Celebrating Opening of Disneynature Bears with Private Tour of LA Zoo #DisneynatureBears #LAZoo

Private Tour of Los Angeles Zoo

Private Tour of Los Angeles Zoo

Since Disneynature Bears opens Friday, April 18 in theaters, the perfect addition to my press trip was to visit the Los Angeles Zoo with a private tour. Visiting the LA Zoo was a highlight of my trip. I absolutely love animals. I am always taking in strays or other animals that need homes. We raise cattle, horses, chickens, ducks and have a bunch of cats. I’ll soon be adding goats to the list and anything else I can find. They are all so spoiled and get the best care. We live on a very large farm so taking in all sorts of animals is not a problem for us. It has always been a life long goal of mine to open a very large free-range style shelter for animals in need. Some day…

I have to admit, visiting the animals at the zoo made me miss mine at home so much that I nearly had tears in my eyes thinking about my animals. I know, I am such a baby when it comes to them! I have always been unsure of zoo life for animals and wondered what it’s like for them being out of their natural habitats because I’m always about letting animals live their life and be able to roam as they please. Nothing makes me more angry than animals being cared for improperly or when people can’t see the beauty in each of them. After seeing the care these animals receive I could not be more happy about the life they have. Each animal has their own caretakers and receive 24-hour vet care whenever needed. Watching the animals with their caretakers you can tell they are so happy and love where they live.

Disneynature Bears LA ZooDisney gave me a stuffed bear, Amber, that traveled along with me on my tour of the LA zoo. Amber and Scout are the cute cubs we get to go on an adventure with in Disneynature Bears. She had a fun journey sneaking into holes in the rocks and other fun stuff. I think Amber had the most fun visiting the bears. She was such a handful. hehehe…

When we arrived at the LA zoo they had long golf cart style trams for us to ride on. Yep, we had a private tour in style through the zoo. The staff was absolutely amazing and I enjoyed chatting with our driver on my way through the zoo. She was very informative and gave me a lot of detailed information about the different animals and the zoo in general.

California Condor Rescue Zone

Our first stop was the California Condor Rescue Zone. Andean condors are considered Near Threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). With the help of the program for the Condors at the LA Zoo, captive born birds have been able to be successfully released back into the wild. This is amazing! If you know anything about wild animals you will know that it is very hard to raise one, especially release one into the wild with good results. Many people are not too fond of condors since they are vultures but they are a crucial part for the environment and our ecosystem. They have an amazing wingspan of ten feet and are on of the world’s largest flying birds. It is amazing they can fly considering their size especially when you consider many birds such as ducks or chickens can’t fly because they are unable to get their big behinds off the ground.

  Check out the Condor in the LA Zoo playing with a jug.

  California Condor Rescue Zone   We visited so many amazing animals during our tour. I have so many pictures but tried to select my favorites to share. I had so many!

Los Angeles Zoo Giraffe
Masai giraffe
Los Angeles zoo Chimpanzees
“Chimpanzees of the Mahale Mountains” habitat
Los Angeles Zoo Hippo

Check out them feeding the hungry, hungry hippos below.

Be sure to grab bear cubs Scout or Amber for your little ones in the Disney Store!

The Disney Store will contribute $1 to the NATIONAL PARK FOUNDATION for every BEARS plush purchased between now and 5/11/14. You can buy an Amber cub or Scout cub or why not both?

We enjoyed seeing the Bear at the LA Zoo. Amber wanted to jump in with him!

American Black Bear LA Zoo My favorite animals at the zoo were the Giant Otter. I absolutely loved them! They were so sweet and so noisy! Something about them just makes me squeal!

Oh, and lets not forget another favorite, the Siamang monkey! Very noisy and cute!

Be sure to check out our other great videos of the zoo on our Vine channel! Oh, and don’t forget our awesome ride on the carousel at the zoo!Carousel at the Los Angeles Zoo Check out all of our pictures from the Los Angeles Zoo on our Google+ page!



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Disneynature’s Bears opens in theaters everywhere on April 18th!

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Disneynature Bears at the LA Zoo

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  1. What a beautiful Zoo, our family loves going to the zoo, so much fun stuff to explore. Wow what a BIG bird, wings are beautiful.

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