Purina Pro Plan Cat Adventure

I love to share stories about our cats. Besides, we have 15 of them! I mean who wouldn’t have a daily cat adventure with 15 cats? It’s bound to happen…

I didn’t come to have so many cats all at once. I take in a lot of strays and everyone seems to call me when they need to find a home for a cat. I’m not sure why someone can’t love a cat as much as I do. They are such wonderful, curious creatures! Since we live on a farm we have a wonderful big barn for them to sleep in they absolutely love.

The first cat, Sylvester, my husband and I got together we still have eleven years later. He gets pretty bothered by nearly everything. He’d like to be the only cat so he just ignores all the other cat adventures so he can go about his day. His daily cat adventure is walking as slow as possible to not alert anyone to his passing by. It’s always a big day for him. Sylvester is the perfect black and white bow tie cat.

Cat Adventure
Meet Sylvester. He is very bothered here.

We then got Soft Paws, a gorgeous cream color, who is the most wonderful cat in the world. He’s sweet all around. And then we came along another cat Stinky, a pretty long haired tiger stripe. I’m pretty sure our son named her that because she farted a lot when we first got her.

My dad was haying one day in the alfalfa field and came across the most beautiful grey and white kitten. For obvious reasons we named her Alfalfa. She is gorgeous and so unique. She stays hidden sometimes for days but always shows back up.

Then one day my son and I were at the local bank. Keep in mind this is a small town bank where we know everyone. They have a very thin stray cat hanging around that seemed to find its way into our car. Cat found at bank… call him Cash of course!

Then there’s Cledus, Skippy JonJones and Milly we got around the same time. Cledus and Skippy are gorgeous tiger stripes males while Milly is a small calico female. All such sweethearts!

Purina Pro Plan
Soft Paws and Cledus hanging out in the barn loft.

Next cat, Ducky. One of my son’s friends named him and it stuck. He was a stray that showed up at our backdoor. We got him neutered and he never left.

Cat Adventure
Ducky just hanging out.

One day my husband was doing dozer work and found a mean long haired calico, Callie, he brought home. She was so mean to the other cats but has since made a few friends. She ended up being pregnant and that accounts for the five remaining kitties.

Cat Adventure

So, as you can see we definitely have a new cat adventure every day. I love our cats so much. I wish people could spay and neuter their pets so we don’t have overpopulation. Instead people take them to a shelter or drop them off somewhere. It really is sad.

Cat Adventure
5 little kittens taking a cat nap.

Of course, with this many cats we buy a whole lot of cat food. Purina Pro Plan’s outstanding nutrition and pioneering nature helps make activities for our cats possible.

Choosing the right food for your cat is an important decision. While some companies are quick to jump on fads, every ingredient in Purina Pro Plan’s formulas serves a purpose and is carefully selected to play a role in the advanced nutrition that helps your cat thrive. They obsess over the quality and safety of all of their products, creating nutrition that not only performs but has an enticing taste, too.

  • All formulas are high in protein, featuring real meat, poultry, or fish
  • Their nutrition is backed by a team of over 400 scientists; including nutritionists, behaviorists, and veterinarians.
  • Proudly manufactured at Purina-owned U.S. Facilities

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Purina Pro Plan Cat Adventure

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  1. Your kitties are ADORABLE!!! I love this! And, we love Pro Plan too! Can’t wait for cat adventure day!

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