Know the Facts About RSV

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Know the Facts About RSV

Does RSV impact your family? Did you know that the Respiratory Syncytial Virus, also known as RSV, is a common virus that affects nearly 100% of babies by the age of 2? Nearly 100%!

RSV usually causes symptoms like mild to moderate cold-like symptoms. Some babies can get a serious infection. Have you ever had a child with a serious RSV infection? A friend of mine had a baby with RSV that was hospitalized for several weeks. For a new mom, having a sick child or a child in the hospital is devastating. All you want to do is care for your baby and keep them healthy and safe. When my son was born he was immediately taken to a children’s hospital to ICU for eight days. He was one sick little boy! He had respiratory distress and it’s such a terrible feeling having a sick baby. The worst part was that I was sick too, in another hospital and unable to see him for days.

Check out the infographic below and learn the facts about RSVRSV virus is seasonal, usually running from fall into spring. Find out if your baby is at risk for RSV disease. Your baby’s doctor is the best person to talk with about RSV disease prevention.

Facts about RSV

As a parent, it is our responsibility to know the signs and symptoms of RSV disease. Here’s what you should look for:

  • Persistent coughing or wheezing
  • Bluish color around the lips, mouth or fingernails
  • Rapid, difficult or gasping breaths
  • Fever

If your baby shows any of these signs or symptoms please take them to a hospital or doctor immediately!

Premature babies are at a much higher risk of developing severe RSV disease due to their undeveloped lungs and immature immune systems. World Prematurity Day is November 17th! Have any of you had a premature baby? What were the risks involved for your baby? Or, has anyone had a baby with serious RSV?

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  1. It is so scary for new Moms to have their new baby develop an infection. I remember the doctor mentioning RSV to me when I was a new Mom and my not knowing what he was talking about. Thank you for the information.

  2. My grandson (7 months) has had a “cold” for several days and I did not know it could possibly be something even more serious. I have forwarded your post to my step-daughter so she can educate herself.

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