Firm Body Evolution LA – New Age Fitness REVIEW

Firm Body Evolution Los Angeles is a cutting-edge facility dedicated to bringing clients to peak body and mind fulfillment.

FBE Infrared Various Small

I encourage everyone to experience Firm Body Evolution’s full circle approach to a body and mind nirvana. Last week, I did just that – and left this state-of-the-art West Hollywood facility feeling light as a feather and happy as a clam.

Let’s go through the steps to creating a happier, healthier you…

Hailed as one of their most sought after services, FBE’s 10/20/30 Method comes equipped with cutting-edge offerings such as the Helix Lateral Trainer, Whole Body Vibration Machine, and Infrared Jade Sauna.

With FBE founder Joseph Harounian by my side (and some alkaline water), I stepped into the first stage of my body and mind transformation.

First, I hit my cardio the most efficient way possible with the Helix Lateral Trainer which zoned in on my hips, glutes, and thighs. Similar to an elliptical trainer, this machine has no impact, but what makes it extraordinary is its side-to-side “figure 8” movement. Alternating leg directions at the 5-minute mark, I really experienced a solid burn during this brief 10-minute session.

While working out, Joseph and I continued to have a meaningful exchange regarding his triumph over Crohn’s disease through implementation of his no-impact fitness methods and holistic practices. He truly is an inspiration and has an undoubtedly positive aura.

Up next: the Whole Body Vibration Machine may look intimidating and unusual, but it is the most effective fitness machine I have ever used. The mere simplicity of an isolated stance paired with the vibration, and the effectiveness of minor shifts of the body made me fall in love.

Joseph directed me through various poses, such as a straightforward stance, side-to-side hold, flat-footed squat, pointed-toe squat, push-ups, and reverse push-ups. Get this; a 20-minute workout on the Whole Body Vibration Machine – which will definitely cause you to work up a sweat – translates into an hour-long “conventional” workout. If you stick through it to completion, you will feel strengthened and your balance will improve immensely – even after the first workout. Long-term results also include improved bone density and circulation. Your booty will also shake like it never has before – trust me!

As my stomach cramps subsided (which are completely normal for first-timers like myself), I rejoiced at the sight of the Infrared Jade Sauna. “All I do is lay in a pod for 30 minutes and I can burn HOW many calories?!” 600. Per session!

FBE Infrared Sauna Small

Lined with 440 jade stones, each pod provides a full body detox, which is achieved through infrared “red light” therapy. The Infrared Jade Sauna exposes the head, so I was able to enjoy fresh air, taking deep therapeutic breaths during my session.

If sleeping soundly in a heated pod for 30 minutes (in a cloud of lavender mist and soothing acoustics) hasn’t relaxed you enough, just follow me to the Lymphatic Massage, which is ideal for improving circulation, reducing cellulite, and giving fat & toxins the boot. This is not usually part of the 10/20/30 Method, but is an added service most clients choose to add on to receive optimum results.

Joseph wrapped my torso and legs with the compression suit. He adjusted the compression to my comfort level, set the timer for a 30-minute session, and removed himself from the room while I drifted to sleep. When I woke, I felt the repetitive inflation and deflation of my suit. My body felt reinvigorated and aware.

By the time I retrieved my bag (from my key code protected locker) I was giggly and couldn’t stop smiling. My body felt like it was levitating. There was a very distinct feeling of achievement that resonated throughout my entire spirit.

Jourdan Rystrom, FBE’s health & fitness coach and holistic weight loss program director promptly greeted me and commented on my “glow”. She had an astounding before and after story to share with me. Using FBE’s methods, Jourdan successfully lost over 30 pounds of fat.

Jourdan - Before & After
Jourdan – Before & After FBE Transformation

Joseph then educated me on FBE’s top product offerings and how clients benefit from using each. HU Mineral, a best seller at FBE, is a skin and hair spritz that nourishes through the use of Fulvic Acid Mineral nutrients derived from plants. Some of its many benefits include reducing wrinkles, acne, stretch marks, skin damage, and aiding in toning, moisturizing, and detoxification of skin. HU Mineral has also been known to increase hair growth if sprayed regularly directly to the scalp. Also a highly recommended product line, doTERRA Essential Oils are distilled from plants and provide numerous therapeutic benefits, both emotional and physical.

FBE Infrared Product Small

I was excited to purchase a couple of their best products: Vitality Works Iodine with Kelp and Pure Invention Hydration Coconut Water Enhancer.

● Iodine with kelp provides multiple benefits including nutrients, possible weight loss, anti-ageing effects, and potential increased hair growth.

● Coconut water enhancer naturally hydrates and energizes your body. Simply add 1 full drop of the coconut water enhancer to a glass of water and enjoy the tasty benefits.

Be sure to check back soon for product reviews on each of these dietary supplements.

There are a number of other services at FBE that I recommend looking into. One of the most exciting is the Magnesphere, which is a high-tech circular machine used to relax the mind and body through natural magnetic fields. Clients have been known to use this service if they suffer from migraines, anxiety, back pain, and a number of other chronic ailments. Personal Training, Body Composition Analysis, and Food Sensitivity Testing are also among FBE’s services.

Thank you, Firm Body Evolution WeHo for an unforgettable experience. Your 360-degree approach to overall wellness is truly superior. I am eager to share my results with our readers once I have completed a number of consistent visits to your new age spa!

Call (310) 652-5522 to schedule your free consultation today!


8704 Santa Monica Blvd.
3rd Floor
West Hollywood, CA 90069

● Single Infrared Sauna Session – $35 (regular price $50) CLICK HERE
● One Week Unlimited Infrared Sauna – $99 (regular price $200) CLICK HERE
● 10/20/30 Method – $59 (regular price $90) CLICK HERE

● 10% off products if you check in on Yelp.
● $20 off any package for new clients on Yelp.
● $35 for a 30 minute infrared sauna session (regularly $50) for new clients on Yelp.
● Refer-A-Friend and receive $50 credit when they become member.

● doTERRA – Essential Oils
● PURE Inventions – Antioxidant Green Tea Peach Extract
● HU mineral – Humic Hydration Mineral Skin Spritz
● Vitality Works – Iodine with Kelp
● PURE Inventions – Pure Hydration Coconut Water Enhancer

FBE’s Official Website

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  1. amazing outcome result! i like the infrared it is like that you are doing a cardio exercise..and also the lymphatic massage for the excavation of toxin in our body..

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