4 Theme Ideas For Designing A Fun Space For Your Teenager

If you have teens, then you are already well aware that they will strive for more and more independence, and rightfully so. By encouraging some independence, we are doing our job in preparing them for the future.

On the flip side of that, is many of us parents are not ready for them to be too independent yet. I know that I want my kids to be able to be on their own for short periods of time. But, I also want them to want to spend time at home with us as well. In order to do that, I realize we must make it enticing for them to stay home…and also invite their friends to come over to hang out.

If you have the space available, creating a space they can call their own will go a long way in keeping them around for quality “home” time. Make sure to get their ideas to find out what they want. Or, you can run with their known interests and surprise them with a great room. Either way, read on to see some ideas, based on specific interests they might have right now.

Starting with the Basics

Before you pick a theme, learn about the basics first. If you have the space available, there are a couple items that I suggest working into any theme you choose for the room. The first is comfortable furniture, to fit as many bodies as possible. If the space is limited, you might opt for a few smaller recliners and body pillows, rather than bulky sectional or sofas. Check into reviews for recliners, as some are friendlier to the walls and space, than others. For example, if you check out http://www.reclinerchairreviews.com, you will see reviews on smaller recliners that could be ideal for a teen’s space.

Another area I would strongly suggest for any teen room is an area for snacks and beverage, such as a non-alcoholic bar that can hold sodas, juices, flavored waters, and various snacks. Teens gravitate towards food like flies, right? Feed them and they will stick around longer.

Now, let’s get started with specific themes…

#1 Gaming Room

This is probably the most popular theme, as many teens enjoy gaming with various video games, whether that is with a major game system on the big screen, handheld devices, or both. You can also incorporate old fashioned arcade games, if the space and budget allows for it.

With this theme, make sure you have more than just the equipment, but a nice selection of games as well. There might even be friends who bring a few games to your home once in awhile, especially if they get something new. I suggest that you look through the games occasionally though to make sure they aren’t playing games that most parents would cringe at.

As to the décor, keep it simple. The games themselves will be plenty of activity and motion. So, a lot of crazy stuff on the walls might produce a very hectic atmosphere.

#2 Casino Room

If your teens like a good game of poker once in awhile, consider a casino room. You can either opt for a poker table and chairs, or a simple folding table and chairs set. There are other portable casino games available as well to have on hand, such as roulette.

The décor can consist of drawing a poker hand on the wall and painting it in, or framing actual cards.

#3 Theater Room

Besides a gaming room, a home theater might be on top the list as well. Having a good theater system with sound and visual will be the first step. Surround sound is vital, when developing a home theater, as well as comfortable seating. Earlier I mentioned small recliners, which would be ideal lined up for kicking the feet up and watching a movie.

In addition to the sound and seating, the décor should be relatively dark and non-reflective to provide a better viewing environment. Also, consider adding a commercial popcorn maker to go with the snack bar.

#4 Locker Room

Many teens participate in a sporting event. Choosing one sport over the other might be difficult when they play more than one, or if you have more than one teen in sports. So, a general locker room theme might be a good option. Padded benches along the wall for seating, as found in a locker room could be a great look, and provide additional seating.

Also, look for old lockers that you can get for free, or at least inexpensively. Line them up against the wall for added storage in the room. Have multiple televisions in the room, so they can view multiple games at a time…a very popular trait in sports enthusiasts!

Add sporting tables such as foosball or a pool table to help entertain.

In Closing

There are plenty of ideas to make a great space for your teens to hang out in, especially if they have specific interests to go on. Ask them what they would like, and even have them help put it together. If they do, they just might take care of it better…might, right?

Melissa Cameron is a freelance writer from Austin, Texas. She often writes on topics that she has experience in, or has read on the Internet. In fact, her husband Dave has said that she is a walking infomercial…such as visiting http://www.reclinerchairreviews.com, then coming up with ideas for series on creating spaces for teens. Melissa loves to also knit, spending time with her family, eat healthy, and exercise on a daily basis.

Melanie Kampman

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