Help Stop Release of The Upper Footage


Help Stop Release of The Upper Footage


Okay, so I usually just brush these types of things off my shoulder and move on with my daily activities like bring you the best reviews and giveaways here at Giveaway Bandit, but today is a little different. I was on reading an article on the college football player, Manti Te’o, hoax (although I am still unsure as to if this poor guy knew what he was getting himself into… who knows) and I came across one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read.

“The Upper Footage” is a snuff film (which is illegal) and the studio behind it has released a movie trailer of a young girl overdosing on drugs. Supposedly this movie is real and whoever is behind it is releasing it at Mark Cuban’s (you know, the Maverick Basketball owner and investor from Shark Tank – which I LOVE) Landmark theater, Sunshine Cinemas in New York on January 31st. Being a Mom to the Bandit I cannot comprehend the thought of a child going through this… I need everyone to help me reach out to Mark and demand that he shut down the showings of this awful film!

Here’s the trailer so you can see for yourself.

Please keep in mind that there is profanity so keep the kiddos away if you’re going to waste your time watching this like I did.

Who is with me? Comment below and tell me what you think. Let’s start a mission to STOP THE UPPER FOOTAGE!

Let’s all spread the word. #StopTheUpperFootage or retweet below:

Better yet, let’s all contact Mr. Cuban to let him know what we think!

Here is Mark Cuban’s email:

Here is Mark Cuban’s twitter: @mcuban

Melanie Kampman

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  1. While I’m all for indie films, this is sickening. Why on earth would someone want to turn this into a movie? Why on earth would it be allowed to be shown in a prominent theatre? I’m appalled. As a mom, heck even as a normal person, I think it’s disgusting. Way to glorify drug use. As for emailing Mark Cuban regarding this film, you bet! I’ve got your back on this one.

  2. I never heard of this. It does sound pretty bad. I understand that what people call art differs but sometimes they go too far I think.

  3. they need to get rid of this one. This being shown can cause an epidemic of drug overdoses and other bad things.

  4. just terrible and the person who wants to show this should be put behind bars.. who does he think he is.. how wrong n so sad..@tisonlyme143

  5. I agree. It’s sick. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the trailer. The premise for this film is truly tragic and It’s disheartening to think anyone would actually want to watch such a film.

  6. I have a few thoughts on this; 1)Has it been confirmed that this is NOT a hoax? 2)I would hate to think that those of us who are disgusted by such a film, would actually be making it more popular by posting info about it. I for one, had never heard of it ’til now. 3)I am having a very difficult time trying to imagine Mark Cuban getting involved with such GARBAGE. Why would he? 4)There are always going to be the BAD GUYS in our world and another trashy film to take the place of the one you shut down. It is EXTREMELY maddening, frustrating, and SAD, but all too true. I think the more important thing is to teach our kids GOOD Christian values, morals, compassion, and a strong sense of self-esteem to steer them clear of this kind of thing. We can’t be there 24 hours a day for the rest of their lives and they will need to make good choices on their own.

  7. As the mother of two young boys I am appaled by this! I pinned it and retweeted to spread the message.

  8. I can’t even understand why they would want to show this film. If they wanted to make a film then fine, use actors. My heart goes out to this poor girls family. It’s just so wrong on so many different levels.

  9. This isn’t the first time Mark Cuban has made me nauseous. No one I know would go to see this, but I know there are people who think this okay.

  10. There’s a lot of debate online about whether it’s real or not – I’m personally going with attempted viral marketing – but you’re right that it doesn’t say great things about our society that there’s an audience for it in the first place!

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about it. The movie might be used as a learning tool against drugs, however, there are horrible scenes in it that young children should not be allowed to see.

  12. i think this is horrible. there are too many movies our kids should never see-whether they are 17, 13, 10, 22. it doesn’t matter. my kids never see “R” rated movies or movies with such filth in them.

