The Pirate Fairy Review

The Pirate Fairy DVD ReviewThe Pirate Fairy Review

A few weeks ago while I was in Los Angeles for the amazing press trip I got invited to go on, I got the opportunity to interview The Pirate Fairy filmmakers, director Peggy Holmes and producer Jenni Magee-Cook, and pre-screen the movie. It is a direct-to-dvd film which comes out today April 1, 2014!

First of all, a little about the movie… Zarina, a misunderstood dust-keeper fairy, steals Pixie Hollow’s extremely important Blue Pixie Dust. She flies away only to join forces with the nasty pirates of Skull Rock. Yeah, that’s me and my blogger friends below in front of Skull Rock!The Pirate Fairy Review

Tinker Bell and all of her super cute fairy friends embarks on an amazing adventure to return the Blue Pixie Dust back home to Pixie Hollow. The fairies find that their respective talents are switched while in pursuit of Zarina, turning their world upside down. Their adventure is a race against time to retrieve the all-important Blue Pixie Dust in and return it to home to save Pixie Hollow. It’s an amazing adventure for the fairies!

Here’s some awesome photos I captured when arriving at DisneyToon Studios where I pre-screened The Pirate Fairy.The Pirate Fairy Review

The Pirate Fairy Review

I have a farm-loving, mud-kicking nine year old son and he’s normally not a big fairy movie watcher but this movie is definitely great for boys too. The pirate theme of the movie definitely attracts a boy and girl audience. Disney sent us The Pirate Fairy blu-ray and dvd last week so I could view it again and watch it with my family. Disney had given me a super cute stuffed Crocky (the crocodile in the film) and my son adores it. He couldn’t wait to see the movie. Once he seen it he was hooked and has even watched it over a couple of times. That’s me below with my stuffed Crocky and Periwinkle doll after I was done viewing the movie. Crocky is so darn cute! I’ll be giving away Periwinkle and a copy of the movie right here on my blog!

The Pirate Fairy Crocky and Periwinkle

I absolutely loved the movie. It was everything you could want and more from a fairy movie. I love that they incorporated the pirate theme into it too. I love Tinker Bell and seeing what fun adventures she will take us on. Christina Hendricks does the voice of the new fairy Zarina and she is absolutely amazing at it. They also included some neat ideas into the movie from Peter Pan such as captain hook and the tick-tock clock. You’ll have to watch the movie for other neat ideas they incorporated into this film! The only thing my son said was that he wished it were longer… so you know he definitely enjoyed it! He’s usually not one to sit still for very long so for him to say that is definitely a good thing!

Own The Pirate Fairy on Blu-Ray and DVD today, April 1, 2014! Highly recommended it for boys and girls! The Disney store offers some cute The Pirate Fairy products too including a plush Crocky! Every little kid needs a plush Crocky! My son has snuggled up with his every night since I brought him home!

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