Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Flash Giveaway

Victoria's Secret Gift Card Flash Giveaway

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? Here’s your chance to be ready with a Victoria’s Secret Gift Card Flash Giveaway!

You can buy something to impress that special someone in your life or something wonderful to splurge on for yourself! Besides lingerie, Victoria’s Secret offers some fabulous clothing, sleapwear, shoes and even beauty products.

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! We hope this giveaway will make it a little nicer for you!

Once lucky winner will receive a $70 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card or you have the option to choose paypal cash.

Giveaway ends January 25th at 11:59pm, open world wide, ages 18+. To enter please use the Rafflecopter form below. Good luck.

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  1. Working most likely 🙁 This would make my valentines day better because I could use it on something nice for my hubby 😉 lol

  2. I plan to spend Valentines day with my husband, and yes, if I win the Victoria’s Secret gift card, hubby and I will both be very happy!

    1. Valentine and is my anniversary will be with the love of my life and if I win I will be able to get some great perfume and a nice lingerie to celebrate.Thank you

  3. For Valentines day I will be spending it alone unless some kind of miracle comes. I would like this because Victoria Secret has a lot of good perfumes and sleepwear that would make up for a lonesome Valentine day. I would also buy bras too because I am in need of those since I have been exercising and eating much more healthier.

  4. I’m spending my Valentines at home with my family. The sweepstakes would really help me because it has been years and 50 pounds ago that I have been fitted for new under garments. I love Victoria’s Secret undergarments and would use this sweepstakes win to get them. So abviously it would make me happy and more comfortable to win this.

  5. I’m not sure of what we are doing yet. My husband usually makes Valentine’s Day nice for me though… Maybe dinner out, but something CHOCOLATE for sure! The GC will be re-gifted to my daughter who just LOVES Victoria’s Secret! I know she will appreciate it more than I… So it will be, Happy Valentine’s Day for us all! =)

  6. I don’t have any special plans for valentines . But I’ve been eyeing quite a few things in vs that I would love to buy with that gift card

  7. Valentines day will be spent at home with my kids while hubby is off at work. This giftcard would ensure I get something I like for Valentines day!!!

  8. I’ll be spending the afternoon with my daughter’s class party, and trying to squeeze in lunch with my awesome boyfriend! My day would be lightened up with this card…not much extra for frilly splurges anymore!

  9. I’m working Valentine’s Day. This giveaway will help because it will enable me to buy some items I wouldn’t normally because I don’t have the extra money to do so.

  10. I’m not sure what we have planned for Valentine’s Day. Chances are, we’re both working and won’t get to go out to eat or anything. This card would make me feel better about shift work, though! 😉

  11. I;ll be working and looking after the kids – just like usual! the gift card would definitely be a nice treat though!

  12. I dont have anyone significant to spend Valentine’s Day with so I dont really have any plans. Perhaps go out with a few friends in the same situation. 🙂 I would love to get a V. Secret’s card. Ive just lost 170 lbs and am in dire need of new clothes/lingerie.. everything!!

  13. I am going out to dinner on Valentine’s day with my GF, and this gift card would make my day way better!

  14. I am going to be spending Valentines Day with my boyfriend, and this giftcard will be great because I haven’t been to Victoria’s Secret in a long time 🙂

  15. No special plans. I’ll be making dinner for my husband and kids. I’ll make mini heart meatloafs and a heartshaped cake.

  16. It would definitely make my day a little brighter. I don’t have any plans yet for Valentine’s Day–maybe I’ll make a special dinner, or at the very least, a nice dessert.

  17. Hubby has school that night so we’ll go to dinner on Friday night. I’ll make his favorite meatballs for lunch on Saturday. I would love to win so I could buy some new cute underwear 🙂

  18. Im not sure what my husband has planned, hopefully something really nice!! And oh my could that gift card help!! 🙂

  19. We don’t have any special plans for Valentine’s day. I’m probably make a red themed dinner for my husband and daughter.

    Yes! I need some new VS bras

  20. My husband has to work, so I dont think Valentines Day is going to be too exciting. If I win the gift card, at least Ill have fun ordering new goodies for my granddaughter lol

  21. We are going to be on the gulf at a beautiful warm sunny beach for Valentines…then out for a nice dinner and a bike ride 🙂

  22. quiet dinner at home with hubby after kids go to bed. yes, would definitely make our night a little brighter! 8)

  23. Tell me how you plan on spending your Valentine’s Day? Also, let me know if this gift card would make your day a little better?

