Essentials for Growing Toddlers

As toddlers grow, there are many things that you must change to accommodate them in their blossoming. While some may be a no-brainer, others might be more difficult to determine or put into action. Here is a look at some of the essentials that will help you support your toddler’s growth.

Accepting your baby’s growth

Your little newborn is now a growing toddler, and it won’t stop there! In less than a year, your toddler can go through a number of changes. For example, clothes that fit perfectly in the beginning of the year may be extra snug by the end of it. Shoes that were once too wide might find themselves too tight in a year’s time. That fancy toy set will be exciting and your tot will be so eager to have it, but it will undoubtedly grow redundant and less appealing in comparison to the newer, more colorful blocks kit, for example.

Essentials for Growing Toddlers

When a baby is still a newborn, cradles, bassinets, and even tiny cots are suitable resting places because they are delicate and can fit into small places. However, as your child grows into a toddler, something that is larger and sturdier will be needed for resting, such as a small crib.  However, it is a lot easier and cheaper to utilize what you have at home instead of going out and purchasing new items, especially when you know they are not likely to last very long.

Recycling and resolving

Once you accept that your baby is constantly growing, you will be able to resolve some of the common struggles that may come with that fact. To resist spending money every time your baby goes up in size, buy shoes a size bigger so that your tot has lots of wiggle room and will be able to wear them longer. Clothing items like shirts, socks, gloves, and coats can also be purchased with a little extra room for extended use.

Recycling is good for the environment and for the everyday family. Some cribs come with adjustable bed frames that can be lowered as a toddler grows, and the sides can eventually be removed so it becomes a small bed. Another item that can be reused for another purpose is a convertible high chair, such as the Skip Hop Tuo, which can be transformed into a convenient and concealable dinner chair for your little ones as they become more independent. This can make new eating habits, such as using silverware or making less of a mess, a lot easier to enforce. Sippy cups can be used as regular cups, and bibs can act as extra rags. If all else fails, the fabric and materials from old items can be used to create new items and clothes for your tot.

Essentials for Growing Toddlers

Keeping your toddler healthy

It is also very important to remember that your toddler requires a lot of things in order to ensure that he or she grows normally and healthily. Sleep is very important for toddlers, who need anywhere from 10 to 14 hours of sleep every day, including naps, because growing up is quite tiring. Like young children and adults, proper nutrition is incredibly important to a toddler’s growth. As parents, it is your responsibility to make sure your toddler has enough calcium, iron, protein, vitamins, and fiber, which will stimulate proper bowel movements, bone health, and more. Your toddler also needs to stay hydrated, so be sure to offer lots of milk, water, and juices. In addition to keeping up with the basics, make a point of visiting with your doctor for regular checkups and further direction.

Make things fun

It is never too early to start teaching your baby new things. Educational toys, such as puzzles and blocks, and games or activities are both enjoyable and beneficial for your toddler. For example, games like Simon Says or I Spy could be used to teach children the names of body parts and other objects. Start simple, but do not be afraid to challenge your tot with letters, new words, sounds and more by incorporating them into games and adventurous activities that they can have fun with and learn from.

Parenthood is quite an experience. It is full of tears, laughs, and everything in between. However, one of the most important factors in parenthood is one that is constantly present within it: growth. Being aware of your newborn’s growth will give you the tools to support it to the best of your ability.


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