Make Driving Fun Again

A car is an artist’s opportunity. It’s a blank canvas you can have fun with. With a full, partial, or spot wrap, you can make a personal statement that everyone notices as you drive by or stand still.

How’s a wrap work?

Make Driving Fun Again

A wrap is a big decal, a vinyl graphic professionals apply over the surface of your vehicle. It doesn’t hurt the car’s finish; in fact, it protects it against road abrasion from sand and stones. If you decide to remove it, you’ll find the pain as good as new. And, it does not require much maintenance.

What’s it take?

  1. You sit with your wrap professionals to select or invent a graphic design. They have designs programmed to replicate some designs, like flames, lightning flashes, stripes, swirls, checks, and more. There are cartoon characters and tattoo-like symbols. Or, you can provide a design or idea that they can replicate or create.
  2. They then produce the vinyl graphic on a wide format printer. A bonded laminate prevents scratching and UV ray damage.
  3. Finally, the vinyl is applied to the car allowing for lights, handles, exterior trim, and even covering the windows where if you want.

What to look for?

  1. Investigate the reputation of the wrap shop before you commit to spending. Ask for references and testimonials that you can personally contact.
  2. Confirm that they complete the work from design to application in-house. Outsourcing the work to third-parties is not reliable.
  3. Make sure the business carries insurance for your vehicle while it is in their possession.
  4. And, secure a tour of the facility and watch the process if possible. A good shop will be clean and employees experienced and focused.

What to ask about?

Make Driving Fun Again

  1. Wraps are pre-cured or digitally printed. Pre-cured wraps come in solid colors or textures. Digitally printed wraps are programmed on a computer and printed on wide printers.
  2. Films are cast or calendared. Cast vinyl conforms easily to various shapes. They can be repositioned and easily removed. Calendared vinyl is thicker, less flexible and more adhesive. The best are produced by 3M and Avery-Dennison.
  3. Ask for the brand names and specifications if you plan to comparison shop so you are looking into the same thing.
  4. Find out who works on the wraps.This is not for amateurs. Pros have experience with tricks of the trade. They take pride in their work as craftspeople and artists.
  5. Listen to the design artists. You may have a great idea that simply will not look like you think on the curves and sculpture of your car. The artists are able to collaborate, but you may need to compromise in your own interest.

You may not want or need a full-wrap. A partial wrap might apply below the doors or the lower third of the side. Spot wraps might highlight a hood, trunk, roof, or door. So, keep an open mind.

What you want to discover is the nature of warranties on quality and work. For example, ProWraps vinyl graphics come with a 72-month 3M warranty along with a concurrent warranty on materials and workmanship for 12 months.

TIP: Beware of Car Wrap Scams where callers offer to rent your car to carry an advertisement. You’ll find yourself scammed for upfront money and failure to deliver. Professional wrap experts just don’t work that way!


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