The Best Self Cleaning Automatic Litter Box for Cats

Litter Robot Review

You all know how much we love our cats. They are a huge part of our family. I was excited to receive the AutoPets Pet-Tech Litter Robot to review. I decided to take it to my parents house and try it out with my mom and her kitties. It is definitely the best self cleaning automatic litter box for cats I have ever used!

Litter Robot Review

Litter-Robot III Open Air is the automatic self-cleaning litter box. After the cat exits the litter box, the patented sifting process automatically separates the waste from the clean litter and deposits the clumps into a waste drawer for easy disposal.

Litter Robot Review

Whether you have large or small cats, the litter chamber is very spacious and perfect for all sizes of cats (5 lbs and up). It’s also great for multiple cats and the perfect way to save money on litter.

Litter Robot Review

The best part about this amazing litter robot is that it actually self-cleans after each use which is perfect for reducing litter box odor. Just dump the waste drawer when the indicator comes on. Plus, it has an adjustable cycle timer. No more worrying about the litter box! The litter robot comes with power supply and user resources are located in the welcome kit. It’s so easy to use!

Litter Robot Review

Our cats love it! My only suggestion is that you need to give your cats time to adjust to using the litter robot. Cats can be very finicky creatures and they need time, just like us, to adjust to new objects and surroundings. It took my cats a few weeks before they fully adjusted to using the litter robot. In fact, Flash liked the box more than anything the first several days! Go figure!

Litter Robot Review

The AutoPets Pet-Tech Litter Robot comes with 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Full Warranty!

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Litter Robot Review

Click to watch the Getting Started video (or view below) and view the Quick Start Guide.

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  1. I would love to win this. I shelter elderly rescue cats, and I have 12 of them at the moment. I do litter boxes all day long.

  2. I love that this litter box self cleans after each use because we only have 1 cat and sometimes when she uses the litter box the odors are over powering. I would love to have this for my house to help eliminate the worry,odors,and having to deal too much with this issue. I’m very good about shoveling the box each day,but I’d rather not!

  3. I like the idea of the cleanliness of this product. We have several cats and a small house and I think it would be much better for us than a standard litter box. This would really be an amazing addition to our home.

  4. Wow, what a neat idea! I love how it self cleans and then seperates the waste for disposal! Our previous cat (she passed away) would NOT cover her poo, and OMG what a yucky mess to clean up from the litter box each time! We have 2 new kittens now and this would greatly come in handy!

  5. I have watched this cleaner and just love the way it cleans. I will have to look into this is the future. Nice the night light in there and roomy too ..Thank you for the chance

  6. I like that this litter box self-cleans after each use. No buttons, no forgetting to do it until the trash truck is on the street. My husband hates cleaning the litter box, and this would make his year!

  7. The ‘Self Cleaning’ feature makes this my favorite litter box. Imagine how amazing it would be to have fresh litter.

  8. I like the feature that it deposit in a tray each time the cat goes potty. I have 5 cats. So I am always scooping 2 litter boxes every day and all day. I like that it keeps the odor away to keep your home smelling fresh.

  9. I have three cats and keeping three different boxes can be a bit overwhelming for me as I am disabled and not diligent sometimes on getting them scooped clean. This box would help me with that completely. I love that it disposes of the nasty for you and all you have to do is empty the tray.

  10. Wow, love this and really need this litter box as my grandson has allergies and I have to clean ours 3 or more times a day so he’s not affected by the dust or smell. I love that it cleans itself and cleanup is easy.

  11. I would like to win this for my son and his wife. They have two cats and work long hours. This unit would help them keep the odor down and help them save on litter.

  12. I love that this is not as messy and easier to deal with than the standard litter box! I would like to receive one of these automatic litter boxes so that taking care of my cat’s litter box won’t be such an ordeal anymore!

  13. I like that it is will reduce odors by cycling after the cat used the litter. I’m wondering if cats are sometimes scared of using it, but if the timer delays cleaning until they leave the room that should help.

  14. I would love to have this for our cat. I am retired and disabled so it is not easy to clean the cats box, so this would be a tremendous help for me!

    1. Actually, I think it’s great for multi-cats. If you did get a litter robot, I would definitely keep the usual litter box on hand for a while because we all know, there’s always that one cat! haha!

  15. I’d love to not have to scoop litter 2-3 times a day and have my kitties have a clean litter box when they need it. Sounds pretty awesome to me! 🙂

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