Pottery Barn PBteen Bad Review

Pottery Barn PBteen Bad Review
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I absolutely love Pottery Barn. I love their design and how well everything lasts. I actually have several things from Pottery Barn in our home from furniture to drapes to decor. My Mom ordered my son the Emerson Sawhorse Desk and Hutch from PBteen.com on July 31, 2012. It stated when she ordered it that it would not be shipped until new the end of August 2012. Okay, that was fine. We set up a card table in his room for his computer since it would only be a month. September rolls around and still no desk. I speak with someone in customer service to find out it will be delayed because it is out of stock. Okay, why weren’t we notified? Could we receive any type of discount? Nothing.

After weeks of waiting we find out it will be delayed until November 2, 2012. Still no desk. On November 5, 2012 we receive an email that the hutch has finally shipped. Yes, the top part of the desk. Who needs a hutch with no desk? So frustrating! So, I speak to customer service again. Apparently the desk won’t ship until November 14, 2012! I’m to a point that I am not even sure I will receive it then. So, we’ll have the hutch but no desk four months later.

I can’t say that the customer service reps were awful because they were very nice. I do think this is a company issue. I have seen numerous complaints online of this happening to others. Either the customer receives the item months later, they have substituted it for a similar item without their knowledge, or they just never receive it. For me to ever want to order anything from Pottery Barn again, they are going to have to give us a major discount or something to make up for this mess. So ridiculous!

Have you received similar service from a company? You’re welcome to share your complaints here!

Melanie Kampman

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  1. I have had this experience with other companies. I sympathize with you but I am not going to hold my breath for them doing much in the way of compensation except an I am sorry.

  2. When my husband and I moved my grandpa bought us a kitchen tabel from Bad Boy. The idea of us using a coffee table to eat at was too much for my poor grandpa, lol. We went into the tsore picked out a table and chair set and set a delivery date. The delivery date came and passed with no call from the company. After 4 days I called them and was told the set was on backorder. I asked if I wa able to add 2 more chairs to the set(willing to pay)and was told not the chairs are part of the set and cann’t be sold apart.
    I was given no date for the back order and called again for 2 weeks. One day about 3 weeks later I get a call from Bad Boy delivery letting me know they will be by between 9am and 3pm to drop off the tabel. Good thing I was home on Mat leave, other wise I don’t know what we would have done.
    They arrived after 4pm and had just the table no chairs. I asked why no chairs and they said they were told to deliver just the table. GREAT. I called the company back and asked about my chairs, they said they were backordered as well but they had 2 in stock and could bring me one of them the next day as the other one had been sold as part of another set. I was so mad, I was told I was unable to get more chairs. I asked how long till I would receive the chairs and she had no idea whne they would be in but I could have the 1 and they would deliver 3 more when they arrived. I said no i wanted all 4 chairs. 2 weeks late my chairs arrived.
    I was not given a discount or anything. I paid an extra 300 for shipping and trash removal and assemble. The delovery people did not assemble my table/chairs or remove the trash from the packaging. I asked for my shipping back and was told no as they had to make 2 trips to my house which shoul dhave been 600 in delivery fees. Needless to day we love our table but we will never shop Bad Boy again. I also advise anywho who mentions that they are considering shopping with them to reconsider.

    1. Oh my goodness! That is terrible! I hate to leave a bad review, but it is just ridiculous and I think others should be very aware of the companies issues.

  3. Wow, that’s just crazy! Very bad customer service (not from the reps, but the company!) If you need to talk to anyone again, ask to speak to a supervisor, they may be able to help a bit more than the regular reps.

  4. I’ve never ordered anything from Pottery Barn but now that I have heard your review, I won’t even consider them. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wow — I always liked their stuff. Whenever a customer receives poor service, I think the company should compensate somehow to maintain goodwill and to avoid negative word-of-mouth. It would cost the company relatively a lot less than all the potentially lost sales.

    My most recent negative experience was at McDonald’s. I provided feedback and the area supervisor was prompt in her response and follow-up. She compensated me by sending me free meal cards.

  6. Thank you so much for this honest share! It seems so often that we only see the happy/positive/good reviews on blogs. I am so excited when someone actually shares a negative! lol I have never shopped with Pottery Barn before, but I will definitely think twice about ordering with them online for sure! Thanks for the heads up and honesty! =)

  7. I would have been so ticked off not only from the waiting but from the horrible customer service. I love Pottery Barn too. I have never ordered anything from them because I always shop in the store, but,after reading this I can guarantee I will never order anything from them.

  8. It’s good to know what companies don’t live up to their word on shipping! Especially during the Holidays season when we need items on time for Christmas!

  9. that’s really too bad. i love Pottery Barn’s furniture. I can’t believe what a hassle it was just to get a desk

  10. This didn’t happen to me but it still makes me mad!! I am sorry you had to endure that garbage. It saddens me that companies can get away with crap like that. I really appreciate this cause I had considered buying from the Pottery Barn. It pays to read what others post. Thank you again!

  11. Wow, I really like the home decor from “Pottery Barn”and was planning on ordering a piece of furnisher, now I’m skeptical after reading your post. My item of furnisher would also be a bigger desk, however I’m very impatient and not sure I want to wait 4-6 months to wait for it.I’m sorry you had to go through all that and that company should look into their customer service skills and fix it for you and any other customers that has went through this-Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy Holidays.

  12. well i do love their stuff, although i’ve never owned any, but will take into consideration if i ever purchase!

  13. glad i’m not the only one though i’m sorry you are dealing with this.i won’t be going back to them for anything! terrible customer service and the item i ordered was received a month later than they said and broken! blech.

  14. I’ve also gotten bad customer service from Wal-Mart. I ordered things from them and then never got them in the mail.

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