Managing LBL, Light Bladder Leakage, with Poise + Giveaway

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Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s story, and keeping me confident!

Poise Microliner

Manage Light Bladder Leakage with Poise MicroLiner

Let’s face it, Light Bladder Leakage can be an embarrassing problem. It doesn’t have to be! You are not alone. Did you know that one in three women actually experience Light Bladder (LBL)? So, yes, that’s a lot of women that experience the same issue as you. Many things can trigger LBL like coughing, sneezing, laughing or exercise. I’ll admit, sneezing can be a serious problem!

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What do you do to manage LBL? If you have little leaks or a running faucet, it can be managed. Poise brand offers a variety of pads and liners, like their new Poise Microliners, to make it easy to find protection for every woman’s needs. The best part about these is that you won’t even know they’re down there! They are incredibly thin and discreet LBL protection. Plus, they are surprisingly absorbent links with a Super Absorbent Material (SAM) feature. They will absorb that wetness and even neutralize ode for you! They even stay three times drier than period liners!

Light Bladder Leakage

Light Bladder Leakage Tips:

Here’s a list of some tips that will get you through Light Bladder Leakage without an embarrassing moment.

  1. Choose the right products. Select a product like Poise Microliners that will provide you with the right amount of absorbency.
  2. Neutralize odors. You can neutralize those odors with Poise Microliners.
  3. Extra set of clothes. Of course, sometimes it’s hard to avoid a lot of bladder leakage so if you have this problem you might want to carry an extra set of clothes in your car just to be safe.

Being comfortable and understanding your LBL will definitely be your best tip. You know what works and what doesn’t.

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Poise Microliner

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Are you able to laugh without a little leakage? Here’s a funny but true story. A friend I know was laughing so hard that she peed her pants… really peed! We were laughing uncontrollably. Of course, if it had been in a crowded place it might have been embarrassing! The Poise products would have been a great way to prevent this disaster! Do you have a LBL moment that you can laugh about now?

Many thanks to Poise for sponsoring today’s story, and keeping me confident!

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  1. LBL was always a problem for me after giving birth. No one told me to expect it so I was shocked somewhat. But, I should have expected it because I had big babies. My son was almost 10 lbs at birth. Thank goodness for pads and liners!

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