the range, that they could offer. However electrical car brands like Tesla, Toyota and General Motors are now offering models that can offer up to 270 miles per charge meaning more and more drivers will be able to invest in models that offer the reliability of traditional, fuel-based cars.


It’s not only individual transportation that is going green and electrical, cities public transportation systems are also seeing a surge in new modern, electrical versions. Although there is a long way to go before our cities transport systems are mainly operated by electricity the shift is already beginning to head in the right direction.

Volvo is a pioneer in electrical modes of public transportation and has recently successfully integrated fully electric buses in Sweden. London is set to follow by implementing a range of fully electric buses which can cost as little as £5,000 to run per year, against the fuel-based yearly upkeep charge of £50,000. With the difference in price being this substantial it is predicted that fully electrical modes of city transportation will be the main focus of the future.

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