Thinking of Switching Career? Look to the Future

It’s an equally exciting and daunting process when it comes to switching careers. On the one hand, you’re finally leaving behind a position that you know you didn’t want to do forever; but on the other, there’s something to be said for security; and when you’re switching industries, who knows what might happen? You can, however, mitigate that risk by looking at jobs for the future. There are a bunch of industries that will continue to grow in the coming years (and many which will collapse, too). Take a read below, pick one that’s suitable, and you’ll be well-positioned for future success.

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Tech Minded

Yes, yes, technology is all around us: it can’t possibly become an even greater part of our lives, can it? Well actually, it can, and will. While it might seem like the technological revolution has fully arrived, things are just getting started. In the future, we’ll be connected in ways that could never have been predicted even ten years ago. What’s it all mean? That if you’re involved in the tech industry, then you could be looking at many years of profitable employment.

Into Healthcare

There are some seven billion people in the world: seven billion! To put that in some context, one hundred years ago there were only two billion people. Basically, this means that there’s a lot of people out there that need healthcare! And this is especially true as there are many more old people than at other periods. There’s a big demand for nurses, doctors, and social workers now, and this is expected to grow significantly in the next decade. Get on the ground floor of healthcare now, and you’ll have a de facto job for life.

The Financial World

With the advent of the internet, the financial world became ever more intertwined. Now, there can be dealings with Tokyo and London instantaneously, and at any time of the day. It might sound glamorous, and it is, but it’s also complicated, and what’s needed are people that can understand wealth and how to manage it. Look at obtaining an accredited online MBA in finance, and you’ll be able to choose from a range of jobs that helps individuals and companies manage their money. Money, as they say, makes the world go around, and by working in the industry, you’ll be adding your own small contribution – and getting paid for it.

Problem Solvers

It’s no secret that the world is going to face some unique problems in the coming decades. While this may seem like bad news for most, it’s good news for problem solvers! Issues such as urban planning, energy, logistical issues, and more will become more precedent, and they’re going to need problem solvers like you to work on correcting the issues. If you’re always up for a challenge, are naturally good at organising and getting things done, then look into this industry. You’ll be well paid, and may just make a positive impact on humanity (and how many people can say that?).

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