  13. I do not support or advertise this type of movie. It’s a waste of money if anyone actually pays to watch this,

  14. this def. makes me not want to do drugs..and maybe that is what they are trying to get across to people who are thinking about it…

  15. Dont think the first post went thru, so… I dont see how people would pay to see something like this. What is the world coming to? I used to hate it when my Dad would say that, but then I see things like this and it makes me say it. What in Gods name are people thinking these days, to make a movie like this?

  16. I dont know why they would make this into a film even in documentaries they dont show this much not even when its a celebrity who was filming their life and all was caught on film.

  17. this is disguisting who in their right mind would even want to watch this what is our world and society coming to im all with you on this one

  18. Thats pretty disgusting to think someone is profiting from this, perhaps it will bring awareness to those tepted to try the stuff tho, thats the only positive I could think of

  19. Wow, I hadn’t heard of this before reading your article but I for sure would not pay to watch this. What has our world come to for us to find “entertainment” in others’ sufferings or stupidity!

  20. I am speechless. I have goosebumps from watching that trailer. I have had more than a handful of friends die from drug overdose, not something to be taken lightly

  21. I don’t even know what to say.. this is disturbing and sickning. I will do anything I can to help bring this stuff down.. this is criminal.

  22. Well if someone wants to see this, then they are disturbed as well…not sure of the purpose of this film.

  23. Now this is NOT anything that should be played out at all! I understand that maybe this happens in life, but this just gives people wrong ideas and is wrong in so many levels!!

  24. This is definitely not a movie for kids to see. I am definitely with you in getting this film shut down.
    This movie is not anything that I myself would want to watch.

  25. This is what passes for “entertainment”?? Must be a bunch of sickos who dreamed up this type of garbage. Thank GOD my grandkids have restricted “Kid safe/friendly” internet access.

  26. suicide is real. i don’t know if this one is but films depicting it should be able to be released. actual suicide footage shouldn’t

  27. This is so sad…only good that could come of it is to show kids that its not all fun and games but it should be shown differently….how sad anyone would think this is entertainmaent

  28. This is so disgusting and I can’t believe people would actually allow this movie to be shown.

  29. this doesn’t look like a real movie trailer because 1) it’s so poorly done and 2) they use the f-bomb.

  30. I don’t understand how anyone could think that this is appropriate to make a movie out of.
    I would never let any of my children (form the youngest to the oldest) view this.


  31. People settle down, it’s fake. It’s just being marketed like the blair witch project was. Settle down.

  32. They paid for all of the advertisement’s and so forth so they could say certain things. They are marketing it as real, which it is not. So instead of starting stupid petitions to get someone’s hard work taken out of the theater, maybe commend them for even tricking you.

  33. And by doing what you’re doing you’re only causing more “hype” for the film, so if you don’t want it to get people in the seats then stop doing things like this.

  34. Also let’s say it is real, for the sake of argument, wouldn’t you want to have people see how people with extreme wealth are treated in this country. How they easily can write a check and rid all evidence of the woman’s murder from the news/internet/and anywhere else with credible news. I think that it actually has some good to it. It’s not the death that makes it entertaining, it is the idea that these dumb asses that thought they could get away with it, will not get away with it and their continued lifestyle of believing they can own and control everything will be crushed. That’s what I take from it. Nowhere do I see something that glorifies the young woman’s death. It talks about a NYC Socialite who they are trying to expose.

  35. Congrats on trying to ban something that you’ve gotten barely a preview of, take your close minded view on the world and smoke a joint. Sit down when the movie comes out, watch it then decide. Personally, I think all you people are too interested in your wholesome Christian values to allow progression in any form.

    All I have to say is give it a chance then make an opinion. Maybe then you’ll finally get past something more important, like the ever present racism or the new gun control laws. Or maybe you can take your christian upbringing to protest that cult in the Midwest protesting military burials “because of homosexuals in america”. Hey look at that! Three plausible protests and none of them include a movie that hasn’t been released yet.

    Get at it overbearing parents of the world, there’s real monsters in the world and you let them run amok.

