Purex plus Oxi Review

Purex provided me with a sample of Purex plus Oxi so I could review them. However, all of the opinions expressed here are my own.

Purex plus Oxi Review and Giveaway

Purex plus Oxi Review

Living on a farm definitely creates a lot of stains and messes for my whole family especially my seven year old son. In the past I have used Oxi Clean

combined with my normal laundry detergents to get rid of stains in the washing machine. For really tough stains such as grease and oil I normally pretreat with Goop Multi-Purpose Hand Cleaner and it has worked really well. It is a pain buying so many extra products. So, I was very excited to learn of Purex plus Oxi, a new stain-fighting liquid detergent from Purex!

Purex Plus Oxi laundry detergent giveaway

The great thing about Purex plus Oxi is that it works against over 101 different stains and is the most powerful Purex detergent available. It has three stain-fighting enzymes that work against different types of stains for the most Purex stain-fighting power you can get. It is also specially formulated to work in both high efficiency (he) washers and traditional washing machines. Your clothes will come out Bright, White, and Clean for half the price than other leading detergents. It is a powerful combination of detergent and stain fighters.

  • A hypoallergenic formula with a light, fresh scent
  • Perfect for everyday laundry or heavily soil loads
  • Visit purex.com for aditional product information
Our Review
The other day we decided it was a good time to clean out our barn that we use for our horses and cattle. By cleaning, I mean bringing in a Bobcat and shoveling manure in to a manure spreader. It was a lot of hard work and my son was right there helping the whole time. He absolutely loves to help with everything. We were SO covered in dirt and probably a lot of manure. We had dirt in places you can’t even imagine! So, I thought it would be a great time to put the Purex plus Oxi to the test.
superior cleaning
My son had some pretty bad stains in the knee area of his jeans and somehow managed to get some red stains too. I think those may have been old stains that I had not noticed yet. I tried to get a close up of the stains in the image above. I dabbed some of the Purex plux Oxi on the stains, rubbed the fabric together and let it sit for several minutes before adding to the washer. When I added them to the washer I also added more of the Purex plus Oxi detergent to the load as normal.
The stains on the knees of the jeans came out really well. The red stain came out pretty good but is still a little visible. I am just sure that was already there because we hadn’t used or drank anything red that day. I’m wondering if it was marker from school that I did not see when I washed them before.
I will definitely keep using Purex with Oxi. Now I won’t have to keep buying Oxi Clean separately so it will definitely save some money since the Oxi Clean alone is expensive! So, A+ on the Purex with Oxi!
superior cleaning

Melanie Kampman

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  1. My favorite laundry detergent is Wisk but I am always open to new products. I don’t buy any pre-treaters because with Wisk all I do is put it directly on the stain and let it sit for a couple of hours and 99% of stains will come out. Thanks for the awesome giveaway.

  2. I like to soak my whites overnight in Borax. Then the next morning put them though a regular wash cycle. They are bright white when done!

  3. I use Purex. Its the only brand I like. I have used others but my husband is allergic to most brands except Purex. Generally I treat stains with baking soda or a liquid oxy cleaner and let set for a few minutes then try to rub out by hand before I wash it.

  4. My favorite laundry detergent is the All Mighty Pacs. You can always find them on sale and I use a $1 coupon to get a good price. I use Shout on the stains.

  5. My favorite laundry detergent is “Arm & Hammer plus the power of oxi clean stain fighters” I have used it for years.As for stains I use baking soda scrubbed into the stains.

  6. We use All’s Free and Clear mostly. I’ve used Oxi clean in the past to get out tough stains, but make sure you use gloves.

  7. I use Gain most and love it! To get stains out I like to throw in some oxi clean or use baking soda and watter and scrub for real bad stains

  8. Funny enough, Purex had just become my new favorite detergent. It actually does just as well (if not better) than Tide and is 1/4 of the price. As for hard stains, use 1 part original dawn dish soap to 2 parts hydrogen peroxide and use it on any new or old stain. It can get virtually any stain out, and is super cheap!!!!

  9. I usually use Gain or All, whichever I have a coupon on and is cheaper at the time. I’ve never used Oxi Clean but plan to check it out. I don’t usually have a hard time with stains, I add Borax into every load and it seems to help release what stains I do have. And if I have something tricky I spray Mean Green on it usually test in a small spot to make sure it won’t cause fading (never has for me) and let it soak for a bit and then wash…most of the time my stains are gone 🙂

  10. I primarily use Purex and have found Oxi-Clean spray works well on stains. For collar stains on white shirts, a paste of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, white vinegar and a bit of laundry detergent works well as a scrub with a toothbrush.

