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The idea sounds pretty fantastical right? Can you see yourself riding through a nice African safari while also typing and managing some work remotely from your computer? Do we even have the technological ability for that yet, and is working while you’re on vacation even worth it? There’s a lot of hype around the current trend of remote work and everyone loves to travel, so let’s take a closer look at how we can blend these two market spheres or interests.

The Remote Job: Is It Feasible?

Everyone knows the old expression, “If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is,” and the same concept seems to apply to remote jobs if you’re just taking a quick glance at them. Even recently, one of my friends was convinced he had found remote work doing some easy analytical tasks on excel sheets – he was convinced that he was getting $70,000 a year for his work just by fixing some charts. Unsurprisingly, it was a scam.

But even though there’s a fraction of remote jobs that are simply not legitimate, there is an overall trend towards the increase of remote position and the acceptance of the legitimacy of remote managerial roles as a whole. For instance, reputable sources like the Wall Street Journal are claiming that the rise of remote work is inevitable, citing Dell as a primary example: “While only 17% of Dell’s employees were formally authorized to work wherever they prefer, 58% were already working remotely at least one day a week.”

Clearly, earning money is a difficult task to do on a consistent basis, and navigating this new digital landscape of job opportunities might confuse the regular person even more. However, learning how to make money at home is much simpler than you may initially imagine. As long as you have marketable skills that can be disseminated, or you own a platform that can attract a large or committed niche of people, you’ll be able to put yourself in a great position to work remotely and to work at your own pace.

Curing The Epidemic of Sleep Deprivation By Expanding Remote Work

A common complaint among many CEOs running a variety of business across a multitude of industries is that they don’t have enough personal or recreational time to spend. Simply put, a lot of CEOs are dissatisfied with their work-life balance, and it shows. Based on the results of a survey conducted by The Huffington Post, CEOs aren’t the only ones feeling the pressure either: “91 percent of Americans say they are stressed during the month with 77 percent saying they ‘regularly’ feel stress. The survey describes “regularly” as weekly or more often.”

Now I don’t know about you, but that feels like epidemic-level stress to me across the nation. Just like how there’s an drug epidemic around opioid abuse currently ongoing in certain parts of the U.S., stress and an unbalanced lifestyle over time can be just as deadly. But when you think about it, remote work might actually be a great solution to the issue of high levels of stress that seemingly find themselves reported across the United States.

With a remote job, you can be wherever you want whenever you want as long as you are responsibly taking care of business functions. Throw that morning cup of coffee and commute right out the window and say goodbye to cyclical days where you get back home too tired to do anything but rest and recover for the next day.

The lack of commitment to a commute and being able to dictate your own schedule will really help out when it comes to straightening out your lifestyle and getting back on track with respect to your original goals whether they be to get a better and more bold clothing style, get more exercise, or hustle and make even more money.

The Fusion of The Work Hard and Play Lifestyles

Imagine this: you’re in a business call with your CEO or one of your colleagues, but you’re also on a cool desert safari in the middle of nowhere in Africa. Get yourself a couple of nice kicks from Taft while you’re at it so you can look stylish at the same time that you sort out business. The embodiment of work hard play hard and its key benefit is that you begin to forget that you’re working hard as well when you play really hard.

Furthermore, while some people may argue that the setting of the vacation is ruined by the context and feelings associated with work obligations, I’d argue that remote work already absolves individuals of that compelling sense of responsibility. A combination of remote work and a free-spirited attitude will help you acquire a more meaningful sense and perspective of your life, and hopefully even give you new business inspiration for your company.

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