Kitchen Renovation Trends to Know About

Among all of the possible home renovations, a kitchen remodel is considered the best investment. On average, a well executive kitchen renovation returns nearly 70% of the cost via increased home value. While it may be surprising that a kitchen renovation does not typically yield a direct profit, renovations of this sort do often speed up the home sale process, thereby reducing fees associated with longer sales.

Kitchen Overhaul
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In recent years, a number of new trends have impacted the way homeowners remodel their kitchens. From waterfall countertops, to handy in-floor vacuums, to inductive stoves, this article will show readers a few of the key kitchen renovation trends sweeping the country.

  1. Waterfall countertops

Often found in high-end kitchen renovations, the waterfall countertop has the ability to add a touch of modernism and elegance to your new kitchen. The waterfall countertop involves installing the same material used on top of your kitchen counters on the side of the counter as well. Doing this helps to make the counter a focal point.

While the waterfall countertop can be stunning it can also be expensive. That’s because it requires additional countertop material in order to be created, and usually requires the work of an expert to install the side panels correctly. It is recommended that this treatment be used in contemporary style homes.

  1. In-floor vacuums

The kitchen is one of the hardest places of the home to keep clean. Constant foot traffic, and cooking means that homeowners frequently need to vacuum the kitchen in order to keep dust and debris at bay. Some homeowners have started to install in-floor vacuum cleaners as a way of combating dirty kitchens.

Also known as an automatic dust pan, or as a toe vacuum, homeowners simply need to sweep dirt toward a vacuum mounted inside of a baseboard. When the dirt is near, they simply switch the stationary vacuum that sucks the dirt in a hidden canister.

  1. Tall kitchen cabinets

The traditional kitchen cabinet is either 30 or 36 inches tall, these cabinets usually leave about one foot of space between the top of the cabinet and the ceiling. Homeowners then need to dust the top of the cabinet to ensure a sanitary kitchen, and lose out on potential storage space.

Tall kitchen cabinets (also called full height cabinets) eliminate this nuisance space by going all the way to the ceiling. This design allows homeowners extra storage space, and creates a more elegant cabinet profile.

  1. Inductive stovetops

A new stovetop technology is changing the way homeowners cook. Inductive heating uses electro-magnetic frequencies to heat items placed on the stovetop. Unlike traditional electric and gas stoves, inductive stoves only work in conjunction with special magnetic cookware. Because only items inside of special cookware are heated, items spilled onto the stovetop do not get burned on. This makes cleanup much easier.

Inductive technology has been found to heat items faster than traditional electric stoves. Consumer reports found that the typical inductive stove heated water to a boil between 4 to 6 minutes faster than a similar electric stove.

  1. Appliance garages

Want to hide all of your countertop appliances while still having easy access to them? Then consider installing an appliance garage into your new kitchen. A typical appliance garage has room to accommodate items like a mixer, coffee machine, or tea kettle via a countertop height storage space that is covered with a cabinet door.

Once your new kitchen is de-cluttered, you’ll want to share your beautiful creation with the world (after finding the best hashtags for Instagram first of course).

  1. Integrated appliances

While not necessarily a new trend, integrated appliances allow homeowners to hide appliances in plain sight. By installing a cabinet veneer to the front of large appliances like the refrigerator, or dishwasher, homeowners can create a sophisticated atmosphere that is uninterrupted by clunky items.

Note that not all appliances are designed to accommodate a cabinet veneer. Be sure to check with the manufacturer before purchasing the appliance you are interested in integrating into your cabinets.


As the common saying goes, “the kitchen is the heat of the home,” if you are thinking of renovating your kitchen, think about incorporating a few of the kitchen trends mentioned in this article to create an elegant atmosphere.

Be sure to do some online education before diving into a renovation to ensure that you have selected a design that is on-trend, and is aligned with your daily needs. Doing so will pay off should you decide to sell your home in the future.

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