  36. It’s not really confirmed if this is a real story or not. It’s being marketed as a real occurrence but there has been a lot of speculation towards the validity of the story. Many people are citing it as another “Blair Witch” type film. I personally have waited two years to see this so I hope it doesn’t get shut down.

  37. Do a little research…this movie is not real…you people honestly believe a snuff film would be released in theaters? The whole thing is a brilliant viral marketing campaign. I wouldn’t be surprised if this article is part of it.

  38. How gullible can you be? As someone who has been interested in the grassroots marketing campaign of this film, I have to say it’s an interesting premise: haunting footage of a girl’s accidental OD and the cover up to make commentary on the influence of the wealthy in our culture. But where is your common sense? Remember The Fourth Kind? How they presented that film as real, pieced together from archive footage? In that film there was a scene of a murder suicide which should have been the BIG RED FLAG that the film wasn’t real at all. No family would accept money to exploit the death of their loved ones. Of course, that wasn’t Upper but think about it. As you’ve mentioned, showing an actual death of real people is considered snuff and would not be allowed to be shown in a theater. You’re giving in to a (very creative) marketing campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I think Upper looks like it may be an interesting film if only for the dedication the team behind it have put together to market it as “real” but use your heads! There’s no fathomable way it’s real. Play along if you want, but don’t be such a fool that you go this far.

  39. I am horrified that someone would think this was a good idea or even a good film. Thank you for bringing it to the attention of parents and the movement to have it pulled!

  40. You people can whine and complain all you want but this movie will be put forward. The movie has a point to get across and it will. This young girl’s death was unjustifiable and the people involving this needs to be exposed and suffer the consequences of what they all did that night. This movie just proves how messed up and corrupt our country is and how things needs to be stopped. There is porn out there, horrible B-movies and things of such, the media uncovers tragedies daily and you all are going to cry and whine and tried to get this stop because you think you all are higher… some research. This girl may have chose to do drugs, she is human like all of us, she all choose bad paths at some point but she didn’t deserve to die, this movie needs to hit theaters. Why don’t you people go riot something with the west Baptist church. Delete this if you want, but I will tell you one thing. This movie will be released one way or another.

  41. freedom of expression, freedom of speech, etc, etc. if you don’t want someone to take away your rights, don’t take away theirs. if you don’t want to see the movie, don’t go see it. simple as that. if someone does want to see it, who are you to say they can’t?

  42. This is the first I’ve heard of this. Where are these kid’s parents? I guess I don’t really understand what is going on but I would think they would be suing to be this out of the theaters? Or maybe they are?

  43. To say this is disgusting would be a huge under statement. What is this world coming to when this is entertainment.

  44. I think that these people are very sick and reprehensible. I would like to see them prosecuted by the highest court. I know they will be judged for this in by the Almighty, someday.

  45. I’m not sure about this one….could be a hoax but who am I to say. Although if it were a film then they wouldn’t actually kill people cause it’s acting. And if it isn’t a film as in acting then I’m disgusted.

  46. America has this obsession with watching train wrecks and the deadlier the better. OUr news is filled with horrible tragedies on a daily basis. Our arts and film community should not be stooping to this level. Its not the material that is appalling but the fact that this is someone’s child and to imagine watching my child’s death being shown as entertainment is mortifying and unnecessary.

  47. WOW. I hope those kids are in trouble for this and not just swimming in the money they got for selling it. This is reality TV at it’s worst. I can’t imagine how painful it is for the parents of this girl.

