How to Change Your Mindset and Win at Weight Loss

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Like so many others, I have struggled with my weight for years. During college I completely changed my outlook and MINDSET. Instead of gaining the freshman fifteen, I worked hard, ate better and exercised daily to lose over fifty pounds. And then came the arrival of our wonderful son. During my pregnancy I actually stayed in shape, exercised and did not gain an excessive amount of weight but was diagnosed with preeclampsia which left me not feeling well. It was after I had given birth that I put on the pounds. I think as moms we often get so busy that we forget about ourselves, putting everyone else first. My mindset was taken completely off course.

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

I am wondering why I can’t seem to lose weight like I did in college. Why have I made it so difficult? The answer is very simple and always the one that instantly comes to mind. MINDSET. It’s the major key to any weight loss and keeping it off. It sounds simple but anyone who is overweight knows that it’s much harder than that. I finally feel like I am ready especially since finding “Winning the Game of Weight Loss” by NeuroGym. Instead of solely concentrating on calorie counting or food restriction, it shows the mindset behind struggling with weight-related issues and how to work on them so I’ll stick with my goals. After moving through the first two levels I have found that this brain-based program has helped re-train my brain and reshape my body and self-image from the inside out.

How to Change Your Mindset and Win at Weight Loss

After starting the program, I’d love to share my tips on how to change your mindset and start winning the game of weight loss!

1. Take the weight loss quiz and start the program. I started out by taking the NeuroGym weight loss quiz. I was so tired of the yo-yo dieting and weight loss plans that got me nowhere. I was finally ready to change my mindset about weight loss and I am ready to inspire anyone reading to try this for yourselves! It truly is inspiring to finally find a program that works!

Find out if your brain is stopping you from losing weight by taking a short ten question weight loss quiz. You’ll gain insights to your own personal weight loss journey and find out how your mind may be stopping you from losing those unwanted pounds. There’s even a video at the end that will share your results, with only you, and invite you to the Winning the Game of Weight Loss Webinar for more information. You can then start the journey with me! You’ll then start the NeuroGym Winning the Game of Weight Loss online program just like I did.

Take the Weight Loss Quiz

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

2. Set goals. Of course, I want to lose weight but my main goal is to be healthier. I have high blood pressure, an enlarged valve to the aorta, a bulging disc in my back and knee pain. Just put me out to pasture! With all seriousness though, being healthier is my main concern. Besides doing it for myself, I want to show our son how important it is to be healthy.

To start, set smaller attainable goals. Once you easily reach smaller goals you can set larger ones. One of my first goals is to eat breakfast. I always fix breakfast for my son every morning but tend not to eat. Eating a healthy breakfast will be a great way to start my days. Another goal is to eat more fruit. I find myself eating lots of vegetables but often not much fruit. I’m not sure why because I love fruit! Look at the deliciously healthy meal I fixed a few days ago for lunch… delicious!

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

3. Consistency is Key. Staying consistent with my small goals will help me achieve my main goal to keep the weight off. I often find myself starting a weight loss program but stopping after only a few days or weeks. By setting the smaller goals I mentioned above I’m able to be more consistent and I don’t feel like I’m constantly struggling.

I promise that I’m not consistently eating barbecue out of a box like I am below. I swear!

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

4. Make Time for Yourself. This is a really hard one for me. I love working. When I’m not working on my business I’m working on the farm. It’s hard to put me time in there anywhere since I love spending time with my family when I’m not busy with work. Even if it’s only a few minutes of an evening, I am trying to make more time for myself. My small goal is to make five extra minutes for myself every day.

Even though I’m working when I’m outdoors, it’s a time I can clear my mind. It makes me completely relaxed. I love spending time with our animals. Of course, kittens and chicks make the whole world better!

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

5. Start Moving. This one is not hard for me. I am constantly on-the-go moving and staying active. I hand feed cattle every day so I’m definitely always getting in a work out. However, I would like to work on strengthening my core. That’s one of those smaller goals I mentioned above. I’m working on adding a few extra minutes every day to exercise so I can work on strengthening my core and getting my back in better shape. Of course, shedding some of those unwanted pounds in the process is an added bonus.

How to Change Your Mindset Weight Loss

6. Take Notes. Keep a journal and make daily notes. Jot down what you’ve eaten or how you’re feeling. You’ll be surprised at how this can help change your mindset. I find myself not eating something not-so-good for me because I don’t want to have to write it down in my journal. Funny how that works, isn’t it?


I know, all of this is easier said than done. Quit looking at weight loss as a get skinny quick program. Start thinking of it through smaller goals and getting to the root of the problem. Try NeuroGym and see how it’s helped me change my mindset about weight loss. Here’s more great reasons I love the program:

  • You have access to the program for life. There is no monthly charge or annual fee to continue membership.
  • The program is comprised of 12 different levels of brain training (Innercising)
  • Each level takes about 7 days, however the program can take up to a year to complete (everyone is different)

Start earning what you deserve by innercising! Innercises are science based techniques to help individuals unlock their brain’s fullest potential so they let go of the mental and emotional blocks that prevents him from losing weight and keeping it off. I am ready to start earning what I deserve and conquer my fear of failure thanks to NeuroGym!

I hope these tips can help change your mindset and win at weight loss. I’m ready to share with all of you as I work through this journey. This helped me think about weight loss differently.

Take the Weight Loss Quiz and let us know if you’re ready to start the journey!

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