How to Make Cake Pops Review & Giveaway

How to Make Cake Pops Review & Giveaway

Introducing: Bake Pop Baking Pan & Accessories As Seen on TV

Product Information (direct from website):

Bake Pops™ are the latest sensation and now you can make these delicious treats in your own home! It’s so easy! Just fill the specially designed Bake Pop™ pan with ANY cake mix, put on the custom lid and POP it in the oven. Before you know it, you’ll have 18 bite-sized cake pops ready to decorate and eat! Similar treats cost bundles at your local bakery and you can’t customize them the way you’d like. With Bake Pops™, you can create any cake pops you can imagine – perfect for birthdays, holidays or anytime! Bake Pops™ are the sure fire way to please everyone in your family and now’s your chance to get everything you need to make, decorate and serve your Bake Pop creations! 

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Easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Fill the Pan
  2. Pop in Oven
  3. Pop, Dip, Decorate!
How to Make Cake Pops Review & Giveaway

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How to Make Cake Pops Review & Giveaway

Our Thoughts:

Included in our Bake Pops box was the bake pops pan, 18 reusable sticks, 2 clips, and instructions. Well, the Bandit had opened it as soon as we got it. He was SO excited to try these out! The instructions were direct and easy to understand. We added an extra egg to the cake mix as suggested. I actually missed reading the directions that said to substitute milk for water, add pudding, and use half the recipe. That’s my fault, I was trying to video and help the Bandit with the mixer! They turned out great anyways! And we had plenty left to make another batch of 18 cake pops! The Bandit really enjoyed being able to mix the batter and poor it into the pan cavities. We did get them a little full, but once the cake pops had cooled the batter coming out the top was easily removed. The reusable sticks were very easy to add to the cake pops. My husband, the Bandit, and myself all enjoyed the cake pops! Definitely a great idea for a kids birthday party – no big mess with these!

There are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating cake pops! You can make animals and other fun characters! Be on the lookout for the Bandit’s video How to Decorate Cake Pops! Make sure you are a subscriber so you don’t miss out on the Bandit’s fun reviews!

Watch the Bandit below teaching us how to use the Bake Pops pan and accessories and how to make your very own cake pops!

The Bandit and myself give the Bake Pops an A+. We really enjoyed making them together! Be sure to enter to win below!

* We did receive a sample for the review from Telebrands and Bake Pops, but our thoughts are all our own!

Thank you to Telebrands for the Bake Pops kit! My son has truly enjoyed it!


One lucky reader will win their very own Bake Pops Baking Kit! Open to the US only, 18 and over. Giveaway ends on May 21 at 11:59 pm EST. Enter below via rafflecopter! Good luck!


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  1. I haven’t made any yet, but would love to try, they’re so cute!

  2. We’ve never tried making these in my house, but it seems like it could be a lot of fun.

  3. I’ve never tried to make them, but since I love to eat them, I probably should try it :o)

  4. I would love to have this at my babyshower and make pop bouquets as center pieces.

  5. I have not tried them. My son says they are delicious! I want to try them and make them! Thank you.

  6. Yes, I have. They were very frustrating because I forgot to chill them after making them so they wanted to fall off the sticks. Also, the white chocolate was being difficult lol But we had fun. We had dipping chocolate and sugar crystals.

  7. No, but I can’t wait to try. It looks like so much fun to do with your kids!

  8. i’ve made cake balls, but not cake pops, and no cool characters or designs

  9. I have not tried making them but would love to! I do love cupcakes and these would be the perfect size for a little snack.

  10. I haven’t tried yet but my sil has and they were great. Just had a chocolate coating.

  11. I have never made cake pops, but I hope that this giveaway gives me the chance!

  12. I haven’t tried them yet. I would love to experiement with my gluten-free recipes and see how they would turn out as cake pops.

  13. I haven’t tried making baked Pops. Although my stepdaughter has she used to make them but she borrowed pans at a pan shop to make them so was kind of a hassle to return pans. She put decorative candy on after she applied the icing really neat.

  14. I’ve made Bake Pops before,but not with that set. I have a small square pan w/a silacone top that I got from The Christmas Tree Shop. You can make 9 at a time.I had to buy Lolly pop sticks & bags w/ties seperately. I’d love to win a Real Set!

  15. I haven’t tried to make them but really want to. My sister who lives a few states away has a little cake pop business. I want to see if I can be as creative as she is.

  16. I haven’t tried them yet but it looks like it would be so much fun!! The things you could create seem endless!

  17. I haven’t tried to make them yet, but would love to make some with my niece. We’d have some fun. Thanks.

  18. I have never made them but i know both of my kids would love it! not as messy either 🙂

  19. I have never made them before but my daughter did and she loved it. She just put a glaze over them and sprinkles and sold them for charity event.

    1. Sorry! If you are entering the newsletter giveaway just click that you did it on this option. I will take in to consideration that those are US only. I did not even think about that. Thanks so much!

  20. I have never attempted to make Cake Pops…but I am very excited to try to make them with my children 🙂

  21. I have tried making cake pops and they fell apart on me but I do love making cupcake Characters and they are very fun for the kids.

  22. i have never made them and i would love to make them for my daughter’s 2nd birthday in july.

  23. I haven’t tried making them yet, but I certainly enjoy them when other people do!

  24. I haven’t made them yet, but I’d love to give it a go.


  25. no but i have been wanting to try these forever!!! 🙂 look so much fun!

  26. I haven’t tried making them yet, but I have tried eating them!

  27. i have not made cakepops yet, but i would love to make some animals or a flower bouquet or something creative!

  28. i do make cake pops, but mine r different. i have made mickey mouses, monsters inc, flowers, and just decorated them with swirls, and sprinkles! thanks for the giveaway

  29. I haven’t tried making cake pops yet but I really want to, I want to try ladybugs first

  30. I made cake pops for my daughter’s baby shower and they were a HIT. I dipped them in Almond bark and pink sprinkles and some we swirled pink gel on. They were super cute and easy to make.

  31. ohh i want to try to make them sooo badly but no. i havent yet.. looking forward to it,, my kids are soo naggin me to get this!! (and when moneys there oh yes.. its on the list if i dont win one anytime soon 😉

  32. I’ve never tried making them before, but I’d love to try. They look like so much fun!

  33. I haven’t tried them yet – but my husband got excited seeing the kit in the store the other day, lol – I’d love to win this and surprise him! We’re such kids at heart – keeps life fun for us though! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. NO, but they look like they would be really fun to make. I wanna try to make mickey mouse pops

  35. I have made cake pops at my sisters house we decorated with colored sprinkels

  36. I make them the old fashioned way…burned hands and all! I would love to try this way. Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. I have, but nothing too fancy! I actually just finished making around 300 cake balls for my little brother’s graduation party this weekend!!!

  38. I have a small version of this product from Five Below..but would LOVE a regular size version.My kids would love these and I’m thinking of all the cool ways to decorate!

  39. No, I haven’t tried making cake pops yet. I believe I must be behind the times and if it wasn’t for the computer and these blogs I would never hear about new products or ideas.

  40. I haven’t tried making them yet… but I’m seriously dying to! I pass the cake pop makers in my Fred Meyer & haven’t given in to the urge to plop it in my cart… YET! These would be so great for party favors!

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