Hollywood-Inspired Improvements To Your Home To Make It Perfect!

We always wish that we lived in a home like the glamorous mansions celebrities own. And although we can dream about living there, we often have to make do with the home we currently own. However, it doesn’t mean we can’t add some glam touches to make sure it looks fantastic. Here are some Hollywood-inspired improvements to your home to make it perfect.

Add a large bath
One Hollywood-inspired improvement to your home to make it perfect is to add a large bath in your bathroom. It will be great to relax in after a stressful day at work or with the family. You will feel like you are the center of attention by putting the bath in the middle of the room as well. You should get a large bath so you can spread out and enjoy the space in there. You should look into getting a cast iron pedestal tub which will make it the main event in the room. Here are some more tips on adding some Hollywood glam to your bathroom!

Hollywood Home
Photo credit via flickr.

Go modern with colors
Another Hollywood-inspired improvement to your home you need to make is you should be going modern with colors. You should consider going for black and white. It will make the room look sophisticated and will bring some glam to your home. Keeping the colors minimalistic will also help to make the rooms look bigger in your home! Black painted walls with white appliances in the kitchen will bring some Hollywood glam to your home.

Add some mirrors
Another Hollywood-inspired improvement to your home to make it perfect is to add some mirrors. Every star needs to have a few mirrors in their home so they can check themselves out! It can make the home look great and more spacious by adding them to the wall. And this article recommends, you should add different sized shaped frames to your wall to make it more luxurious. On the other walls, you should add different pieces of artwork. It can look impressive and will be a talking point when people come over. You could also add some of your certificates from over the years to your walls! You can find out more inspiration by checking out Celebrity homes on Justrichest. You will get some ideas on how to make your home look just like the stars properties!

Choose fabulous fabrics
You should also go for fabulous fabrics when making Hollywood-inspired improvements to your home. You should consider going for throws which are made from a satin or silk to put on the bed or chairs in your bedroom. You could also add bedding which is cashmere to help add some elegance to the room. And ask this feature reveals, you should consider adding some faux fur rugs to the floor to add some sophistication. You could also get drapes for the windows to add some glam, and don’t forget cushions on the bed!

Hollywood Home
Photo credit via Pixabay.

And don’t forget to keep your home nice and clean. Celebrities always have a spotless house which doesn’t look lived in. Therefore, get your hoover out, and make sure things are put away at the end of the day!

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  1. Love the tub, but goodness you would need a huge bathroom to do it or convert a room! I like the idea of this, it looks fun.
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  2. i would love to change my house up to look modern and hollywood style you can do so much with less amount to

  3. Oh YES! I do love the modern style in black and white. I think it’s tasteful and can make practically anything or any room look elegant!

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