How to Keep Cats Stress Free

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black bow tie cat

As you may know we live on a farm and have a variety of animals including five cats. I love our cats so much and they are just a little spoiled. They range in age from seven months to seven years and all get along for the most part. Our oldest cat, Sylvester, is the perfect looking bow-tie cat but isn’t the friendliest cat in the world. He likes to be messed with on his terms which isn’t very often. He comes in of an evening or whenever he scratches on the glass at the sliding door. If you don’t come quick he enough he’ll scratch faster and meow like we’ve forgotten him. He’ll walk around and might take a nap or two and then go to the door. He’ll sit there until someone lets him out to begin his next mouse hunting adventure.

how to keep cats stress free

One thing about him is that he gets very stressed out. He doesn’t like new cats to come to the farm. He isn’t mean to them but he’ll avoid you and make sure you know he’s mad. He gets so stressed that he gets severe diarrhea. It isn’t just new cats that bother him but anything that is a detour from his usual routine. Giving him shots or his Frontline is the absolute worst. It’s like he knows it’s coming. He will avoid me for days and finally when I catch him off guard he acts like I’ve beat him. The claws come out and he is not happy but we get through it. I wasn’t sure what do with him so stressed until I found Comfort Zone® with Feliway® products for cats.

comfort zone cat diffuser

Comfort Zone® with Feliway®is a product available for cats that is a plug-in diffuser or spray to use in your home or during travel. The diffuser is plugged in inside your home and releases a continuous odorless vapor mimicking the soothing feline facial pheromone. To keep your cat calm you can plug it in where they spend the most time. It is also great if you have more than one cat to help keep them relaxed around one another.

This product also helps control cat urine marking and scratching associated with fear or stressful situations. I don’t think there is a smell worse than cat urine! Also neutering any male cats can definitely minimize urine marking. You should be spaying and neutering your pets anyways!

Going on vacation with your cat? Use the Comfort Zone® with Feliway®Spray for travel. It is very easy to use and convenient. You can even spray it in their travel carte to keep them calm and safe during travel.

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  1. Wish we had known about this last month when we first brought home a new cat. Very stressed kitties for awhile there, but luckily things have finally calmed down.

  2. Wow, this is soo interesting. Never heard of such a thing before. Thanks for the awesome info.

  3. Never knew there was such a contraption or I would have been using it. I have 3 cats and they stress daily over our rescue dog we took in about a year ago. They grew up with all our other dogs (they are small) but Lola is a gentle giant of 80lbs plus. I will be looking for this to try out on my 4 legged fur babies. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sylvester is a darling kitty! I have 3 of my own and they are also spoiled. Unfortunately, my oldest cat Moses started becoming scared and aggressive towards the other two so I had to move him in with my mom. I wonder if Comfort Zone would work, on my next pay I will have to try it out. thanks for the tip.

  5. Awesome post! My MIL’s cat has is so stressed out that he licks all the fur off his belly! She has taken him to the vet countless times for it and they have even put him on different medications. I am going to pass this post on to her.. i’m sure she would love to check this product out for Sassy!

  6. This is freekin fabulous! What’ll they come with next?! 🙂 I want this for my kitty. btw, your cat looks so relaxed and mellow in the pic! lol a ringing endorsement

  7. Sylvester is a great cat. I have a special needs cat who was rescued from a BAD environment. It’s funny how cats will pick their comfort zone.

  8. Great i know i too have a cat its sometimes difficult to handle them but i like to play around with them. Like that they divert their attention and like playing instead.

  9. What a cool product! I should try it. I have a cat named Sylvester, as well, who looks like yours but long haired and skin and bones. He was run over by a car before I rescued him, so he is crippled now and has a poor digestive system. 🙁

  10. I have owned cats for years and I never realized that they got stressed! I have two right now, both males that are about 8 months old. We recently had them neutered and they took it pretty well. However they are constantly harassed by our grandson who is four. He always wants to pick them up or try to lay on them. I think we should get this eor them and keep them out of our grandsons reach! Thanks!

  11. Thank you, I’ll have to give this a try. We have 3 indoor cats and the first two we got were brothers and were used to each other but when the 3rd cat came in they were very mean to him, they’ve gotten a little better. Maybe this will help thanks 🙂

  12. I have a tortoise shell cat named Holly. She stress’s me out. I’m the only person that she bites. I would love to get one of the distress things if it would work for me.

  13. Thank for the review of Comfort Zone with Feliway! I have a cat who is super anxious, and has to take medication for her nerves. Honestly, she will flip out if there is a wrinkle in the sheet on the ottoman, or couch…when I come in from the store, she has to re-smell my shoes, mainly because they’ve been moved out of their previous position! She even jumps just walking down the hall! I need to find the product!!!

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