The Minds Behind Inside Out

The Minds Behind Inside Out


The Minds Behind Inside Out

I’ve shared many different amazing sessions I had while at the Pixar Animation Studios on my most recent Disney press trip. One of the last sessions is when I met with the Inside Out Director Pete Docter & Producer Jonas Rivera. These two creative guys are The Minds Behind Inside Out. Although we did get to view the new Pixar film, we did not get to see the last half hour. The director and producer said they are very proud of the last half hour and look forward to us seeing it with our families in the theater. I can’t wait!

The Minds Behind Inside OutThe producer, Pete Docter, grew up in Minnesota where you will find yourself in the first part of the film. Most of the films they have done at Pixar have been kind of anytown, USA. They really made an effort to make this very specific. They found a very specific town and street location in Minnesota but changed the names in the film. Everything you will see in the real world of the film is based on real life, real places and real things. The real world in the film later moves on to San Francisco. Production Designer, Ralph Eggleston, suggested they make it your memory of San Francisco just like you had visited.

Director Pete Docter
Director Pete Docter

During the movie you will experience Riley’s five different emotions in the mind world. They actually started with 16 different emotions but managed to settle on five: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. They thought these five emotions were the most clear. I have to agree! I think too many would have gotten too confusing for a younger audience. The goal was to make strong characters that could play and have fun as a group.

The Minds Behind Inside Out
The Minds Behind Inside Out Director Pete Docter & Producer Jonas Rivera.

The creators wanted the characters to look the way our emotions feel. Each character has energy particles around them which almost makes them look like they have fuzz around them. They wanted to make it feel like something we have never really seen before. They wanted to evoke energy: the idea of energy. They dialed the settings just enough so we would notice the energy particles but then ignore it so it wasn’t too distracting.The Minds Behind Inside Out

Joy, main emotion character, went through the broadest change of emotions. They wanted her to have more dimension.  She is based on a star or explosion where her arms go out and she’s effervescent. She’s the one emotion that is more like a human so she can dance and express herself like they needed her to in the film. Think of her as an echo of Riley.

Pixar Inside Out, emotion Joy
Pixar Inside Out, emotion Joy.

The producer, Jonas Rivera’s wife moved a lot and talked about the difficulties so they could get ideas for the film. We see Riley have to pick up and move in the middle of the school year from Minnesota to San Francisco. That’s a big change for a little girl growing up. The changes of Riley are really based on conversations with folks who went through changes similar to Riley’s, like moving. It was largely meant to personify or dramatize the difficulty of growing up.

Producer Jonas Rivera
Producer Jonas Rivera

Pete Docter discussed how he has frequently discussed his work with Joe Grant, creator of Dumbo, over the years. Pete would pitch him ideas and Joe would ask him about each film what he would give the audience to take home. Joe said you want people to still be thinking about the ideas behind the films. That’s exactly what happens with Inside Out. You’ll walk out of the theater thinking, “Is this really what goes on Inside the Mind?” Joe Grant, an old timer as they called him, actually came up with the name Monster Inc.

Pixar Inside Out Emotions
Pixar Inside Out Emotions

There is always a lot going on at Pixar. Right now there’s actually six movies in various stages of production. Next up, The Good Dinosaur, which will be out later this year. The thought of Inside Out actually came up after they completed Up, one of my favorites, in 2009. In Inside Out, if you look closely at the memories on the shelf, there’s a lot of shots from Up. You’ll even see a few things from Ratatouille. Everything has to be planned and built in animation. Everything is totally controlled.The Minds Behind Inside Out

When you watch Inside Out you’ll experience two different worlds: the mind world and the real world where you will follow along with a little girl named Riley. You’ll get to experience Riley’s emotions: Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness. Here’s the trailer for Inside Out, an amazing movie that I can’t wait to take my family to see in theaters!

Here’s some fun Inside Out Printables Family Activity Sheets and Inside Out Movie Recipes for you to enjoy!

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Inside Out opens in theaters everywhere on June 19th! It is an amazing movie to bring the whole family to see!

The Minds Behind Inside Out


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