  11. cheer free or tide free, I presoak everything to get stains out —– Paul T/Pauline T aka Paul Tran ….. emscout9 at Hotmail dot com

  12. I tend to use the natural detergents like Rockin Green for our laundry but I LOVE the Purex Crystals!

  13. I use different brands. Purex, Xtra, Tide, Arm & Hammer. Stain tip…If you need to remove makeup/liquid foundation, use regular white shaving cream. rub it on stain(s) and then wash it as you normally would! Stain(s) should be gone, if not don’t dry the clothes…repeat process and wash again.

  14. My fave detergent is Tide actually. I use the tide to go pen for instant use to pretreat stains as they happen (if I can, lol) If I do that, sometimes it will come out totally but if not then it will come out the next time I wash.

  15. i dont really have a fav detergent, i use what is on sale and have coupons for….mainly purex and tide…..i use soak my clothes w/ resolve

  16. dont really have a favorite, use whatever is on sale or have a coupon for, but have purex and tide now.

  17. I’ve always switched around on my laundry detergents but I recently bought the Purex with Oxy and I’m very impressed with it! As far as “tips” I just make it a point to stay on top of laundry and always bleach whites.

  18. i buy whatever’s cheap because i’m poor and my kid is homeschooled so stains don’t really matter to us!
    just ran out of my last bottle of purex and Walgreens had a good sale on their sunny smiles brand (or whatever the name was?) so i bought those to replace.
    i DO however want to try the Goat Milk Stuff laundry bar sometime in the near future!

  19. Well if I would afford it Gain would be the one I love most but because I cant afford it I use Purex Naturals or Sun. I use the tide pin for stains

  20. I love the smell of Gain, but I usually use whatever is on sale. Always unscented for towels and sheets, though. As for stains, I don’t usually catch them before they go in the wash. Oh well! If I do and it is an oil-based stain, my go-to is dish detergent.

  21. My fave detergent is Purex and Gain. I sometimes spot treat stains by rubbing in a little detergent on the spot first, then wash.

  22. i use purex, have been for the past 6 months, the price is right, it gets my laundry clean and the stains out… sometimes though i have a tougher stain and i use baking soda n viniger n scrub that on the stain n then put in wash,, 98% of the time i have clean laundry ; )

    just a small tip once and awhile throw in a cup of viniger into your washing maching to help with smells ..

  23. Purex is one of my favorite laundry detergents with Tide being my absolute favorite. I use Shout on tough to handle stains and it works well for me. Thanks for the giveaway! 🙂

  24. I usually get Tide, but it seems harsh for some clothes.I have been thinking of changing. For whites I use oxiclean, havent tried it on colors yet, For grease stains I use Dawn dish soap.

  25. I use a variety of laundry soaps, including Purex. I majored in textiles in college. Nothing beats bleach for white cottons. Here’s a tip, if you get a rust stain on a white, try Wink(a brand of rust remover sold in some grocery and hardware stores) to get it out. Squirt it on and wash with soap as usual. Bleach does not take rust out.

  26. I don’t have a favorite brand, most of the time we just get store brands. Peroxide is excellent for getting out quite a few stains.

  27. I like both Tide and Purex. My trick for getting rid of stains is pre-treating with detergent on the stain before washing.

  28. I tried to go enter for the Win a Whirlpool Washer & Dryer from Purex, but found the promotion had ended on 11/9/12 🙁


  29. We use shout for stains and I use Tide Sport w/ frebreez usually. I like Woolite dark for my darks and denim.

  30. I use Gain on a regular basis. Im going to try the shaving cream that was suggested above. But I do use the Tide pen, and I love it! I got foundation on a black skirt one time, and my cousin used the Tide pen on it, and it took it right out!! Been using it ever since.

  31. I usually use Gain, but I have a new grandson and we bought some Dreft and it is really good for stains. I also bought some Dreft stain remover spray and it is excellent also.

  32. A heavy duty liquid laundry detergent is my favorite. It can be used as a pre-spotting solution on stains. Organic stains are best pretreated with an enzyme digester cleaner. An excellent powdered enzyme laundry detergent is BIZ. White vinegar is best for the rinse cycle. Whites are best washed in all fabric bleach or other oxygenating bleach product, rather than chlorine bleach which can cause yellowing.

  33. Not just saying this because of the giveaway, but I love purex lilac white lavender scent. the scent remains on my cloths for like days. I use mean green to get rid of stains sometimes from my clothes and it works.

  34. My favorite is arm&hammer, I pre soak and sometimes I put a little bit of dawn dish liquid on the stain before I wash it= )

  35. I love tide pods but have recently used purex and have to admit I am surprised. I am horrible at treating stains and with two little boys I need to get better at it. I typically will use a stain remover from the store

  36. I use Purex triple action for all my clothes and oxi clean in every load. Now I don’t have to buy them separate anymore. Now that Purex has oxi in it, that will save me a little bit.

  37. Purex is my favorite, and white vinegar works for certain stains. I have tried it twice and both times it worked for me.

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