Make The Most of Your Smartphone With These Cool Gadgets!

cool gadgets

Let’s face it, we’re all obsessed with our phones. They’re the first thing we look at when we wake up, and the last thing before we go to sleep. We use them for work, fun, socializing and so much more- there’s no denying how incredible they are. Essentially we have the ability to have powerful little computers in the palms of our hands, so it’s no wonder everyone is glued to them! But there’s even more you can do with your smartphone than you already do, and there are a number of gadgets that link up directly to them. Here are just a few on the market that might grab your interest!

VR Headsets

Virtual reality technology has really improved in recent years, plus it’s now become more affordable for most users too. For this reason VR gaming headsets have well and truly taken off in the last twelve months, but did you know there are models that can hook up directly to your smartphone? They’re not too expensive and can provide hours of fun- certainly a lot different to playing Candy Crush or Angry Birds! It could make a cool gift, something to entertain the kids with or something to just have fun playing on yourself!


Drones have been utilized from the police to delivery companies, and are another piece of technology that’s really taken off in the past couple of years. The technology has improved so much that hobby drones are very affordable, and many models can be linked directly to your smartphone. Just be sure not to get carried away, pop your phone in a robust case while you’re out and about looking for places to fly! iPhone repair companies can sort most problems these days, but better to be safe than sorry!

Smart Watches

Smart watches are useful for anyone who is conscious of their health. They can track your steps, exercise activity, calorie intake, heart rate, even your sleep. The data is sent to your smartphone and can be read as easy to interpret graphs and charts. Being able to see things in this way can be really motivating and just what you need to smash your goals. When you can see how far you’ve come, it can give you a boost when the going gets tough.

Projectors and Speakers

A bit of a novelty but fantastic all the same! Projectors are the perfect way to create a mini cinema. They would be ideal for things like camping trips and make useful gifts for anyone who is obsessed with their smartphone. Mini speakers that you can plug into your phone are handy for things like picnics when you sit down to eat you can play some music! There are loads of them on the market, even the very small sized speakers are surprisingly good offering clear sound quality and massively amplifying the music.

What are your favorite gadgets for your smartphone? Have you tried any of these things?

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