How To Stay Connected When You Have Kids

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The hectic pace of family life means that couples often don’t get time for any romance. The demands of raising children, earning money, and maintaining the home can leave you with little energy for anything else at all – let alone spending quality time together as a couple. Having a family also means that the bulk of your income is spent on the children, so going out for dinner is often a luxury that just isn’t an option. However, that doesn’t mean that you should give up on romance. You can show your partner that you care and connect in a meaningful way without spending all your spare cash – it just takes a little creativity…

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t exchange gifts. If you do your research online, you can find flower delivery at great prices – and who doesn’t appreciate a beautiful bouquet turning up on their doorstep? If your partner has expressed an interest in something, buy a how-to guide – this shows that you have been listening, and that you want to support him (or her) in achieving their goals – there’s nothing more romantic than that.

If money is really tight, or you just fancy being a bit more creative – show your partner that you care by making a present. Bake some  delicious treats and write something romantic in icing – for a fun way to say ‘I love you’ that all the family can enjoy! Alternatively, you could pick up a cheap photo frame, and write a romantic message to put inside it – for a daily reminder of how much your partner is loved.

Every couple needs to spend time alone, which often gets forgotten when you become a family. Make arrangements to have the kids taken care of for a few hours, or overnight if possible. If you don’t have relatives who could help, set up a babysitting exchange with other parents. You all take it in turns to look after each other’s children – and all the couples get time out to reconnect!

When you do get that precious alone time, take the opportunity to talk to each other – and most importantly, listen. Share a meal and a glass of wine together – and turn off the TV, your phones, and any other devices for the night so that you can focus on each other. It won’t be long before it feels like you’re back in those exciting days of your first dates – and you remember why you make such a great couple!

It’s not easy to have time for romance with your partner when you have work, children, bills and so on to worry about. However, it’s really important to make the effort – as you’ll both be happier, the kids will be happier, and you will work as a much better team in all aspects of your life. Keeping the spark alive will allow you both to feel loved and appreciated, which will go a long way to maintaining your happy family unit – and you’ll feel great at the same time!

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