Get Productive with These Five Engaging Hobbies

There are hundreds of great hobbies that look neat. You may give them a try but it doesn’t stick. You feel a little discouraged because you thought “this is the one!”.

That’s the beauty of hobbies because there’s always something new. Even if you don’t fall in love with it then at least you did something fun. Even better is if it’s productive.

What are “Productive Hobbies”?

I would classify a hobby to be “productive” if they:

·  Improve physical or psychological well-being

·  Encourage you to learn and explore

·  Look good on your resume

·  Don’t break the bank

You do you, but I would say to take an objective look at the hobby to make sure it has a positive impact. If you were to ask me which hobbies would fall under this classification then I’ve got…

Five Productive Hobbies & Why They Rule

We have our criteria for what could be considered a productive hobby. Now let’s do an overview of five that would fit:


Gardening is for the patient. The payoff takes a while but when your plants grow… you’re in for a treat. Getting hands dirty isn’t for everyone but it’s quite relaxing for those that love getting outside. Even better is being able to look over your yard and see the progress bloom or add the fruits & veggies into a great, home-cooked meal.

Engaging Hobbies

Get started with gardening:

1.  Buy up a basic set of gardening tools

2.  Sprinkle in perennial wild flower seeds, tomatoes, aloe, or another easy-to-introduce plant

3.  Tend to the garden

4.  Add more plants as you go

Web Development

Web dev may seem a bit technical but once you get the basics you have a lot of opportunities. This is because it splinters in dozens of directions. With this hobby, you can make fun projects for yourself or jump into doing it as a freelance gig. You could take this hobby all the way into a new career!

Engaging Hobbies

Get started with web development:

1.  Setup a development environment

2.  Follow tutorials and courses

3.  Dive headfirst into a project that interests you

4.  Work with others to learn from their code


There are many different creative/crafty hobbies; here you can occupy your time and maybe even have something to wear. Knitting and crocheting is one of the cheapest hobbies you can get into. It’s a hobby that’s great for de-stressing or doing on autopilot as you’re engaged with a tv show or movie.

Engaging Hobbies

Get started with knitting or crochet:

1.  Head down to a hobby or retail store to get yarn and hooks

2.  Find a couple interesting, basic patterns online

3.  Practice, practice, practice

4.  Join up with others to get new ideas, challenges, and tips


Reading unlocks a world of imagination, creativity, and history. It’s one of those hobbies that are always rewarding because it challenges your view of the world or is used to learn something new. It’s a cheap way to escape, too, and even better when you’re sharing stories with your child.

Engaging Hobbies

Get started with reading:

1.  Get a library card and check out a few interesting books

2.  Consider a Kindle or other e-reader for cheap and free content

3.  Join a book club to get recommendations and join discussions

4.  Keep notes of favorite lines or try your hand at writing

Video Production

Video provides a great way to capture the moment but also lets you have a lot of fun. You could create neat home movies or shorts that you publish online. Or, you could get serious with video production and provide services for businesses. It’s a great mix of technical and creative prowess.

Get started with video production:

1.  Learn the ins and outs of recording video (your phone’s camera is a good start)

2.  Take a course on video editing and film theory

3.  Start a YouTube channel to share your work

4.  Make improvements by doing more projects

Be sure to leave a comment of what you think is a productive hobby to add to this list!

Melanie Kampman

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