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I’m sure you notice all the awesome Disney movies and entertainment we post and promote on our blog. I have exciting news! Myself and 24 other bloggers have been invited to an exclusive trip to LA in March hosted by Disney & Marvel! Here’s some of the awesome things we get the opportunity to do:

Captain American The Winter Soldier Disneynature Bears Muppets Most Wanted

  • Attend the Red Carpet Premiere of MUPPETS MOST WANTED (opening in theatres on 3/21)
  • Interview Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy and additional cast and filmmakers from the movie
  • Screen Marvel’s CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE WINTER SOLDIER (opening in theatres on 4/4)
  • Interview more cast and filmmakers
  • Screen THE PIRATE FAIRY (available 4/1)
  • Visit the Bears exhibit at the LA Zoo after screening Disneynature’s BEARS (opening in theatres on 4/18) on the Walt Disney Studios lotTHE PIRATE FAIRY

This is an all expense paid trip for 5 days and 4 nights.


ABC Television has invited us to visit the Los Angeles studio where GREY’S ANATOMY and GENERAL HOSPITAL both tape, where I will have the chance to meet & greet with select cast members, get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of production, and more!

Jessica Capshaw (“Dr. Arizona Robbins”) will be our host for your tour of the GREY’S ANATOMY set.

Jessica Capshaw

Following the set visits will be a cocktail hour with the Moms of ABC – both real-life and TV moms from ABC’s most popular shows and new shows. We will also be treated two special screenings at ABC headquarters, each introduced and hosted by the respective executive producers:

 The second episode of their soon-to-premiere drama, RESURRECTION


 We will also receive a DVD screener of the premiere episode so we can watch prior to our trip.

The two-part wedding episode of new hit comedy, TROPHY WIFETROPHY WIFE ABC

We will visit the set of THE MIDDLE, host a Q&A with the creators and executive producers, Eileen Heisler and DeAnn Heline (who each grew up in the Midwest and created the show largely based on their own experiences), screen an upcoming episode and also meet & greet with available cast members.

Click here for Eileen & DeAnn’s combo bio.THE MIDDLE abc

We will also screen an upcoming special “junior” episode of SHARK TANK, featuring kid entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to the Sharks! I absolutely love SHARK TANK!!!SHARK TANK

We’ll have more details soon and posts before, during and after our trip so stay tuned! I can’t wait to share this with all of you. And if you know me very well, you know I have terrible anxiety leaving the farm and my animals so this is a big deal for me to be gone this long. I normally take 1 or 2 night trips only! Such an amazing opportunity that I get to share with all of you!

What show or movie would you be most excited to see?



Melanie Kampman

Melanie Kampman is a web designer, developer and owner of Giveaway Bandit and Farm News for Kids. She lives in Northwest Missouri on a large family farm with her husband and eight year old son, the Giveaway Bandit. They raise cattle with a variety of pets including horses, chickens, ducks, and a slew of cats. By Melanie Kampman If you are interested in writing a sponsored post on Giveaway Bandit please email me at melanie (at) giveawaybandit (dot) com.

  1. Oh WOW – I am so jealous…that sounds like a really fun event to be a part of . How cool that you get to interview Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy. Also, I would love to see the bears at the zoo…Have fun!

  2. I look forward to seeing you again in LA. We were van buddies last time. This trip is jam packed with events, and we haven’t even got the fine details yet. Can’t wait.

  3. I’d ask them how strong their egos have to be in order not to be worried about being upstaged by muppets.

  4. WOW this looks fun and I am jealous! I would ask the ‘non-puppet’ characters who was their favorite growing up.
    I would ask Kermit when he is going to make an honest woman of Miss Piggy (I am sure she would want to know).
    I would ask Miss Piggy, isn’t there anyone else that is just as good as Kermit.
    I would ask Beeper why he continues to help his so-called doctor-friend since he is never treated well.
    I am sure I can think of some others, but that is off the top of my head! My favorite character growing up was Miss Piggy when she was “In Space…” Have a great time and let us know how it ALL went!

  5. What a great trip you have planned!!!! Hope you have an amazing time. The Bears would be my favorite, I would ask how hard it was to do the filming with the bears.

  6. Boy you really lucked out, being invited to such an event. I’m jealous. I would ask them what it’s like to have so many people love the characters they play. Ask them who their favorite character is (other then the one they play).

  7. I would ask how they became interested to apply for the part they play and if they were fans (when they were kids) of the characters they are playing now 🙂

  8. Wow, I’m so happy for you! I mean, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime and sounds sooo fun! I’d ask Miss Piggy if she has any beauty advice or tips for maintaining a curvy figure during an hectic, active lifestyle. I’ve love her many roles, and many rolls, but I’m jealous she hasn’t aged a moment since the ’70s. (I would NOT ask her about the rise in popularity of bacon, nor whether she’s a fan of it.)

  9. I would definitely ask Miss Piggy and Kermit how they have managed to stay so young looking after all their years of popularity. Especially Miss Piggy. I would also ask her if she has any advice for young girls who get “bullied and teased” about the body weight or looks.

  10. This is kind of awesome! I can’t think of what to ask, but I think it would be fun to interview muppets 🙂

  11. I would ask who is their favorite cartoon character that is not in the movie with them.

  12. I would ask them, “What was your backup plan if being a Muppet didn’t work out?”

  13. Hmm. I wouldn’t know what to say! I guess you could ask if they ever watch their own movies, or if they ever watch animated/Disney movies

  14. I’d ask what the next Disney movie is, that they will be participating in, and do they like doing voices only or real life acting ?

  15. I’d ask Kermit and Miss Piggy why they haven’t set a wedding date after all these years 😉

  16. Wow, you lucky lady. Sounds like a fabulous trip and quite packed with lots of events and activities. I am particularly envious at your opportunity to tour the Grey’s Anatomy set, that is one of my favorite shows! I would ask Jessica Capshaw how they film her to look like an amputee. Thanks for a great post and have the time of your life!

  17. Id ask them about behind the scenes kind of things that come with working with the muppets, lilke the puppeters and all

  18. I don’t know what I would have them asked. I think just seeing them in person would be cool enough for me.

  19. I’d ask them what it’s like to actually see the muppets in action, i.e. the puppeteers and such.

  20. I would ask Miss Piggy for fashion tips – Who is her fave designer, what bag does she carry, etc. – Emi

  21. I would ask chris evans what movie out of all the ones he’s been in has he enjoyed the most? Does he get bombarded with fans because he’s recognized as captain america? -Betty Baez

  22. I would like to ask several questions…. My primary is “Why wont they donate money to certain charities (one’s I will mention upon request)??” and / or “Why they wont aid those that are struggling to make it??” – I wrote a letter to several different celebrities and got not a message back… I had the dream to one day become a model / actor but all was ruined when I was injured in an accident and lost my opportunity and many (especially females) overlook me and my brains and see me for the disabilities I have come to live with but I always wanted to make a difference!

  23. Do they feel like they are talking to real people after hanging out with the muppets long enough?
    sibabe64 at ptd dot net

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