Dog-e-Glow Lighted Dog Leash and Collar Product Review

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LED Dog Leash Collar

Dog-e-Glow Product Review

  1. Stylish LED Dog Leash
  2. Stylish LED Dog Collar

Dog-e-Glow Review

When Duke received his new light-up collar and leash he bounced with joy (yes, bounced)! My Peekapoo (that’s a Pekingese + Poodle love canoodle) just adores mail and gets very excited when he is informed of a new package’s arrival. He anticipated the prize as I reached into the box and withdrew… (drum roll) a fabulous new Dog-e-Glow ‘bone’ print collar and leash!!! After cocking his head to the side to evaluate, he nudged into the present and awaited the fun as I cut open each pack. Once I adorned him with the collar and leash he ran to the door for a walk. As we stepped outside for our nightly stroll, Duke was pleasantly surprised with the sudden bright lights that surrounded him! With one click of the collar and leash, bright blue bones flashed abound and we were walking in fashion!

Lighted Dog Leash
Lighted Dog Leash
Lighted Dog Collar
Lighted Dog Collar

I usually do not like walking my little guy far at night, but the bright lights really did make me feel more secure and also provides a safety guard for Duke as cars are more aware of us on the sidewalk due to its up to 1,000 FEET VISIBILITY! Even better, not only are the collar and leash fashionable, they are made VERY well (believe me, Duke likes to PULL and he has actually broken a light-up leash before [of lesser quality and of a different brand]). Thankfully, the Dog-e-Glow leash is very strong and can withstand his nearly 7-year-old puppy-like energy!!! So, for all of you with rambunctious doggies, do not fear!

Dog Collar Review

Each product (collar and leash) comes with replacement batteries, and you don’t have to worry about the lights going out as soon as you use them and being left in the dark – you have 100,000 hours of LED life! The LED tube is flexible and sewn inside each piece, while the product still keeps its weather resistance. Both pieces are fully adjustable. The collar is size medium, which measures 10”-15”. It is a bit big on my 23 lb. Duke, so be sure to measure correctly! The leash is 6 feet long, which is a wonderful length, as he loves to stroll ahead of me and explore while I listen to music on my iPhone. All-in-all Duke is ecstatic with his new practical, yet fashionable toy and I so am I!!!

Dog Leash Review

I rate this doggie swag 5 STARS and a WIN/WIN for Duke and me! RUFF! 

Four 2032 3v lithium cell batteries included. Batteries easily replaceable.


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  1. This is a great idea, I know a lot of people walk their dogs in the early morning or late at night because of their hours, so this would help make sure pets are seen by other vehicles.

  2. This is so smart! We’re a city dog and person combo, and the extra visibility would be great!!

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