Fresh Step Introduces an Amazing Odor-Eliminating Luau for Cat Owners

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I am a huge lover of all critters, and cats are no exception. In fact, I love them so much that I actually have eighteen furry friends. Although I don’t keep eighteen in the house, I do shut them in a large barn on our farm at night to keep them safe so I was excited to work on this sponsored post for Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha™ scented litter and the Fresh Step® Paw Points® Rewards Program.

fresh step Hawaiian

Now we can not only get the power of Febreze with our cat litter but an amazing odor-eliminating luau, too! I love using Febreze in so many products throughout my home whether it’s my laundry detergent or air freshener. Why not use it in our cat litter, too? No more boring scents for cat litter! The Febreze Hawaiian Aloha scent is a welcoming addition that also brings superior odor control to the litter box.

fresh step Hawaiian

The litter box needs to be a welcoming place for our kitties. Some cats can be finicky when introducing an all-new scent. Don’t worry! For those who prefer no scent at all, Fresh Step still offers their great unscented litter. My cats love the low dust formula I get when using Fresh Step cat litter. I love the extreme odor elimination, clumping and 10-day odor control guaranteed.*

fresh step Hawaiian

I am a huge supporter in finding cats a forever home. I adopt a lot of wonderful kitties myself. All Fresh Step products support the brand’s mission to make the world a more welcoming place for cats and their people. From helping every cat find a forever home to keeping your home smelling fresh, Fresh Step is celebrating that home is where the cat is.

fresh step Hawaiian

You can find the Fresh Step with the power of Febreze Hawaiian Aloha scented litter and all Fresh Step products available at Walmart, Target, your favorite grocery store, PetSmart, and other local pet retailers.

fresh step Hawaiian

Will your cats and you love the amazing odor-eliminating luau from the Febreze Hawaiian Aloha scented litter? Comment below and share with us!

Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards Program

Want to start earning points for free Fresh Step litter, coupons, toys and even help your local shelter? Join the free Fresh Step Paw Points Rewards program now at You can also download the new Paw Points Rewards app by visiting the Apple App Store or Google Play to earn 50 points. The free, fun and cat approved app also makes it easy to donate points to your local shelter so they can receive free litter, toys and more.

Win a Trip to Hawaii Sweepstakes

To celebrate the new Hawaiian Aloha scent, consumers can win a trip to Hawaii by downloading the Fresh Step Paw Points mobile app and opting into the sweepstakes from (February 28, 2017 – April 24, 2017) for a chance to win. Earn an additional entry each day with repeat visits to the app! [NO PURCHASE NECESSARY.]  Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 18 years and older and members of the Fresh StepPaw Points Rewards Program at the time of entry.  Ends 4/24/17.  To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, alternate method of entry, and prize descriptions, visit [Void where prohibited.]


Fill out this Google form to sign up for a coupon good for one free Fresh Step® with the power of Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha™ scented litter:

*For complete terms and conditions, see

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fresh Step litter.


Melanie Kampman

Melanie Kampman is a web designer, developer and owner of Giveaway Bandit and Farm News for Kids. She lives in Northwest Missouri on a large family farm with her husband and eight year old son, the Giveaway Bandit. They raise cattle with a variety of pets including horses, chickens, ducks, and a slew of cats. By Melanie Kampman If you are interested in writing a sponsored post on Giveaway Bandit please email me at melanie (at) giveawaybandit (dot) com.

  1. I am a cat-lover. I wish I could adopt everyone in a shelter. My cat does not like scented litter so I’m glad it is available in unscented.

  2. Well, a scent that reminds people of Hawaii would have to be good. (And that photo of the little one with the sleeping kitten is too cute for words.)

  3. Our Lieutenant Doof and Miss Kitty–adoptees–already use Fresh Step, so I think they (I) would like the new scent.

  4. First off, I LOVE the photo with your child and the kitten. Way too cute! I love that febreeze is added to fresh step for improved scent!

  5. I think for breeze is an excellent option for Kitty litter. My deceased brother in law was using arm and Hammer as in addition to his giving letter and we realize that that’s why his cat would no longer use the litter box. Did not make sense to me but as soon as we quit putting the arm and hammer in the litter box the cat started using it again


  7. I know from experience that this stuff is great! I use this and it really does help to keep the room smelling fresh and not a kitty bathroom.

  8. Anything that makes the litter box less of a chore is a win in my book! A nice clean box is so much better for our cats, too. We’ve been contemplating getting another cat and one of the hangups I have is the litter odor. This could seriously eliminate that problem!

  9. I no longer have a cat. He was crazy, seriously He had a habit of scooting across the floors making a mess. Anyways, when I did have one, I always used this brand.

  10. Yes!! Finally one that gets rid of the awful litter box odor!! I love cats but depise the litter box 😛 Yuck!

  11. We use Fresh Step Litter a lot and I did join the reward program. I get a little frustrated with that though, because there has been a couple of codes I couldn’t enter, because they were ineligible! I really love Fresh Step’s fragrances! I know this Febreze® Hawaiian Aloha scented litter will smell just as refreshing!

  12. I have had a lot of furbabies over the years, and you can guess how many different cat litters I have tried. I hated the clay litters because of all the dust. We use scoopable cat litter now and Fresh Step has a great scoopable litter.

  13. Sure wish I wasn’t allergic to cats. From time to time the neighbor cats walk through the yard. That’ll have to do.

  14. I really like Fresh Step for my kitties as well and I will certainly try this new scent. It’s great that they support finding forever homes for cats who need them. Both of my cats are rescues.

  15. We have always loved using Fteah Step Litter in our home. It seems to be one of the only brands that actually work and do what the product claims!

  16. Fresh Step sounds like a great product for people with cats. I will have to pass this article to my daughter who has three. Thanks!

  17. I’m not sure my kitty would use a different litter–but I love the idea of having Febreeze in there to kill the odors.

  18. I haven’t had a cat in a few years, but I have been wanting to get one. I love that there is a scented litter that smells like a “luau”. Ususally they smell fresh, but you can tell it is litter. I bet the luau would be a nice deviation from the litter smell.

  19. Thank you for your work in finding cats forever homes. Odor control and being able to easily clean out the litter box are big for me since I have 3 cats sharing the litter box.

  20. I love fresh step products. Ive been using them for our cats since i was a kid. i find they always make odors a little better than other products.

  21. Amazing litter!! I am going to switch my litter to this brands..I love that it is scented with an amazing scent such as hawaiian..

  22. I love love, my kitties. the three cat boxes? Not so much, but I always buy Fresh Step. I haven’t seen this one yet, but we will try it.

  23. I have tried so many different cat liters and I hv to say right now Fresh Step is the best. 1 of my 3 cats recently decided he wanted to be an outdoor cat and I have had no oder or anything since starting to use this

  24. Aww, cute cat photos. I can’t imagine a day without my beloved furry cat family members. 🙂
    DO you know how safe this is? We used to use clumping many years ago when tat was all there was in the market but have switched to all natural ones that don’t risk giving them any danger of licking their feet. Interested in this new brand. Thanks

  25. I love that Fresh Step is doing this! What a great company! 🙂 I absolutely love your sweet pictures too, kittens are so cuddly and cute!

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