  48. I lost my younger brother from a drug overdose three months ago. It still hurts to talk about his death and there are still mornings when I wake up groggy and expect to see him sleeping in his room as I pass it on the way to the bathroom. His last two days he was on a total crash course and we got in a huge argument about his drug use. He said, “Mind your own business A-hole, I’m not hurting anyone”. Those are the last words my baby brother ever spoke to me. The next morning I found him in a puddle of his own vomit and urine, dead. I cant imagine the pain I would feel if his last days would have been recorded and played in theaters across the country for the whole world to see. It is painful enough as it is without having millions of people viewing our families tragedy as entertainment, as just another Friday night out going to the movies. This movie has got to be STOPPED at all cost. My parents don’t talk about it and if they found I was writing about it they would be mad. However, if they found out that this movie is coming out it would be like them reliving his final days all over again. They would fall back into the same depression they were in the day they found out and it would be like them loosing him all over again. I am going to send a copy of this post along with some other choice words to Mark Cuban’s email. I know I am not the only one that has lost a family member recently to a drug overdose. The makers of this movie need to know that they will be hurting numerous families by releasing this film and making them relive what is more than likely the most traumatic event that has ever happened in their lives. I am reminded enough as it is that I lost my brother and best friend without a f***ing movie bringing it up, and no parent should have to bury their child let alone have to see movie trailers to drag those memories back up. Mark Cuba needs to understand that NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IS WORTH CAUSING YOUR FELLOW HUMANS SO MUCH EMOTIONAL PAIN AND AGONY.

    1. This movie would make you upset, therefore you shouldn’t watch it. It doesn’t mean you should stop the movie from being released. You can’t just hide from any media talking about his sort of thing. The website for this movie says that it’s real, but it’s not. All these kinds of movies say that they’re real so that people go see them. Sorry about your brother.

  49. Everybody stop blindly following what people are saying. First of all, only an idiot would ever consider bringing a child to this kind of movie. The same way you would never bring a child to see any R rated movie. It’s not suppose to be for kids! Second, the movie is not real. It is not actual found footage, it’s actors acting. Don’t believe everything your told. Do some research before you believe things. This movie is no worse than any other movie of it’s kind. It’s also not “illegal” as the review above says. This movie being released will not affect you at all. Just live with it.

  50. I can’t believe that they would actually make this into a film. Who would want to go see it? I don’t get it. This is terrible!!!

  51. Our children see enough bad things on TV and in Movies, they don;t need encouragement to kill thereselves.

  52. i hate the fact that trash like this is available on the web. i did not even watch the video. i too cant believe mark is involved with it at all. i know that you are trying to do a good thing by attempting to put a stop to it but i am not sure of the difference between mark showing it to everyone and you showing it to everyone. i definitely think your heart is in the right place but i dont think you should be showing this video.

  53. I can’t bring myself to watch the video. i’m almost certain the film is a gimmick but why is shock value so common in our culture. If one would be appalled by “real” events such as these why are we not against dramatized versions as well.

    1. The big thing people are missing here is that this movie is not just a “shock film” about a girl’s overdose. Her death occurs over the course of the movie but the movie is about what happens after and the way these wealthy brats try to cover it up and get away with her death that they’re accessories to. Whether it’s real or fake the wealthy in the US do have quite a bit of affluence. Upper is most definitely not targeted to kids either. It will at least be rated R for the drug use in it. The events that unfold are appalling and the dramatized version should emphasize that and get people thinking.

  54. What’s the progress on this? I just checked their Facebook page and it seems as if the film is still coming out without issue. Are any of you actually tweeting and emailing Mark Cuban as I have? We need to get this thing stopped.

  55. Disturbing, whether it’s real or not. This must be the ‘next level’ we’re going to entertain people. Great!

  56. I’m with you. Stop the film. I don’t care what who paid for, I do not want my children, niece or grandaughter to see this garbage. Shame Shame on all who make money this way.

  57. Has it ever occurred to you “hardcore religious folk” that maybe it’s trying to bring awareness to drug abuse and missing persons? And maybe if you don’t like the movie, you don’t have to see it?

  58. It’s not a real snuff film, they are illegal and would not be put into production. Drugs and everywhere and if anything this would be an anti drug film, even though you might asee it as people indulging in drug use..but the girl dies and therefore showing people the darkside of this lifestyle.

  59. If this is being released in a limited omlie engagement then it’s not really a snuff film, because real snuff films are difficuklt to come by and horrible to watch.

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