    Ill be working! This card will make my day better! I can look stunning for my next date! *looking for Mr Right*

  24. The gift card would make my day a lot better. We are going to dinner and a movie. Hoo Woo Date Night!

  25. We probably won’t do anything out of the ordinary except maybe eat out. This would make my dh’s day! 😉

  26. Because our kids are usually home, we go out/or eat in as a family and play games together. It’s nice.

  27. Plan on spending it with my little guy (son not hubby 😉 then making a VDay feast for the hubby! Yes this gift card would def. make it a sexier Vday, at night anyway 😉

  28. Every year the bald eagles hang out at the bird sanctuary in Farmington right around Valentines day so we go up there and have a little tailgate picnic and watch birds. And yes, the GC would make it even better!

  29. We’ll have dinner at home for Valentine’s Day and yes, this card would make my Valentine’s Day better.

  30. I will be spending a night with my husband…not sure of the plans yet but a Victoria Secret card would def make it a much better night

  31. I don’t know what we’re doing on Valentine’s Day! Probably stay in and eat a nice meal. The VS card would definitely make it a better day!

  32. I don’t have any plans for V-day really. My hubby and I don’t really celebrate it. If I won, I would choose the paypal money to pay bills with, which would be fantastic!!!

  33. I have no idea what’s going on Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t do anything special since our oldest daughter was born (she’s 3). I’d love to win this gift card.

  34. I plan on a nice dinner and movie and it would just make my day to win the gc to spice up the evening! thanks for the great giveaway

  35. We plan on having a quit dinner and a few drinks. My birthday is on the 15th soI get a combo Valinetines/birthday evey year. So I would use the gift card to buy mydelf a well dersereved birthday gift.

  36. I plan on spending Valentine’s Day with my family. The gift card would definitely make my day better because I could buy something nice with it.

  37. I have no plans yet…and probably won’t
    the paypal would help a lot…i have a big credit card bill coming up!

  38. I’m spending v-day with my boyfriend and this gift card would def make it special this year!

  39. I plan on going out to dinner with my hubby and this gift card would make Valentine’s day really special

  40. I will be having a dinner with my son n his family.
    This card would be great- I would buy a new bra.

    clenna at aol dot com

  41. will go out for a special dinner. gift card might make the after dinner even more pleasant

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  42. i plan on speeding the day with my daugther i do have a mate i would probaly by some smell good for me and lip gloss for my dauther

  43. i plan to spend it with my wonderful partner of 25 yrs ,bill no kids romantic dinner and yes this card would help new sexy lingerie always help

  44. I will be spending Valentines on a date night with my husband.
    I would be thrilled to win that way I could buy something nice to wear to our date.


  45. The card would be great and I always leave the Valentines plans to the hubby
    pedidentalasst at yahoo dot com

  46. I plan to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband – probably dinner at home on V Day, but maybe going out that weekend. This gift card would DEFINITELY make Valentine’s Day better!!

  47. I plan on spending this Valentine’s day with my amazing husband and three wonderful kids. I wish we had a sitter but we don’t. It’s okay because they are all my loves!!! There is always bedtime…teehee!! This gift card would help make bedtime more interesting that’s for sure! 🙂 Thanks so much for the chance!

  48. will be spending VDay celebrating my 8th year wedding anniversay by going out for dinner just the 2 of us

  49. My husband and I are going to get new tattoos. The gift card would make my day even better. Thanks for the chance.

  50. My hubby and I will be helping the Youth Group host a Parents Night Out for Valentines Day, where the parents can drop off their younger children and we will watch and entertain them.
    This GC would make my day- i have lost some weight and my bras do not fit as well as they should anymore 🙂

  51. I do not have a valentine to spend it with so I will probably do that same thing that I do everyday. I would use the gc to buy a new bra and matching panties. I am 38DD and they cost $55 on average.

