Skatepark Lifestyle? How To Nail It

Skateparks are great places to pursue your passion which defines your lifestyle, but there are certain hints and tips you should abide by to ensure your experience is a good one. You may be taking your children, or even going yourself, but you need to be in the know otherwise you could end up seriously injured. It is a really fun sport to participate in, and exhilarating in the extreme, but if it ends badly you could be going home with something broken, and not your board! Here are some tips to get you started.

Skatepark Lifestyle
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Take Spare Parts

Things break buckle and bend, it is just the nature of the skate park, especially wheels. Parts that break with ease are readily available, like these scooter parts. Just be ready and prepared otherwise your day could end early and with disappointment. Nothing can stop major issues, like the snapping of a board, but this will only happen if you try some of the more extreme moves out. If you are just starting out the chances of these happening are low.

Choose Your Sport And Stick To It

You can try a few of them out, but when you find something you actually enjoy then try to stick to it because it can become hard to transition between each one. If you are used to using a scooter then using a skateboard will be disjointing because you would be used to facing front on and having something to hold. When you find a niche you can get much better at it and really make strides, but if you keep switching it can be hard building up the skill needed to get really good at something.

Choose The Park For Your Skill

Find a beginner’s park if you have little to no experience, if you’re better then move up to the better ones with bigger apparatus to try. If you have no experiance and end up in a bigger park you may up really hurting yourself and knocking your confidence which can really affect your future performance so get it right first time.

Wear Safety Equipment

You need to wear the right equipment to ensure you don’t hurt yourself too much when you fall. Falling is inevitable and even the pro’s do it all the time, so try to ensure when you do, you are well protected. A helmet is a must, and you may want to get knee and elbow pads to so do not knock them too badly. Gloves can stop your arms scraping too and wear clothes that cover your whole legs to protect you from avoidable scrapes and cuts.

Wait Your Turn

There is a certain etiquette to be observed in skate parks that you should not ignore because it will annoy people. Make sure you wait in line for your turn and don’t skate on something where someone is already skating because you can really end up hurting yourself or someone else by clashing, which is really dangerous especially at high speeds.

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