Important Things To Consider When Budgeting For Moving House

Budgeting Moving House
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Moving house is expensive, period. Even without taking into account of the upfront costs of your new house, everything else can really start to add up. While most people are prepared for the upfront house costs, the legal fees, and their real estate agent’s fees when also selling a property, there can be a few other bits which can sometimes catch people unaware. Keeping the financial side of a move stress-free is all about budgeting and planning – here are a few important things to bear in mind when you’re moving house.

You will need time off work

Unless you plan on packing on Saturday and moving on Sunday, then going back to work on Monday, you’re going to need to take some time off work. While many people are fortunate enough to get paid vacation leave, it isn’t the case for some. Try to avoid the stress of doing everything in a weekend by planning time off in advance, and saving some money, so the loss in earnings doesn’t put you on the back foot from the day the keys are in your hand.

Help costs money

Not only do you have moving companies to pay, but there are other services you might also require. For example, for your own peace of mind, you might decide to up your home security early on, ask a pest exterminator for a review, or maybe require the services of a professional interior designer or architect if you expect to make structural changes early on. It isn’t easy to budget for things you might not even consider until you’re in, so saving up a buffer is a really useful way to ensure you don’t have to scrimp, and running out of money isn’t your only option.

Budgeting Moving House
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There could be changes in utility and transport costs

Ongoing financial changes are difficult to foresee but can have a huge impact. For example, if you’re moving into a bigger house you might find that your utilities skyrocket as it becomes more expensive to cool and heat your home, or the insulation isn’t as efficient as you’re used to. You may also find that as you move further away from school or work, or have to rely on different modes of transport, your cost of traveling could change too. Before you move, it can be useful to do a dummy run of the trip to work, not just to see if it’s a reasonable journey, but to also establish costs. That way you can factor the changes in as you’re budgeting for life in your new home.

There may be ongoing maintenance

Not many people can say they’ve bought a new home and been happy with it in its entirety. Most people end up spending a fair amount of money making their house feel like home. Some changes will need to be made upfront, maybe even to make the house livable, whereas some maintenance will be ongoing or even seasonal. When you decide to move house, start your maintenance buffer savings, and continue to pay into it throughout the process – you never know what you’ll need the money for.

Moving house can be a real financial drag, so just remember to be prepared!

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