Travel Inside the Mind of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

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Inside the Mind Inside Out

Travel Inside the Mind of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

Welcome to the world of Inside Out! Travel Inside the Mind of Disney Pixar’s new movie Inside Out with us and Production Designer, Ralph Eggleston. It is amazing to learn and see all of the details and time they spend creating these films for our enjoyment. This tops my list of favorite press trips ever!

Ralph Eggleston
Meet Disney Pixar’s Inside Out Production Designer, Ralph Eggleston.

The production designer, Ralph Eggleston, is one of the first people on the film and one of the last people off. He coordinates with the director how to visually represent the story that we are being told. They design everything you see on screen including the visual themes, contrast, characters, sets, lighting, textures, hair, costumes… whew, there’s more than we can imagine that goes into making one of these amazing Pixar films. The difference between these and live action film is that they don’t have physics. They have to create them. They start completely from scratch down to every last detail!Inside Out Production

“The cast is great!” said Ralph Eggleston. I loved learning how they had to create Riley’s (the main character) emotions – Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Joy’s personality and light came from the thought of using a sparkler. None of the other characters had that effervescent quality. They presented the idea to John Lasseter, executive producer, and he said, “Use it on all the other characters!” Ralph said you could just hear all of the lighting and technical people hit the ground out of fear because it’s so complicated. They did come up with some very unique ways of putting it across all the characters.Inside Out Production

The biggest challenge on the film is that we go from the real world to the mind world. How does the audience know where they are at any given moment? Ralph said that was their biggest challenge because there is a lot of back and forth. It is executed in the film brilliantly! The one constant in the film is Headquarters, the control center inside Riley’s mind, where her emotions help advise her through everyday life. The biggest difference between the mind world and the real world is the real world has very textural, hard surfaces that reflect light. The mind world went as far to the other spectrum as they could with a lot of saturation, high contrast and translucent surfaces. As the film progresses it becomes slightly more and more desaturated.Inside Out Production

For each of their films they do a color script. The color script for Inside Out was the most detailed one Ralph Eggleston said he had ever done. It was key to have a very noticeable difference in color for the real world and mind world to keep the audience on track. He said they literally made two films at the same time. Once the color script is approved for the entire film, then they go into each section of the film and expand upon that.

Originally the film just focused on the mind world story but they realized you couldn’t care about the emotions of the little girl unless you cared about the little girl. Through the course of the film her story grew and it became paramount to aiding the audience to really care about the emotions of the little girl.

I think we kind of nailed it. – Ralph Eggleston, production designer for Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

In the film there are different islands to represent different likes and things. “The idea is that you are born with certain things and you start to like more things. Like, oh Dad can I please learn how to play guitar.” said Eggleston. For example, if you liked guitar there would be a guitar island. If you lost interest in it, the island would disappear. Some islands will always be there, like family island. The islands change over time, more are added and some disappear as Riley’s interests change in the film. Riley’s biggest love is hockey and so she has a hockey island.Inside the Mind Inside Out

Watch the trailer for Inside Out below:

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Inside Out opens in theaters everywhere on June 19th! It is an amazing movie to bring the whole family to see!

Travel Inside the Mind of Disney Pixar’s Inside Out

#InsideOutEvent #InsideOut

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