Disney Moana Now Available on BluRay- DVD

Disney’s Moana is now available on Blu-Ray DVD Combo Pack! The story behind this movie is such an inspiration how the filmmakers kept it true to the Polynesian culture.

The Moana Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack includes so much special footage and bonus material. My son loved that included a code for him to watch it on his phone.

I got to experience a once-in-a-lifetime special presentation for the movie that I’ll share with you in a few days!

Theatrical Short Film: Inner Workings. With introduction by the filmmakers, it is the story of the internal struggle between a man’s Brain – a pragmatic protector who calculates his every move, and his Heart – a free-spirited adventurer who wants to let loose.

Maui Mini-Movie: Gone Fishing. When Maui decides it’s time to take charge of the ocean and catch his next meal, Moana must show him the error of his ways…with a little help from her friends!

Voice of the Islands. An in-depth look at the powerful influence the heritage of the islands had in shaping the story and how the people and their culture inspired the filmmakers to create this authentic tale.

Things You Didn’t Know About… Meet the stars of Moana in this dynmaic Q&A featuring Dwyane Johnson, newcomer Auli’i Cravalho, famed animation Directors Ron & John.

Island Fashion. Find out how costume designer Neysa Bove soved the unique challenge of creating all the costumes using only materials and techniques native to the islands of Oceania.

We had the chance to speak to the costume designer I’ll share with you soon!

They Know the Way: Making the Music of Moana. Musicians Opetaia Foa’I, Mark Mancina and Lin-Manuel Miranda take us on a personal journey through their involvement in the movie and how it changed their lives.

Fishing for Easter Eggs. Dive deep into the ocean and fish for the Easter Eggs hidden by the animators at Disney Animation Studios.

Fact or Fiction. This high-energy graphic piece will explore the elements of the movie that are real and ones that were created for cinematic purposes.

The Elements Of… This series of 4 mini-docs explores the technical achievements behind some of the ground-breaking effects of the film.

Mini-Maui: Meet Maui’s “Sidekick” who lives within the traditional tattoos on his body. Animated by legendry hand-drawn animator Eric Goldberg we explore how the 2d world collides with CG animation to bring the Demigod’s tattoos to life.

Water: In the movie, the ocean is a character. This piece looks into how the water is given a personality along with the technical feats of creating a believable ocean landscape further than the eyes can see.

Lava: The big bad of the movie, Ta Ka, is a creature made of lava, smoke and fire. This piece dives into the challenges of making an animated creature of massive scale brought to firey life by character, technical and effects animators.

Hair: One of the greatest technical achievements on the film was the animation of the beautiful-curly hair on Moana and Maui. Take a look at the hair-rasing detail that goes into animating each strand adding performance to the movie that has never been seen before.

Deleted Song: “Warrior Face”. With introduction by songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda.

You’ll also get to enjoy deleted scenes, music video and more!

Soon we’ll share a special Moana presentation we enjoyed including a Polynesian themed dinner and amazing Polynesian dancers!

Mona is available on Blu-Ray + DVD Combo Pack March 7, 2017!


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