Pet Edition Holiday Hop & Giveaway

Pet Edition Holiday Hop & Giveaway

It’s Christmas Pet Edition Blog Hop!

Welcome to our Christmas Pet Edition Blog Hop Giveaway! Here you can enter to win some awesome prizes for your pampered pets. We have a lot of pets and love them all so very much. They even get their own presents under the tree! Be sure to enter to win our giveaway for a $25 PetSmart Giveaway!

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Hosted By: MPM Network Bloggers

With Christmas just around the corning the MPM Blogging Network wanted to take a few moments and show love for a few of our furry best friends! Each participating blog below is hosting their very own unique pet related prize or prize package. Make sure you stop by them all and say hello.

The It’s Christmas Pet Addition Giveaway Hop is live 12/2 at 6pm central and ends 12/16 at 11:59pm. Make sure to enter the Grand Prize $200 PetSmart Giveaway.

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  1. I have the sweetest dog. She’s a 16 year old Jack Russell Terrier. I like to pamper her by giving her a nice bed to sleep in and lots of healthy treats!

  2. I have a rat terrier named Skip. He loves getting new toys and we always get him one everytime we go out.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I have tropical fish, 2 bearded dragons, 4 rough green snakes and a chameleon! my bearded dragons are pampered the most because they can be handled more.

  4. I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds (four sleep on my bed, and the fifth, my senior girl, Suki, sleeps on a memory foam bed in my daughter’s room). I also have three cats. Let’s just say that my furbabies get more spoiled than my two-legged babies did when they were young. I make home-made treats and take them for long walks and in the car (they love going to PetSmart). My cats don’t go on walks, of course, but they have more toys than any other cats I know and plenty of soft beds all over the house. It’s their house – I just live here to take care of them. LOL!

  5. I have a Saint Bernard who is very spoiled. He refuses to eat dry dog food so I cook his supper. I never go to the store with out bringing him home a treat or a new toy.

  6. We have one dog named Rocco. He is a rescue and we’ve had him since he was five weeks old, He and his siblings were left out in the freezing cold with nothing but a cardboard box. Yeah, we spoil him. But only a little bit. =)

  7. I have 2 dogs named Toby and Sushi, 4 cats named Little, Bubba, Chester and Ryder and 2 sugar gliders named Opi and Gia. I pamper them all by always buying them treats and toys. Every time I come home from anywhere, I bring my puppy home a plush toy. I also hand feed my 2 dogs twice a day. I’d say they are pretty dang spoiled! I recently bought my cats a 6ft tall cat tree that they love! My sugar gliders are pampered as well. Every night they get Timothy hay and beggin strips treats along with their all night buffet of fresh fruits and veggies! I love them all very, very much!

  8. I have a fluffy orange cat names Lannister. He is so spoilt! He has tons of toys and even his very own chair!

  9. I would love to win this gift card! I need all the help I can get with the costs of pet supplies! Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  10. Our Pets are our family members. My grown children joke around that the dogs and cats have better and more food in the house than their humans do. It is true.

  11. I have a Lhasa Apso named Luma and I pamper her any way I can think of 🙂 She loves hide and seek, walks, homemade treats and snuggling with her mommy on the couch 🙂

  12. We have two dogs, a Brittany and a pit mix and 1 cat. They seriously get better care then I do! They have everything they could ever want, toys, treats, beds, the best vet care and food! And they also have a lot of things they don’t want, like bandanas, hats, etc.!

  13. We have 9 dogs/puppies right now (anyone want a puppy?!) and 3 cats (2 outside and 1 inside). They all get the best food for them and lots of loving!

  14. If I am not going to work, my dog Kylie will go with me most of the time. she loves going for rides and seeing all there is to see outside.

  15. I have three dogs and a cat. I pamper them by feeding them good food, giving them lots of attention, and giving them a loving home.

  16. My cat, Ticky Tacky, is spoiled rotten. She runs my house, and thinks that we are cats, too. She has full conversations with me, and I don’t think she knows that I don’t understand “meow”, so please don’t tell her!

