DIY Ideas for the Elderly

As we get older, it’s important to keep the mind active. This can be a great way to ward of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other degenerative diseases. Here are a few ideas for DIY activities which are ideal for the elderly.

One very effective method is collage art. This is rather similar to scrapbooking, and the aim is to make pictures by cutting out and sticking together other pictures. The pictures can be whatever the person wishes, and in many ways it’s like a more hands on, less modern version of photoshop. You don’t just need to use pictures either, you can also make images out of materials like scraps of fabric and tissue paper.DIY Elderly

Another great activity for the elderly is baking. There’s something very therapeutic about cooking and baking, especially when the thing you’re making is a staple, such as bread, because it can make you feel more self-reliant. Bread is very easy to make, especially nowadays as we have automatic bread makers with additional safety features. What’s more, if you’re making the bread yourself then you know exactly what is in it, which can alleviate some anxiety for pensioners. What’s more – it’s cheaper!

Another fun activity for the elderly is to make their own healthy snacks, including dried fruit. To do this, you will have to get a food dehydrator, some trays, and your favourite fruits! Follow the instructions provided with the machine, including slicing the fruits up. The fruits will take a few days to dry out and seniors will quickly be able to enjoy the literal fruits of their labour!

If your seniors are looking for a less healthy snack then there is always homemade ice cream! Of course, some elderly people might have restrictions on the amount of sugar they have in their diet – however, it is possible to sweeten the ice cream using a sugar supplement such as Splenda or Stevia. There’s some wonderful gadgets for ice cream making out there. If you’re still worried about the health impact of ice cream, then never fear. Depending on the recipe, ice cream can actually be a very healthy recipe, and you could instead opt to go for a fruit based sorbet. DIY Elderly

Many elderly people love to play bingo, and why not? You can win some fun prizes, play against each other, make friends and socialise. These are all have great mind enhancing benefits for elderly people. If you want to take the mental and emotional benefits of bingo a step further, then a project you might want to look into is making their own bingo set! This is very easy – all you need is some pens and pieces of card. You can make bingo cards by dividing some rectangular pieces of card into a grid. Then, you can place symbols or numbers on the card, and on some separate squares of card, which will go in a bag. The bingo master will pull the names and symbols out of the back and the players cover up the ones which are called off their own card. The winner is the first to cover all the symbols on their card! The making of the game can be combined with the collage art which was mentioned earlier. It’s also possible to play online bingo! Log now onto the best bingo sites on the web.

A great relaxation and sleep aid is a lavender flax seed pillow. These can be made in a sewing or a knitting class and can be cooled in the fridge or warmed up in a microwave, making them ideal for all seasons. Lavender is the ideal relaxation aid and is great for helping people with sleep issues or who find it difficult to relax. You can also make a soft blanket or quilt at a knitting class to go with it.

Try out some of these DIY activities for the elderly and you’re sure to see and improvement. Enjoy!

Melanie Kampman

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  1. Thanks for your article on DIY projects for the elderly. My mom is 99 and has always had loads of energy until my brother moved in with her when he had nowhere else to go. He kept her in bed and on medications she did need. I have been trying to get her off all the unnecessary medications and get her back to knitting or some other hobby. Your article has given me some great ideas.

  2. Good article. I work with elderly people and it can be difficult to create games and activities they will enjoy.

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