  52. I plan on spending Valentine’s day working but if I win this I can at least shop during my break! :))

  53. It would make my day better – haven’t been shopping in a while. Not sure about Valentine’s plans don’t know if my hubby is off. My birthday is right before and we usually combine them 🙂

  54. I am taking the day off because it is my birthday. I might go see a movie or do something fun while everyone else is at work. This gift card would definitely make my day better. Maybe I would head to the mall and spend it on something pretty! Thanks.

  55. Just snuggle up at home with hubby, order in and watch a movie. Would love to use the paypal gc to buy him something nice. TY!

  56. Most likely I will be at work, but if I am off, my fiance and I will go out of town and eat at a nice restaurant. It’s our 9th anniversary.

    1. This gift card would make my day much better. I’ve been extremely stressed lately, so this would be a nice break.

  57. Hubby will probably take me and the girls out to eat. The gift card would make my day a lot better. Thank you!

  58. I will be babysitting on Valentine’s Day so my friends can enjoy a night out. Would winning this GC make my life better? You betcha!

  59. I have no plans this year, but would give the gift card to a friend to spice up her Valentine’s Day.

  60. Dinner and a movie (maybe out or in) I could by something nice from Victoria Secret to surprise him with:)

  61. i will spend it alone (well with my kids) because i have no “real” valentine this year 🙁 it would be awesome if i could win this gift card though!!!

  62. We will just have a quiet evening at home. Probably cook out on the grill. I would love to win this to give to my daughter – it would certainly perk her up!

  63. This gift card would make my Valentine’s Day better and I plan on spending Valentine’s at home.

  64. Staying inside and having chocolate covered strawberries. This would definitely make my night better

  65. This valentine i spend together with my daughter and my wife in the skype…so the gift card will make it better.

  66. It would be very nice to be treated to lingerie,as vs is my favorite store. I will be spending the day doing regular things , but valentine’s night will be quite special, good luck all !!

  67. I don’t have a sweetheart, but perhaps if I won this gift card I could purchase some things to make my status change lol

  68. Honestly, I hadn’t planned on anything because we are broke…A gift card would help get a gift.

  69. I will be making the hubby something special to eat and baking a cheesecake. This card would be great to spice up the night a little 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  70. Will probably spend it with my other single gal pals. But winning would certainly make me fell better. Pretty under garments always do.

  71. I will probably be working on Valentine’s Day and I would love to win this gift card for my daughter who is attending the Air Force Academy and loves Victoria Secret.

  72. Valentine’s Day is also my birthday so I am sure we will do something to celebrate. A gift card would be nice to buy something special. Thanks

  73. I plan on spending valentine’s day at home with my kids, but the weekend will be just the two of us!

  74. I will be spending it alone watching tv more than likely. This Victoria Secrets gift card would make my day better, so I can at least buy something nice for myself.

  75. For Valentine’s Day we will go to dinner and a movie. I would most likely choose the paypal cash so that I could get my fiance a gift.

  76. doing whatever my honey plans which i am sure is not much he is very unromantic =) and yea i love VS

  77. My husband and I are getting a babysitter on Sat night (due to work schedules) and going out on a nice date. I think Victoria’s secret would have something sexy for the occasion 😉

  78. My plans are to spend some quality time with my hubby ALONE! LOL And yes, this gift card would make my day better!

  79. Spend some quality time with my husband who is always working. Gift Card would help to get something special for Valentine’s.

  80. We usually get takeout and cuddle up with a movie. And I usually get a new rose bush to plant in the garden instead of ridiculously overpriced cut flowers.

  81. Love V secret and can’t wait to be in a store again this spring! We don’t have one in Alaska and order by mail.

  82. Really don’t have any plans right now for Valentines, But would love to get a cabin/chalet in the Smokey Mtns for the weekend. We never do anything like that so it would make it really special.. The gc would help so much, a girl always needs new bras and panties.. LOL

  83. Spending Valentine’s Day away from my sweetie this year. It’s time for my two week annual tour in the Air Force Reserves. This gift card will allow for a special belated Valentine’s surprise for him when I get home.

  84. this gift card would make my day!
    my daughter was born on valentines day so we will be having a birthday party

  85. Plan to be with my hubby and make one of his favorite meals. Yes the extra gift card or paypal money would help out.

  86. Ill be working, then when I get home, the hubby goes to work… This card would give make my day better because I could shop while hes working 🙂

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