Is Your Smartphone Ready for International Travel

Are you planning a trip abroad? Whether you’re traveling internationally for business or pleasure, your smartphone can become your most valuable asset. Before you board a plane or boat, however, make sure your device is ready for international travel using the following tips.

Check Your Network

Smartphone Ready International Travel
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Some networks offer better coverage than others. As you’re planning your trip overseas, research your network and its coverage areas in the destination country or city. Some phone plans won’t allow you to use your phone internationally at all, while others offer convenient international plans.

Consider checking out international phone plans and unlimited data from a carrier like T-Mobile. Not only will you not have to worry about losing smartphone service while you’re away from home, but you also won’t have to restrict your smartphone usage. Whether you’re watching movies to kill time between tourist destinations or checking maps to find your way around an unfamiliar place. you won’t want to miss opportunities.

Download Travel Apps

You don’t want to step foot on foreign soil without a few travel apps in your back pocket. From translation and money exchange programs to travel deal software and restaurant finders, travel apps make your visit to another country easier and more enjoyable.

Make a list of the travel apps that will serve you best so you don’t overload your smartphone with programs you don’t need. Additionally, avoid duplicating apps. You’ll just reduce your phone’s storage capacity unnecessarily. Research several apps in each category to figure out which ones will work best for you, then try them out before you leave.

Add Space

You’ll probably consume more space on your phone while you’re traipsing around the world. As mentioned above, you might download several new apps to your phone, which can reduce available space. Plus, you’ll take photographs and videos to memorialize your travels, and you’ll need extra room for those.

Add a micro SD card to your phone to expand its storage capacity. Most modern phones have a port for that purpose, and the cards cost just a few dollars. You can even bring multiple cards and switch them out as you fill them up. Alternatively, move all of your digital media to the cloud so it doesn’t take up space on your device.

Know Your Accounts

From checking and savings accounts to credit and debit cards, you’ll need your financial information while traveling abroad. Memorize the passwords for your online banking accounts, then store the websites in your phone’s bookmarks or browser history. That way, if you need to check your bank balance or find out whether a credit card charge went through, you can do so with a few taps on your phone.

Disable Auto Sync

Conserving battery life and data use can make overseas travel less expensive and less stressful. Consider disabling auto sync on your phone and turning off background apps. You’ll enjoy extended battery life, so you won’t find yourself tracking down charging stations every couple of hours, and your phone won’t consume as much data.

You can also use airplane mode or turn off your phone, but these actions restrict your smartphone usage. You don’t want to miss a phone call or text from home, or miss out on an opportunity for a fantastic photograph.

Grab a Retractable Cable

Packing for overseas travel can prove overwhelming, especially when airlines charge extraordinary fees for additional luggage. To save space in your carryon, invest in a retractable charging cable. When you need to charge your phone, just pull out the cord, plug the cable into a wall outlet, and put the other end in the charging port. Afterward, the device will reel in the cable to save space.

In fact, many retractable cables are small enough to fit in your pocket. If you run out of battery unexpectedly, just pull out the cable and charge your smartphone on the go.

When you want to travel overseas, don’t forget the power of the smartphone. Leave bulky devices at home and use the above tips to make your smartphone the ideal travel buddy.

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