How to Use Fabric Softener to Dry Clothes Faster

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How to Use Fabric SoftenerHow to Use Fabric Softener to Dry Clothes Faster

Laundry is something that takes so much time away from my day. Drying time always takes so long but I finally have the answer to drying my clothes faster. I’m going to share a secret with you about this amazing new fabric softener that is drying my clothes faster so I can spend more time with my family. First, let’s learn how to use our fabric softener and then we’ll be drying clothes faster enjoying more important things in life!

I have never been good at adding liquid fabric softener. I either get it in too late or forget to add it altogether. I had been using dryer sheets but I never felt like I was getting that wonderful softness or freshness I do with liquid fabric softener. You know that feeling when you want to stick your nose in your freshly laundered clothes? Yes, that feeling! I know it seems simple but here’s how to use fabric softener. Plus, I’ll share that new secret on how to dry your clothes faster!

How to Use Fabric Softener

  1. Decide whether you want to use a liquid fabric softener or dryer sheets. If you want to use dryer sheets just add one when you dry your clothes. If you’re using a liquid, keep reading to learn how to use fabric softener.
  2. Measure your liquid fabric softener. Measuring your liquid fabric softener is very important. I’ve used too much before and it leaves my clothes spotted. You will want to use an amount of fabric softener that is relative to the size of washer load. Use the measuring instructions on your bottle of fabric softener. I use Suavitel Fast Dry from Walmart. It helps my clothes dry 30% faster! I’ll tell you more about it later.How to Use Fabric Softener
  3. Add your fabric softener to your washing machine. Do you have a top-loading or front-loading washer? For a top-loading machine pour it directly into the rinse water as it begins to fill. Front-loading machines are so much easier. Just add the fabric softener into your rinse container. The machine will automatically add it as your rinse cycle begins.How to Use Fabric Softener
  4. Dry your clothes. Here is where you will add your dryer sheets if you prefer not to use a liquid fabric softener. If you used a liquid fabric softener, like Suavitel Fast Dry, just dry them, smell them and put your laundry away. If you use the Suavitel Fast Dry you can expect your clothes to dry 30% faster!

I love using Suavitel Fast Dry because my laundry is done quicker and it saves energy! This amazing Suavitel Fast Dry fabric conditioner wicks the water from the fabric on my clothes helping my clothes dryer 30% faster. I get to spend more time with my family instead of waiting for that load of laundry to dry! Since we live on a farm it seems like we always have several changes of clothes every day. We get pretty dirty feeding our livestock. Here’s my son feeding some of his cattle. The mud was definitely caked on those jeans by the end of the day!How to Use Fabric Softener to Dry Clothes Faster

I sure am glad I have this awesome new fabric softener to get our clothes dry faster! I always do laundry of a morning which cuts into my work time. Now I get to spend less time working of an evening and more time with my son and husband enjoying the outdoors.

Suavitel Fast Dry

Now I can #FastDrySaveTime with the best fabric softener, Suavitel Fast Dry from Walmart. I love that I can do 82 small loads with the large 135 oz. pink bottles so I’m not back and forth buying fabric softener every week. Plus, I can get it in either Fabulous Field Flowers or Magical Morning Sun scent. I love the Fabulous Field Flowers. It smells like such a fresh scent coming out of the dryer! Plus, it’s safe for high efficiency machines.

This shop has been compensated by #CollectiveBias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone.

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  1. I’d like to suggest an eco-conscious way to dry clothes faster: dryer balls! They are reusable balls – made of non-toxic plastic or wool – which you put in the dryer with your clothes. They fluff up clothing fibers and reduce drying time. They are also the perfect option for chemically-sensitive people like me, who cannot tolerate the toxic fumes from chemical-laden fabric softeners (both liquid and sheets).

  2. I didn;t know this exsited.It takes my dryer forever to dry a load of clothes. I am going to walmart to pick up some to try.

  3. That is so cool, it’ll save me time and money on electric. I never knew that fabric sofner made them dry faster. Neat! Thanks!

  4. I had no idea that adding too much liquid fabric softener would cause spots. I’ve bought it before but never knew when to put it in! I’ve never heard of Suavite before. Sounds pretty amazing. 30% faster would save a lot of electricity too!

  5. I use liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets, but i must say I like liquid softener better. It’s good to know liquid softener saves me time because I dislike laundry time!

  6. Well, who would have thought that using a liquid fabric softener helps dry your clothes faster. I will have to look for that particular brand next time I’m in Walmart. I’m all for saving time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. What?! Where has this been all my life? I have a TON of laundry…I swear, you’d think we had 5 people living here and we only have 2. I’ll definitely be trying this. 🙂

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