Ratchet & Clank Now In Theaters Nationwide!

Ratchet & Clank Image


Ratchet & Clank just hit theaters nationwide like a what? LIKE AN ASTEROID!


Watch the official trailer here!


If you are scouring your local movie listings for a family-friend flick this weekend, Ratchet & Clank is some serious fun. Ratchet becomes the hero of his galaxy in spectacular fashion, surpassing all odds after living a life fit for the average Joe but knowing he is meant for more. His story inspires moviegoers to fill our lives with passion and conquer our dreams.


At Ratchet’s side is his trusty, and not yet rusty, Clank. Analyzing every movement, he serves his new friend as they battle Chairman Drek and Doctor Nefarious. And if teaming up with Captain Qwark and his elite squad isn’t enough, what else might Ratchet need for his battle??? Watch the ‘Combat Gear’ clip here!


Director Kevin Munroe and voice actors Bella Thorne (Cora) and James Arnold Taylor (Ratchet) were on deck at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills for a quick Q&A.


Four Seasons Press Conference #1



“What was your biggest challenge making it?”

“You’ve got 10,000 stories that these guys have gone on and done – and adventures, and characters. And so the question really becomes – what’s the story you want to tell – which is, we wanted to tell how Ratchet and Clank met, and how they got to become the heroes of the galaxy; and basically making sure that you can just tell the story, just using the elements to make sure you can do that to start. And then hopefully if everything goes well, we get to tell a whole bunch more stories.” – Kevin Munroe


Additional quotes from the press conference:

James Arnold Taylor on playing Ratchet, “I get to be me. And so it’s very cool to get to do that, and get to work with these people. And get to work with Kevin again.” 


Bella Thorne on Cora’s tough exterior, “And she’s – you know, at the end of the day, she might, like – shoot first, and then ask questions later, which isn’t the best thing, but I think in her case, you know, it works. And at the end of the day she just wants what’s best for the team.”


Kevin Munroe on expanding beyond the beloved game, “By collaborating with video games it gives the studio a chance to put a very unique vision on screen.”




Thank you again to everyone involved at Focus Features and Gramercy Pictures for providing us with this amazing experience. It was a pleasure. Read more about my experience here!


Remember, once a ranger always a ranger!



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