  17. We have a Chiweenie. He’s so spoiled. He has a little toy box (a short container so he can reach the toys) with tons of toys. He sleeps at the head of the bed in the middle of us and unless we are doing something really important, wherever he wants to sit he gets to sit. We love that little guy. He is definitely part of our family.

  18. I have two cats named Snotty & Lucy.
    And I enjoy pampering them – give them lots of attention and catnip.
    Thank you.
    Form name Barbara Montag

  19. I have a dog and she’s SO spoiled. She sleeps with someone in their bed every night.
    -lauren becker

  20. We have a little terrier mix named Bullitt. He is definitely spoiled rotten. He keeps us company and entertained always! We love him so much. He is a full fledged member of our family. I have major health issues and when I am not feeling well, Bullitt is always there for me. He cuddles with me and never leaves my side. Thanks for the great giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  21. We have 2 dogs between me and my boyfriend, and my family has a dog as well.. We spoil them by sewing them handmade dog toys, beds, clothes, etc. etc.!

  22. My cat is spoiled every day, we are always talking to her and petting her…she was a comfort when my husband was going through chemo last year…she was always in his lap. I think she sensed that he was ill. He had something to focus on too…she is our baby. We can not spoil her with food and treats as she does not do treats and she will only eat one kind of food. She doesn’t even eat tuna….Happy Holidays!!

  23. Have one dog currently, Vicki. She’s just over eleven and a half and adopted me eleven years ago. Though she’s about 35-40 lbs she’s become a lap dog since her brother died suddenly and unexpectedly a couple years ago. She pretty much only gets meat, cheese, yogurt and eggs as that’s all she will eat besides treats [but of course and even with those she’s incredibly picky]. Definitely a spoilt girl. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Jennifer P aka Vicki Vix on Rafflecopter

  24. I have 6 cats and one dog. Every single one are spoiled rotten. I do cat rescue out of pocket and all 6 are cats due to their problems couldnt find homes and now they are with me forever.

    ellen beck on rafflecopter

  25. I have a teacup chi who is 4 yr. old and he recently lost his mate this will be his 1st Christmas without his princess pebbles she crossed the rainbow bridge. since she crossed the rainbow bridge I have been giving him extra treats and love. this would be an awesome to win.

  26. I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. One is a dachshund and the other one is a dachshund/chihuahua.mix. My animals are pretty pampered. Most of the time they are laying in my lap.

  27. I have five dogs and one cat. I feed them the best food, tastiest treats, and give them all the love I can. What they give me in return is priceless.

  28. We have 5 dogs, 3 birds and a lizard – they are so spoiled it is not funny. I literally will squish in around the dogs to go to bed, they eat with me (I get a bite, they each get a bite) and our oldest, Mz Lady Ma’am, who is getting way on in years, well past the average lifespan for her breed(s) she’s of course a rescue, gets delivery wherever she happens to be because I don’t want to make her get up to come for it). The conure is the most spoiled of the birds, but he says “pretty Gigi” (that’s what my grandson calls me) so naturally he’s got the run of the house while the ‘keets only get to come out sometimes. My daughter’s bearded dragon likes to be hand fed and carried around (she wears her like a broach). They all have a million toys and things to make them comfortable, some homemade, some bought. I know, we’re crazy, we like us this way. LOLOL

  29. We have two small dogs. They are both rescues and we treat them with the most love and care we can. They have warm beds to sleep in at night and they spend their days in our cozy house all snuggled up with toys and plenty of food and treats.

  30. We have two cats. The first thing people notice at our house is the “cat palace” in the corner with 5 beds and 4 levels. Lot of property for two cats.

  31. I have three cats and two dogs, a Siamese named Vincent, a Himalayan named Logan, a Bengal named Quentin, and two Pomeranians named Sofie and Stella. They’re SO spoiled they have their owns room in the house where they can romp, play, sleep, eat, etc. and every single time I go out I just have to buy them treats or toys!

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