Technology Changes the Way Children Learn

Technology Changes the Way Children Learn

Since I graduated from high school in 1998, learning in our schools has changed drastically. I did grow up with computers and was fortunate enough to have many in our small school. Technology is still changing the way our children learn. My son is in third grade and has access to his own school provided computer at his desk at all times. How incredible it is how much technology they learn at such a young age! He has his own desktop computer and iPad at home and it’s so remarkable what he can do on them without any assistance.

I remember one day I was in my son’s classroom and the teacher said something I was looking for was posted on the whiteboard. I was so used to a chalkboard that it took me a minute to figure out what she was talking about. Chalkboards are now replaced with Smartboards. No more dusty chalk filled rooms!

My son doesn’t have to copy down his homework like we once did. It’s now readily available on our school website along with learning tools and resources.

One thing that I have learned after talking to other mothers is that many schools have stopped teaching cursive. My son is learning cursive and I am glad he attends a school that still believes in it. Since he is in third grade he still writes out a lot of his homework but most high school kids are now typing every report and piece of homework.

If you are a parent that grew up with older gadgets, it might be helpful to learn new technology. Plus, it will be beneficial because you can better assist your kids with their homework. Classes, both online and off, are taught nationwide on new technology. Ashley Tutors provides tutors in Maryland that have been selected to meet your specific academic needs and match your personality. It has never been easier to learn!

Melanie Kampman

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  1. I like a lot of the changes and it has opened up a whole new world available at there little finger tips with the new technology but as you noted some schools are no longer teaching cursive writing or how to properly even print. So many children’s hand writing is illegible. I think that it still needed. We do still write a lot today. The penmanship is just horrible. I have no idea how teachers read it. I love the white boards and the laptops or iPads for each child but I still expect teachers to teach penmanship.

  2. I love that technology has made kids more aware of our world, but still I think it has been at the expense of being IN the world – ie, getting outside and using their own bodies and minds to the fullest as creatively as possible without prompts and screens.

  3. I think it is both amazing and sad the way our children have grown up with technology. The many things that can be accomplished with technology now blows my mind, what a great way to learn. At the same time, the use of “playing outside” has almost become extinct, what a shame. I think the only way to proceed forward from here is to have a much needed balance…that’s where we have to be proactive parents!

  4. Technology does take away some things. I was a teacher up until 2 years ago when I developed a spinal condition. I did teach my second graders cursive. I think penmanship is important. I’m also teaching my grandchildren cursive. If people are interested Zaner Blouser has practice sheets on their site.

  5. Technology is great for the kids to learn, but they also need more hands on learning with books and experiments without the computers.

  6. Technology is sure changing the way our children learn! makes it hard sometimes to even help them on thier homework!

  7. Technology is the best way chikdren can learn now a days as its innovative and entertainign too which makes cholfdren happy and glued to learn mopre

  8. Technology is really aiding kids in there studies ..But books should also be involved .I remeber we use to read books but these days kids are finding everything on their computer.I know i should go with the tech flow too ,,but i have my opinion .I still stress my daughter to read books in her spare time.

  9. Things have changed SO much since I was in school. I wish we had the use of all this technology.

  10. Technology is great and I love google better than encyclopedias..however I think a child learns more if he actually writes things. I love your child is learning cursive . I think going straight to the keyboard takes away a lot. It is a great tool though and am thankful for it

  11. This is very true. When I graduated from HS, the internet didn’t exist. FWIW, my children are still learning cursive. I think it depends on the teachers.

  12. I still remember being excited about learning cursive as that was considered the next “step up” in learning after regular printing! 😛 We never had computers or tablets in school either; things have changed a lot since then.

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