Heated Mouse Review for Your Computer

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Heated Mouse Review

A heated mouse? Yes, you read that right. ValueRays sent us a heated mouse to review in three different colors! I actually never knew there was such a thing as a heated mouse. I sure have been missing out! I am sure you are like me and your hands often get cold while sitting at your computer. Of course, one hand you can easily keep in your pocket or wrapped in a blanket but what about your mouse hand? It will no longer be cold thanks to the ValueRays® USB Heated Mouse!

The ValueRays® USB Heated Mouse has a long cord, on/off switch, scroll wheel, enhanced heat when used with other ValueRays® products and an awesome price! A wide, Ergonomic shape fits the hand comfortably. It’s the only ValueRays® Heated Computer Mouse.

Keep your mouse hand warm with the ValueRays® USB Heated Mouse!

Heated Mouse Review

Our Review:

First of all, besides being a heated mouse, it is made very well. I love the shape and design of the mouse and how it finds my hand when I’m using it. A mouse that fits your hand is so important. I am very picky when it comes to my mice and keyboard. The feel of these can be surprisingly different.

Heated Mouse Review

On the cord contains the switch to turn the heat off or on high or low. I turned the heat on after I plugged the heated mouse in to the USB port on my computer. It heated up very quickly. I think the high setting is the perfect temperature and it doesn’t get too hot to make it uncomfortable. This is going to be perfect for those long winter days while working on my computer. I absolutely love it!

Heated Mouse

This is the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season. It would be great for the tech lover or anyone that owns a computer. Kids will also love it! I’m going to put one in my son’s stocking. He will love warming his hand while he works at his computer.

Heated Mouse

Before I received my heated mouse I used a cordless mouse. Honestly, I was so tired of buying batteries for it that I am very happy to have a mouse with a cord again. It seems like I was replacing batteries at least once a month and we all know how batteries are so expensive. The cord does not get in the way and I’ll gladly trade in that corded mouse for a heated one any day!

Heated Mouse Review

We highly suggest the Heated Mouse and for gift giving this holiday season. Plus, the yellow, silver and orange mice we reviewed are on sale for $24.95! We give the heated mouse Five Stars!

5 stars


Be sure to watch for our Holiday Gift Guide giveaways. We will be giving away 3 heated mice!

ValueRays Heated Mouse Executive Series:

The CEO (black): http://www.heatedmouse.com/Heated-Mouse-Black-Executive.html

The Executive’s Assistant (orange): http://www.heatedmouse.com/Heated-Mouse-Orange.html

The Worker Bee (yellow): http://www.heatedmouse.com/Heated-Mouse-Yellow.html

Learn More About ValueRays® USB Heated Mouse and their other great products:

Shop Online http://www.heatedmouse.com Plus, get FREE shipping to the USA!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/heated.mice

Twitter https://twitter.com/Heated_Mouse

Youtube http://www.youtube.com/user/heatedmouse

Heated Mouse Review

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  1. A heated mouse? Genius! I live in Indiana and it gets COLD here! I’d love to own one of these.

  2. That’s really neat! I have to use a roller ball mouse or laptop mouse for my hands but my hands are always cold. This would definitely help!

  3. Ohhh, that might actually be really nice this year. We bought a new house and I stole one of the rooms in our finished basement for my office. Needless to say, even a professionally finished basement still gets darn cold.

  4. Oh my heck. I absolutely have to have one of these. In the winter my fingers nearly freeze when I spend a while on the computer. This would be perfect. I never knew there was such a thing. Thank you!

  5. You know, I just mentioned that I was getting the “cold mouse hand” the other day on my Facebook page. I had NO idea that they even made heated mouses. I HAVE got to get me one of these!!!

  6. I never would have thought of a heated mouse. Seems like a great idea. I’m not a huge fan of a corded mouse, but comfort is key.

  7. I had definitely never thought of using a heated mouse but it would be great to keep the blood flowing in your hands.

  8. This is definitely interesting. I never would have thought to heat a mouse but it works, especially if you have a cold office.

  9. I never heard of a heated mouse but I think its a great idea! The room my computer is in often gets chilly in the winter and there’s always a draft so my hands get cold. I could totally see using the heated mouse!

  10. How cool these are, this would be great for my hubby who has raynards in his hands and he also has one finger that turns white when it gets cold from frost bite years ago in Germany, this are neat.

  11. I’m in need of a new mouse and this would be perfect. My current mouse has become quite tempermental, sticking at times and overly sensitive at other times. I also get the ‘cold hand’ syndrome while working at my computer during the winter.

  12. I think this is AMAZING!!! And the price point is pretty fair for a decent mouse, so the fact that this one has the bonus of being heated… I want one right now!

  13. That’s funny that someone actually thought that mouse up. My hand always gets cold when I’m playing games. I thought it was just me!

  14. I don’t have a problem with cold hands while on the computer, but maybe this would help with blood flow and keep you from getting a stiff hand. Neat product.

  15. I never get cold using the computer but this is a cool gift and i never heard of them. Good for people who do get cold or have stiff joints.

  16. Love it would like to see a wrist tray added on as an extra feature as that would help me with my Raynauds Syndrome and my Arthritis

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