Perfectly Pure Coconut Hair and Body Set Not Tested on Animals

Perfectly Pure Coconut Hair and Body Set Review

Perfectly Pure Coconut Hair and Body Set Not Tested on Animals

Not. Tested. On. Animals! That is so important to me and one of the main reasons I have fell in love with Perfectly Pure products especially the Perfectly Pure Complete Coconut Set. I am very outspoken about my love for animals and testing them for products that we use is just absurd! I’m so happy to find products for my hair and body that work and aren’t tested on our precious four-legged friends.

The Perfectly Pure® Complete Coconut Set includes:

• Coconut Shampoo
• Coconut Conditioner
• Coconut Body Wash
• Coconut Body Lotion
• Coconut Oil

What it’s completely FREE OF:

• Parabens
• Petroleum
• Artificial Color

All of the products listed above are made with 100% vegetarian ingredients, and are never tested on animals.


First of all, coconut is one of my absolute favorite things to eat and smell. The smell is very light and not overpowering which I love. Scents tend to be too much for me and make my nose run but these are perfect. The coconut shampoo is an extra-mild hydrating formula and easily washes away any build-up. It leaves my hair soft, clean, fresh and healthy. I have very healthy hair anyways and taking care of it is so important to me. The coconut conditioner leaves my hair so soft and easy to manage. It seals every strand and moisturizes. My hair is naturally curly and can get dry but this moisturizes it perfectly giving it a silky finish.

I am very picky when it comes to lotion. I absolutely hate having a greasy residue on my skin after using lotion so I definitely steer clear of any products like that. The coconut body lotion absorbs quickly into my skin without leaving a greasy residue. It leaves my skin feeling much softer and hydrated.

The coconut oil is great for your skin and hair. It provides an all-natural moisture. I have very dry skin and this keeps it feeling much more nourished. If you have dry or unhealthy hair this can help get it back on track leaving it much healthier. Coconut oil has tons of uses!

The coconut body wash was the first product of this collection I used up. I think it’s because I love the smell of it so much while in the shower. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling clean with a fresh coconut scent.

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  1. Hello! I also love the smell of coconut! It always takes me to the beach. That’s good that it absorbs quickly. I don’t like thin lotions that never seem to absorb. lol Thank-you for the information!!

  2. This sounds lovely and I would like to try it out! Thank you for your review, Melanie.

  3. Michelle
    This almost sounds too good to be true..I would love the lotion that you talk about in the review cause my skin is dry, I have type 2 diabetes and I think it would be great for my skin. Also That you had said that there is no strong scent. Just a light scent and your hair feels soft and manageable. There are no Parabens or petroleum to weigh my hair down. I have in my bathroom now…WEN..and I’ve found that I don’t care for it. Yes, my hair feels soft but within one looks and feels greasy. I have not found a shampoo that I really like. May I please win this set. Thank you

  4. I’ve just started using coconut oil products and have loved almost everything I’ve tried. Will be putting this set on my list. Thanks for the review!

  5. I’m a huge coconut fan. Coconut everything. Love the stuff. I really like that these products are not tested on animals and free of parabens and artificial color.

  6. I just got a book about the benifits of Coconut oil and I would love to try out yours as well as the other products with coconut in it. I found out you have shampoo with out parabens and petrolems in them. God bless you!

  7. I would also like to try your Argan oil products as well. I do like how it works on my hair.

  8. I would love to try these products, I love coconut oil and think I would love to body products made with it.

  9. I just love that these products are not tested on animals too! That is so very important to me. I also love coconut, anything coconut! Thank you for this great review!!

  10. I like that this product is all natural and that it has never been tested on animals.

  11. All of the products sound AMAZING! I <3 coconut oil & all of it's uses. Everything about it is all natural & healthy for u. This would be a great win. Ty for the giveaway & ur great review.

  12. I only buy products that are not tested on animals and I didn’t know that all of the products were made with 100% vegetarian ingredients.

  13. I love this. I am surprised that the coconut products haven’t been popular way back when. I love the smell of coconut too! I would love to try this. Thanks for the review. I had not heard of this before.

  14. I like that this product is all natural and that it has never been tested on animals

  15. I recently read that using coconut oil on your hair actually cuts down the oil and reduces your need to shampoo! Since I have very fine, straight hair it shows oil quickly so I really wanna test it out!

  16. I love that the productsare made with 100% vegetarian ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

  17. I love everything coconut as well. 🙂 This set looks amazing and I would be SO happy if I won!

  18. i learned that this product has no parabens, petroleum or artificial colors. I think that’s great!

  19. I’d love to try these products. Especially for my hair. Their packaging looks nice too.

  20. I love that their products don’t have any parabens, petroleum or artificial colors.

  21. Perfectly Pure has some great products! I’ve not tried the coconut line yet but probably will soon. Thanks for your honest review

  22. I love that these products are free of artificial colors and there not tested on animals. The coconut oil looks like a great product to try. Overall this looks like a great brand to try.

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