The Importance of Timesheet Software for Organizations

Timesheet Software

Employee management is one of the most important facets of any organization. It is often said that customers come first in business. However, many managers will tell you that employees come first. You take care of them; they’ll take care of your customers. Sounds like a good deal, right?

Taking care of customers includes remunerating them appropriately for every hour worked. A comprehensive timesheet software helps you manage time shifts for every employee.

Here are some more benefits that it will bring to your organization:

Consolidation of Data

In the manual system, employees enter their data on paper timesheets, and the HR officers are tasked with the unpleasant duty of entering this data into a central system. Timesheet software allows the data to be fed straight into the system.

In addition to saving precious time, it reduces the chances of erroneous entries by an overburdened HR officer. With a customized software, you can automate additional tasks such as entry approvals, leave accruals/requests and so on.

Easy determination of Hours worked

There is a difference between the hours spent in the workplace and those spent working. Good timesheet software will separate the two, ensuring that you get value for money paid to your employees. A timesheet calculator monitors the hours worked every day, including overtime, and adds them up. They then appear on the system in an appropriate format.

Automated time tracking increases the productivity of employees at work, allowing more work to be done by the end of the day. Although the specific details of each software may vary slightly, a provision is made to capture the exact time that each employee checks in, goes for a break, resumes working, engages in unrelated stuff and finally logs off.

In case of absenteeism, the system informs the supervisor of inactivity and the duties can be reassigned.

Employee Satisfaction

The timesheet software will not only make the management of your organization easier; your employees will also feel valued and well taken care of. With all their details intact, they’ll be more likely to receive the correct pay thanks to the timesheet calculator, and on time.

Should they have any issue regarding overtime, leave days and so on, the information is readily available. With a manual system, such follow-up would be hectic and time-consuming.

Legal Compliance

Every state has a good number of laws and regulations regarding payroll and human resource management. Non-compliance with these labor laws exposes your organization to costly lawsuits and penalties.

With a customized payroll timesheet software, it is possible to incorporate such regulations. The timesheet calculator ensures all taxes, deductions and other such rates are complied with. In case of an external audit, you can be certain that your organization will be in good books with the authorities.

If you’re still using the manual system, you’re not alone. There are quite some organizations who still rely on paper timesheets for their operations. Each has their reasons.

As for you, what is holding you back? Here are some answers from sample organizations:

  • The cost of installing the software – Is it too high? Will it affect our bottom-line negatively? Is it any cheaper than paying HR officers to do the work?
  • The cost of training – How long will the staff members take to understand and be able to use the system effectively? Do we need to re-train all employees?
  • Privacy – How safe is the data entered into the system? Is it possible for unauthorized parties to view the information?

Timesheet Software

Timesheet software will bring down your operational costs without compromising your data. You can approach the professionals to attend to your specific concerns. One thing is for sure; such an investment will bring your organization good value for money.

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