Don’t Let the Cat’s Litter Box Rule Your Life

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I talk about my cats quite often and love sharing them on Instagram. I have always taken in cats and other animals that need homes. We now have 15 cats! We live on a farm and they have a big barn they enjoy.

Here’s Soft Paws and Cledus greeting me at the barn. They are in the loft above my head.

cats in the barn loft

And yes, I get all of our cats spayed and neutered but we had a pregnant stray cat show up at our home that just had five kittens about a week ago. I was like #yougottabekittenme but they are so cute and so sweet!

Aren’t they precious?


The five new kittens are yet to be named but I can quickly name our other kitties: Sylvester, Soft Paws, Callie, Skippy JonJones, Ducky, Cledus, Cash, Stinky, Milly and Alfalfa. We always have an eventful day with our cats. My parents have 12 cats so between all of us we always have a fun story to share.

I find them in boxes more often than not…

cat in a box

Or the dryer…

Fresh Step cat litter

And, of course, even in a bush…

Fresh Step cat litter

Sylvester is our oldest cat at ten years old. We got him when he was only a kitten. He is always so bothered by everything… even the occasional picture. He doesn’t like change or pretty much anything. haha! He’s a pretty wonderful cat though!

Sylvester the cat

Having a cat means you need a good cat litter especially one that can prevent odors. While I’m at Sam’s Club I always grab the 42 lb. Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze because just like my family, our cats deserve only the best. Without the right cat litter you can easily have a cat-astrophe!

Fresh Step Febreeze Sam's Club

Don’t let your litter box rule your life! Check out our easy diy litter box tutorial below!

You can even use Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze for uses outside the litter box. You can add a small container to your fridge, closet, old shoes or even the bottom of trashcans to absorb odors. We also use the litter for absorbing oil leaks and spills in our garage and shop. Love gardening? Mix some litter with the soil to keep plants happily moist with less watering. Or, you can even add to the bottom of your grill to prevent grease fires or flare-ups. The possibilities are endless!

Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze is only available at Sam’s Club. Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee (found on packaging). The litter includes Borate Technology for superior ammonia control. It acts as an antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria. This is why it’s so great for so many uses! It comes in a lemongrass citrus scent for a “fresher” aroma. The 42 lb. bag can be heavy but it comes with a pull-out handle for easy transport and it’s easy to reseal and store!

As a Sam’s Club member you can save $3.50 May 11 – June 5, 2016 on the Fresh Step Total Control with the power of Febreze, available only at Sam’s Club. This is an offer already loaded to your Sam’s Club member card and offered through the Instant Savings Book (ISB). You can find this through signage at club, booklet mailed to members and on

DIY Cat Litter Box

Don’t let your litter box rule your life like your cats do. Come on, all cat lovers know the cat is actually in charge! Create a simple solution with our DIY litter box. It’s easy, keeps litter under control and in the litter box where it should be!

  • 18 Gallon Storage Container
  • Litter Pan
  • Scissors
  • Round Plate or any round object for using as a guide
  • Fresh Step Total Control with the Power of Febreze

DIY Cat Litter Box

First, decided whether you prefer your cat to enter through the top or the side of the storage container. I chose the top so it would eliminate any litter being tossed out the side when my cats are covering up their business. You can make it as large or as small as you like but make sure your cat can easily fit through the opening. I made mine rather large.

DIY Cat Litter Box

Cut the opening.

DIY Cat Litter Box

Make sure you select a litter pan that will fit snug into the bottom of the storage container. Place the litter pan into the bottom of the storage container.


Fill with litter.


Skippy JonJones is checking it out…


I keep the litter pan in the closet in our bathroom completely out of sight.

Of course, Callie has to see what all the fuss is about.

DIY Cat Litter Box

And then Milly…

DIY Cat Litter Box

Be sure to check out our DIY Catnip Yarn Ball for a fun toy your cats will love!

Purina Muse® Natural Cat Food

Giving Back for Cats

I love to give back to the cat community whenever I can. I was so excited to be a part of this campaign and have the opportunity to donate $100 to my favorite pet-related organization. I immediately selected Wayside Waifs in Kansas City. Besides being a charitable animal shelter whose purpose is to place adoptable companion animals in responsible homes, they are also a no-kill animal shelter which is very important to me.

You absolutely must search #yougottabekittenme on Instagram. Beware though, the cuteness may be too overwhelming!

Have you had a cat-astrophe with your litter box or know any other uses for cat litter? Comment below and share with us!

Don’t Let the Cat’s Litter Box Rule Your Life

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