DrSocial.org iPad 64Gb Wi-Fi Giveaway

DrSocial.org iPad GiveawayDrSocial.org iPad 64Gb Wi-Fi Giveaway

When I was pregnant with our son it was very important for me to find the perfect pediatrician. He asked nurses, my doctor, friends and family for recommendations but would also have loved to have been able to read reviews on kid’s doctors. Luckily, we ended up choosing the perfect pediatrician. Now when I need to find kid’s doctors for other things I turn to DrSocial.org.Review a doctor

DrSocial.org is the perfect online resource to review a doctor or find reviews from other moms on kid’s doctors. Here’s just a few of the great things they offer:

  1. Review a doctor
  2. Ask a doctor forum
  3. Social media news about health+medicine
  4. FREE
  5. Strong commitment to medical research

It’s the perfect place to find a doctor, write or read doctor reviews! You can even ask a doctor to research health information. All of this for FREE!

Review a doctor


DrSocial.org is offering an Apple iPad 64Gb with Wi-Fi valued at $599. Enter to win via the giveaway form below. You are required to sign-up for DrSocial.org. It is absolutely free! We will verify entries! They would also appreciate it if you could leave a review of a doctor you have used or currently use. Giveaway ends December 2, 2014 at 11:59 pm EST. Giveaway is open to US only, ages 18 and older. Good luck everyone!

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  1. The things that influence me seeing a doctor include distance from me, coverage by my insurance plan, and reviews available.

  2. What influences me when I select a doctor is location, if it is covered under my insurance, and other patient reviews and or ratings.

  3. Great resource when searching for care! Would love to have more people in my area sign up & review!

  4. I think this appl would be a great thing to have and go to when need information for medical purposes or health.

  5. If I had to go to the doctors I would go by word of mouth. I prefer natural healing methods were I use herbs, meditation etc to heal the body. I follow a vegan diet so I rarely get sick

  6. What influences me when I select a doctor is the reviews about the doctor and even the place where it is situated.

  7. What influences me when I select a doctor is recommendations from family, friends and co-workers, and also proximity to my home and work.

  8. Online forums with private messaging influences me. I want to hear from people who have dealt directly with said doctor. Thanks!

  9. I rely on first, my insurance and who they consider in-network (ugh!), and second, reviews online and by friends and family members!

  10. I tried to review a doctor on Drsocial, and this is what I got: “We’re
    sorry! We are currently experiencing some technical issues. Please try
    again or report this to your site administrator using the contact form.
    Administrator: Please check the error log in your admin panel for
    more information regarding this error. Error code: a8d876” Hopefully they get it fixed soon!

  11. I am bound to go to a doctor that is on my insurance plan network HMO so I do not have a lot of leeway about choosing the doctors.

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  13. First they need to be covered by my insurance, then close enough to make regular visits, they need to be fairly experienced, or willing to group diagnose.

  14. I need a doctor that will listen to me. They don’t know me, I know me. I reviewed my shrink and he is the best doctor I have ever been to. He saved my life.

  15. I try to find a doctor that actually listens to me. Because if they don’t care about how you feel, or what’s going on, then they won’t be able to help.

  16. Honestly, it is how close they are to my house. It will help me see what others think of doctors before I make an appointment.

  17. I look for a doctor who takes the time to listen to you about all your health issues and doesn’t rush to get out of the room. He answers all my questions that I have and helps me with what steps he is going to take to help solve my health problems. He must be a caring Dr. I was lucky in life to find this Dr. 27 or so years ago.

  18. I also look at the reviews. When i was needing an OB for my pregnancy, i researched like crazy. I found a wonderful Doctor and was so impressed

  19. Insurance is very important in selecting a doctor, along with a doctor that is attentive to your needs, specializes in your field of care, and that you feel comfortable with. Word of mouth recommendations are also helpful from people that I know.

  20. What specifically is important to me when choosing a doctor is that he or she listens to me and reasons with me on my health instead of ignoring and choosing only what they want to do.

  21. I want a doctor that isn’t overloaded and takes time to listen to me and answer my questions. The ratings on Dr. Social will really help me select the best for my needs.

  22. I look for a doctor who takes the time to listen to you about all your health issues and doesn’t rush to get out of the room, one that is close to me and one where I don’t have to wait weeks to see.

  23. I want a doctor that is honest and ethical and unfortunately in my lifetime I have found some doctors that are frauding the system so I will use this website to see which doctors are honest and which are not.

  24. I would use DrSocial to research a Doctors background, where he went to school, did his internship. These things are what is important to me. If I like their background then I will go talk to them to see if I feel comfortable.

  25. i ask my friends and family who they go to and then go by reviews also, i think this site would help me to see more reviews and choose more efficiently

  26. When choosing a doctor I am influenced by where they went to school. how long they have been practicing, and bedside manner.

  27. I think this would be really helpful to not only tell us which doctors are nearby (if and when we move to an unfamiliar area) and it would help tell us what a doctors specialties are

  28. Usually where we have insurance coverage and then who’s available. Not as great as I would like it. We lucked out with the kids’ doctors but I don’t have a great one. :/

  29. Comment on this blog post and tell us what influences you when you select a doctor

    as long as i dont smell booze on his her breath…if i need help? im not picky

  30. I like a doctor who is part of a large practice so that there is always someone available to see me in an emergency. Also, their bedside manner and thoroughness with my problems helps me choose a doctor.

  31. I have an autistic child and I base a lot on how they handle my son and deal with him. I have been to some Doctors that have been very bad with my son because he does not deal with things the way a normal child would, and some just do not understand. I also base it on how their bedside manner is.

  32. The best doctor looks at you or your child while talking to you and answering your questions and not his watch.

  33. I look for a Dr. that has good reviews. one who takes the time to listen to you. tells you what he is going to do. One that is friendly and knowledgeable.

  34. When selecting a doctor I check where they went to school and did their internship. Then If I’m comfortable with that I go and meet the doctor and find out how knowledgable they are and the vibe I get.

  35. When I’m choosing a doctor the things that influence me in selecting the right one is that the doctor treats me with respect, listens to my opinions and concerns, encourages me to ask questions, and explains things in a way that I can understand.

  36. When I choose a doctor I make sure to research their amount of knowledge and experience. I also go by reviews of other patients

      1. I couldn’t figure out how to post a review of a dr. that wasn’t already listed for my area; I’ve been to so many providers this year so I’ve got lots of info. Is there a way to do this? I actually just went to one that on the list today, so I’ll do a review now!

  37. I look for someone who isn’t rushed, listens, and knows what they’re talking about. (I take notes and research info provided.)

  38. Dr. Social said they shipped the prize but you never posted the winner they will be contacting you

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